I was just wondering if the CFL will maybe expand in the future cause there are only 9 teams now. Any news on the future of the CFL?

There are only 8 active teams this season. The Renegades still exist but are suspended. The League is actively looking for new ownership for the club and that team will probably participate in next year's season.

Halifax is a city the CFL wants to get to and if Halifax wins the 2014 Commonwealth Games bid, they will then have a CFL size stadium to support a team.

Quebec City is another distinct possibility. But their largest stadium only seats 20,000 and thats not enough for a market their size. (Montreal's stadium only seats 20,000 but they have a huge market to draw from and are shortly going to expand it to 25,000 if all goes well) Quebec's provincial government has made noise about allocating money to sports facilities so if QC can get a bigger stadium I think they will be in as well.

From there, it doesn't look good for Canada. Cautious expansion into the US would be the next phase.

And you're an expert on this subject how????? :?

The CFL will never head back into the United States!

I have to say that the CFL needs to take it's time don't allow this to blow up in their faces.

There are three cities i think would be nice to see two in the east and 1 in the West they would follow like this.

CFL East.

CFL West.

I love your optimism. I beleive that this league need to go to 12 teams. However I don't beleive that Victoria could ever be a CFL city. They do not have a stadium that will even seat 10K. The bulk of their population (over 300K) is no overly interested in football. At least not the ones that I spoke with when I was out there on vacation in April. Many are recent immigrants to Canada and are not familiar with football, many are elderly retired people who are also not interested in football enough to attend 10 games and certainly not interested enough to spend multiple millions of dollars to build a stadium. Hey they didn't even build a stadium that large for the Commonwealth games they hosted in 1994. There hockey arena Save-On-Foods place, home to their ECHL hockey team is not much bigger seating wise than a small WHL league arean in say Swift Current Sask, or Brandon MB. I don't think Victoria but I can't think of another viable western site either.

YA got Ottawa in the east


My apologies for speaking confidently on the subject that has been examined on these boards and elsewhere. I've listened to all the talk, analyzed it, and have formed my opinion. I then lay it out.

Is there anything in my post that you disagree with?

Well i guess it would be interesting to see IF a 6th franchise can be founded in the CFL West

That’s what I like to see. Better than having Toronto in there. :wink:

Yes there is! I think Canada still has options for expansion.

I don't think the U.S. is one of them. Not that I wouldn't like to see it someday being american myself, but look what happened last time, odds are it would happen again.

i think the max will be 11 teams and that won't happen (if ever) until 2020...bringing back ottawa (hopefully next year), adding halifax and quebec city. maybe another team near or in toronto, like missasauga. but i guess the argos dont get many fans in, but then again argo fans are the worst in the league for supporting their team... i sure hope montreals stadium gets expanded more and more so no one ever has to play in the awful olympic stadium, that thing should be torn down asap. the cfl wont go back to the states, that just didnt work out--there arent many other places for expansion in this country but a 10 or 11 team league would be nice as 8 is to small and the repitition of the schedule gets boring. go riders! taylor field is an amazing place to watch a game!

One major factor is how the CFL will develop over the course of the next 5-15 years ie. continue along with the 22,000 - 25,000 seat stadium minimum requirement and as a professional league as it is now with the salary cap at what, $3.8 mill. Or will the BOG see as it’s mission to “get smaller” and go to more Canadian cities with smaller stadiums? Or see as it’s mission to get bigger all the time, forcing the salary cap larger and for stadiums to be in the 30,000 min to be competetive?

I don’t have any answers but I think that the future of the CFL in Canada is rosy, just not all that predictable one way or the other as to how it will develop, that’s all. Will be interesting to follow though, very interesting especially with CBC Sports potentially going down the tubes with being able to compete with TSN and Rogers for what these sports networks want to carry.

Windsor was talking about getting a team. And they're a city of over 300,000 people with alot of areas surrounding them. They're also connected with Detroit so maybe before the NFL season starts all the Detroit Lion fans going through the NFL withdrawl would come over the bridge to watch a Windsor game.

Get a team into freaking yellowknife thats were the money is at

Miller Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin could house a CFL team nicely. 1,700,0000 metro area & no pro or college football.



At least the Mayor of Windsor was interested which is more then the Mayors of Ottawa, Q.C. and Halifax seem to be.
The Glieb's are suppose to own the CFL rights to Windsor though, which could be a problem getting rid of them again.
A Windsor team might be able to draw some people from Michigan if they could sign some former college stars from Michigan U and Michigan State.

How many people from Milwaukee make the trek to Lambeau to watch the Pack?

I don't know, sambo, but I would imagine its about the same length of a drive a Rider fan from Saskatoon would make to get to Taylor Field (to equate the devotion some football fans make to see their home team).