Expect a very windy and wet one in Regina

Good thing we seem to have finally discovered that it is legal to run the ball in the CFL the last couple of weeks because we may need a good running game tomorrow night.

It is expected to be a wet and very windy night in Regina. According to The Weather Network at game time in Regina here is the forecast.

Temp - 10C with a 90% chance of rain throughout the game, winds at 35 - 40 km/hr with gusts up to 60 km/hr.

Bad weather generally favourites the lesser team...Cats always struggle in Regina, I for one am not marking down a big W yet, Riders are going to bring it especially coming off a big moral win for the team.

"winds at 35 - 40 km/hr with gusts up to 60 km/hr."

Sounds like normal Autumn weather in Saskatchewan ,the kind of weather when you are against it and punting ,maybe you take an extra half second.......will it be five games with a punt blocked?

Or Guelph.

Ham has been so caring to teams that have been struggling this year. Get ready for a real nut grabber. :cowboy:

I decided to use some travel points to fly to Regina & see Taylor Field before they move to the new one, the new one looks real nice with coverings similar to BMO field only much bigger.
It's 2 hours earlier here and the weather is not bad now, about 10c with a fairly heavy rain, but not as windy yet. They say it will be colder , wetter & windier at game time.
There were between 6-10 other Ticat fans on the plane as well.

If our Cats protect the football, and don't allow a blocked punt. They should be able to win.

No doubt the conditions are going to be challenging but that goes for both teams. Ticats are favoured by most to win in spite of the Riders recent success and the Ticats extensive injury list . Of course that means absolutely NOTHING but I think they still are the better team. They just need to win the battle of the trenches. I think this is going to be a hard fought win but I also think the Ticats have more to play for and WILL come out with the "W". Like last week's game vs Montreal it probably won't be pretty but 2 points is still 2 points!


Winter is coming.

When we run the ball our backs get hurt. We need one big tough back that doesn't get hurt. Now that our main back is hurt Zach is vulnerable to injuries. :cowboy:

Michael Ford will hopefully fill that void in replacement he looked good when we last played Saskatchewan and Ford was a brief member of the Riders this year. Hopefully he can run the ball effectively and provide some solid blocking for Zach in the pocket.

We should also be using the Canadian FB Prime more he is a guy who is solid in size and could provide more blocking protection for Collaros.

We need a good, consistent grinder in a RB or FB who can eat up the yards and provide the good blocking for the QB and most of all STAY HEALTHY!!

I hope the rain lets up in Regina prior to game time, I doubt the wind will, that old prairie wind seems to blow fairly well at Mosaic.


UH That is NOT -10 - at least not from what I heard. The prairies don't usually get QUITE that chilly in September!
I think it was a dash (-) followed by the temp at the start of the game 10C. I did hear a temp of 5C but with wind and rain it will no doubt feel colder.

My daughter lives in Regina. Right now, it's about 10C and drizzling at her place, not too far from the stadium.

Admittedly im not the smartest box in the shed or whatever the saying is but i knew it was 10 lol. If it was minus 10 i woulda said winter is HERE :wink: