Expect a stronger, determined VA in 2022

Vernon Adams Jr. enters into the 2022 CFL season full of goals, the biggest being to make moves toward a Grey Cup victory.

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It sounds like he's 'New and Improved' which is bad news for Eastern marketing. Other teams in that division will lament not making a better effort to aquire his services with the slogan, "Darn, we could've had a VA."


Let's hope, for all concerned, that Cavillo's go around is better this time.

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Last time Calvillo started out from scratch in this league he was playing football in front of a dozen Las Vegas fans during the hottest part of summer. ANY scenario on the sidelines in Montreal this year would be better than that.

I'm talking about his coaching experience previously with Mtl. It didn't really work out. Hopefully, with the experience he's gathered, this time it will.


Anthony Calvillo tends to learn from his mistakes. At least that's what his track record indicates. He just gets better and better at what he does.

When he gets out of the pocket running for his life he might not want those extra 20 pounds, could be a double edged sword.

VA still takes far too many hits, either trying to be a larger version of The Original Field Mouse, Kevin Glenn or hanging in the pocket for that extra half second.

Good move by Als to bring the fading but occasionally effective Trevor Harris back for another campaign. Tale of two different types of QBs. VA plays with a wonderous sense of joy while Harris plays mostly in a state of rage and/or hate!

I was hoping my Lions would get Harris as a back up for our young Rourke but not to be I guess. Montreal should be fairly comfortable with those 2 at QB, I think it's about as strong a 1/2 punch as the league offers right now.

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Its a good 1-2 punch to be sure - on paper!
However, in reality Coach Khari Jo has a significant problem. 1 system of offense - 2 totally different QB styles!
VA is a running/passing/scrambling wild man who takes too many hits. Harris a a pocket passer who's big move is to step up in the pocket to elude the first surge (the biggest/strongest d-lineman who has too easily defeated his opponent on the Als d-line) but still take too many hits either holding onto the ball for sacks - or throwing at the last micro-second and having guys head-hunting him!

I just don't see the Als system able to support this type of arrangement. Possibly in the short term. Not in the long term!

The ALS O Line was a revolving door pretty much all season long due to injuries.
It was held by duct tape.

Harris was under pressure the entire ESF game.

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And again, ALS O Line was held together by duct tape pretty much all season long.

Agreed, birds of a feather they're not. Different styles would need some quick adjustment on the fly, they would certainly need to prepare for that. Complicates things a little, but the price you pay for an experienced guy to fall back on. As to the longevity of the situation, well it's pretty much year to year anyway. QBs right now seem to be a pretty transient lot.

Als actually had a stable, experienced OL for 1st half of the season. The same could not be said for anybody else other than the Bombers.

Believe it was week 5 against the RB that Schleuger was in and Washington was out.
Schleuger played two games if memory serves correct before being injured.