I dont know if im the only one out there that has noticed that the biggest canadian football league has a grand total of 8 teams??? wtf? how do u expect to have a league if only two teams in the whole league miss the playoffs? what i sugest that tom wright expands to some smaller canadian cities such as quebec city, halifax, victoria, windsor, moncton, brandon, and saskatoon. then that way you dont have more teams making the playoffs in the nhl than total teams in the whole cfl.... anyone with me???? post if u agree or disagree

I don't think Brandon could support a cfl team...

Quebec-city, Halifax and ottawa...thats it...11 teams....maybe years later, add one more to the west, for 12 teams.

no brandon, or saskatoon, moncton or windsor.

not a chance in hell, and Victoria is a little close to Vancouver...

QC, Ottawa, Halifax can support a team. Thats it I think.

Let's get Ottawa back in and then expand to 10 with Halifax (whenthey get the commonwealth games and a stadium). I think then Quebec but they need a stadium. Unfortunately that is an unbalanced schedule again. I would love to see a 12th team but can't figure out where that team could be put that has a stadium and the population to support it.

Everybody says Saskatoon cant support a team but I disagree. The Riders certainly have fans all over the province, but they draw fans mostly from Regina and Moose Jaw, and a few that make the drive from Saskatoon. A natural rivalry between 'Toontown and Regina would be great. Im sure you could get at least 25 000 to games there, and with PA and the Battlefords close by, I dont think it too far of a stretch to say that a Saskatoon team could do well. One more factor to consider is that Saskatoon , not Regina is the largest city in Saskatchewan population wise.

get Ottawa back on the rails first....them expand to Halifax when the stadium is built and your good to go for the next 25 years....no more cross over b.s. or western teams playing in the East.....straight East vs West the way it was always meant to be.....long live the revolution.....

QC or Halifax are it.

Quebec and Halifax are the only logical choices. Forget Victoria, Small population, and no Stadium. And don't even consider Kelowna (As much as I'd like it) Again small population and no Stadium.

You keep ignoring reality! The Riders not only rely on bums in the seats but on sponsorship money. Most of the sponsors are pan provincial and are unlikely to double their support to help out a second provincial team. Sasktel alone put up a Million buck for getting the tron plus six figures a year to run it. Do you think it is realistic that they would do the same for another football team?

There would be a couple of potential local Saskatoon sponsors but the reality is that a Toon team would be competing for money from the same sources as the Riders, thus leaving both teams weaker!

What about the stadium. Unless Saskatoon is going after something like the Commonwealth games,there is no way Toon would get significant funds for a new stadium from senior levels of government. Do you think that the citizens of Sasktoon would support building a $60 - $120 million dollar facility?

Saskatoon is a great city and if the Riders did not alread exist in Regina, then I would agree that it would have a legitimate shot at having a CFL team.

Anyone ever consider putting a second team in toronto? And windsor would work, if they really pushed it on the Detroit people. Saskatoon could have a team, if the facility was already in place. And with the exception of Ottawa, Halifax, and maybe even Quebec City, expect to wait at least 10 years to expand past those 3 citys.

I have a question for the Montrealers on the site. Now that the Olympic Stadium is paid off, is there any chance that the province will take the money that they were putting toward the Olympic Stadium debt and put it toward a stadium in Quebec City?

quebec's primer said he wants to spend half-a-billion dollars on sporting facitlities within the next 5 years.

someone from the CFL should meet him and discuss spending some of that on a CFL stadium in QC....maybe a 35,000 seater.

right now we should NOT talk about expansion.not long ago we lost the gades we should make a 11 team league halifax,quebec city and victoria and a 12 team in fargo

I've Been Saying It For Years, QC Is The Best Place To Open Up The Next Team. Aside From The Newly Vacated City Of Ottawa, Quebec City Has The Largest Popelation Of Any Non-CFL City. Currently Football Is Hugh In The Whole Province Of Quebec. Plus Not To Mention There Would Be A Natural Revalry Between Quebec City And Montreal.

Forget Ottawa, We Found Out That The Fans Aren't Really To Big On Football In The City. There's No Need To Compete With The NHL When We Don't Need To.

Halifax Would Be The Next Logical Expansion. I Would Suggest Wait A Few Years, And When The League Is More Stable Expand To Both Halifax And QC. That Way We Don't Have To Put Up With An Uneven Schedual Plus It'll Force The League To Make Sure That Expansion Is A Perminate Step.

Cexner Brought Up A Second Team In Toronto. While I Think That Would Be Awsome, Torontoians Are Way To Fickle. Anyone Remember The Attendance Numbers From 4 Years Ago When The Team Wasn't Doing So Well, It Was Around 15 000 Per Game. A Better Spot Would Be Missassaga. The Saga Currently Doesn't Have Any Pro-Sports Aside From The Ice Dogs (If That Counts) Even Though The Population Is Close To That Of Winnipeg And Hamilton And Over 3 Times That Of Regina.

As For Windsor, Not A Chance. While A Team Would Draw On A Few Fans From Detroit, The CFL Would Also Compete With The Already Established Fan Base In Both Cities For The Lions. And Even Though Most Of Us Can't Understand How Anyone Can Prefer nFL Over CFL, In Windsor That's The Norm. London Would Be A Better Choice. London Has A Big Fan Base For CIS Already And Would Also Draw On Tri-City To Bring In Fans.

Fargo North Dakota?

We all agree, or most do, the obvious "expansion" is the immediate return for one last time to Ottawa.
Then, QC has been a very intriguing possibility because of the football explosion in the province and the wonderful rivalry with Montreal. Ala Habs vs Nords. Having said that, it was last week that reports came out of QC how some interested party wanted to bring back NHL hockey. Whats up with that? You would thing they the people of QC would be dealing in reality, bring in football while the NHL is a pipe dream.
Which makes me wonder whether there is the push and commitment in the community to pull it off. Never mind, how the stadium facility is lacking, although Laval's Peps can be retrofitted.

I’d move to QC first.

I think Halifax and Victoria would be good choices. Both are Navy towns. They have guys from accross the country there and I bet they would love to see CFL games without taking a trip. I worked out in Victoria for 4 years and would have loved to get season tickets to a CFL team there because it wasn’t on TV enough and there’s nothing like seeing a game live. The trip to Vancouver on the ferry takes a couple of hours and would cost the ticket price if not more. Just my opinion though.