[url=http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/state-league-quebec-city-being-seriously-considered-expansion-154630754.html]http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55 ... 30754.html[/url]

Interesting article I just read on Yahoo!

Yeah, it is interesting. From that article, I did not know that the Als has the territory right to the whole province of Quebec so it is possible that the Quebec City will have their CFL franchise and Als will give up their Quebec right after the negotiation when it does happen I think that if Quebec City is the potential location because of the success of the college football in Quebec then it will become a 10th team and if Atlantic province decides to build a CFL sized stadium then 11th team is possible. However, if the Atlantic province doesn't act anytime soon then I don't think that they will ever have a CFL team.

Now, with my personal opinion, when Quebec City and/or Atlantic province franchises is awarded in the future, the CFL needs to have the plan on having the 12th CFL franchise and stay that way for years to come. To pick the 12th team, a second team in BC is a visible choice but that won't happen for decades to come. A team in Victoria or Kelowna would be a good choice as it has a mid-sized population enough to support a team for 10 CFL dates for their home games. I do not know any other Canadian city is a potential location for the 12th CFL expansion than the two BC cities and it is decades away from being a reality.

10 is a nice number, but I think the 11 teams would be better. That would have a team in Quebec (as much as I don't want to have to hear the Canadian anthem in French anymore than I already have to ... but that is my problem) AND one in the maritimes. Bump Winterpeg back into the west and assure that the Riders never again get to the play-offs. :lol:

as for a 12th team ... BC with a second team ... Meh, not convinced it will work. Same with Saskatoon getting a team ... not convinced it will work. never heard any rumors about other "viable" cities in Canada beyond those two.

I think you get to 11 and your stalled for some time and I don't think 11 is a bad number either.

just my two cents.


cohon said he thinks 10 is where the league will be maxed, as he does not want 11.

i would prefer 11 ( quebec city and halifax ), and i doubt the league would refuse if an 11th ownership group stepped up to the plate with funding for a stadium.

i doubt 12 will ever happen.
simply no REALISTIC place for a 12th team to go in the west.
for any speculation about saskatoon or victoria BC is as realistic as talk of a team in chatham ontario.

Not sure if you have lived in Kelowna? I have, that community wouldn't get a pro franchise until 2090 it's a nice location surrounded by little cities but theres no way they could get 20,000 nine times a year to watch pro football. I remember when they got the Kelowna Heat pro baseball team the biggest crowd was the season opener, which I attended the crowd was 2,000. Even the BCJFL team the Okanagan Sun which is a successful football franchise gets the same crowd numbers. For now I'd be happy with one new team, keep the two divisions and playoff format.

I am close to kelowna and Kamloops, and I have to agree with Drummer & Calgary Red. Kelowna will never happen in the next 50 years.

I'll be happy if we can just get to 10 teams. Baby steps... first comes 9, then comes 10.

I think you can expect to see a 10th team. The CFL is a much different league than it was 5 years ago. Everything that the CFL needed to accomplish before they could make a 10th team THE #1 TOP priority are now done.

  1. Ottawa is officially a go
  2. The 100th Grey Cup. Mark Cohon made it clear that the CFL would not publicly talk about expansion until after the 100th Grey Cup.

With the 100th grey cup now here the word expansion has leaked out of Cohon's mouth for the first time.
Every one involved with the CFL knows that a 10th team is needed now, the Owners, the CFL, the Networks, and the CFLPA. I think you will see all of these entities get involved and do what is needed to make that 10th team a reality in Halifax or QC.
The league is in a position now that it does not need to piggy back off Laval or SMU to use their stadiums because neither stadium can now be expanded to meet CFL and the pro sports standards.

The two cities and Regions now have the capabilities to support a franchise but after that it will be a long time before a 12th city or Region would be able to support a team.

The goal should be a 10th team within the next 5 years and whichever city does not get the 10th franchise will be revisited in 10 years. An even number of teams is easy for scheduling but an odd number of 11 would be much easier thn the odd number of 9.

For those doubters i think you will see all the entities involved with the CFL do thing to help that they would not normally do for the 10th franchise. That is how important it is.

Most of us have said the same thing here for years.
Natural rivals QC vs. Als.
But major problems like in Halifax, no political will, stadium or ownership.
Of course, unless in the background somehow this has changed?

Thats the kind of mindset that we have been talking about it for years and nothing has happend is a tough one to get out of and i can see why people are so skeptical but the CFL is in a much different place than it was just 5 years ago. During the last 5 years things that have been said would happen that never happens are happening now. If you can follow that.
Quebec City is much in the picture but is not as far along as Halifax. Halifax has a site at Shannon Park, 20 Million designated to the building of a stadium, and a Mayor that is now a figure head that wants it to happen and has made this one of the projects that he is revisiting that has been shelved. 5 years ago none of this was even in place.
Thats why I say the mindset of people need to change because things have happend, are happening, and will be happening that in the past did not happen.

just a couple thoughts on expansion... and please dont see them as negative, just discussion topics... and give myself clairity as im not the expert on this at all.

1.-does more eastern expansion give an advantage to eastern teams as they dont travel as far? if QC becomes the 10th team, that puts every eastern team quite close together. winnipeg to BC is a long trip, expecially when you play each other four times.

2.-are there enough Canadian players @ the cuurent roster requirements? Toronto had to bring belli out of retirement this year, and mayb Canadians have been in the league for several years. is lowering the Starting Canadian quota something to consider?

3.- how does this affect the by week? especially when we only have Ottawa (i cant recall how that worked when ottawa was in the league. i think i was too young to notice).

With 10 teams, each team would be able to play all the others twice a season (one home and one away), so travel would be the same for everyone. With a balanced schedule like that I don't see the need for any bye week at all.

Said this a 100 times. Why not sure. Love halifax been there many times. Spoke to a lot of people their and in northern Alberta. Halifax & Moncton do not want a CFL Franchices if the have to pay for a stadium or HIGH ticket prices LIKE 50 a pop. Yes some want a team , but most do not and are struggling to get by thats why the youth live in fort McMurray area an estimated 100,000 strong.They where offered a free franchice 5 years ago. No Takers then or now. So lets move on. Victoria 70 plus , have trouble with WHL team. Sorry Kelowna. 250,000 within 10 25 minutes. Does not include Kamloops. Young RICH clients, 100 a ticket EASY. Great sponsors,
GREAT COMMUNITY. JR WHL has sold out each home game 6500 for last 10 years. 10 HOME games at $ 150 each ,sign me up. We almost pass a motion to build a stadium 7 years ago, however a new plan is in the works however election coming in spring. Get location as is Quebec city.

  1. Not really, because they still have to play teams in the west during the season.

  2. There is never a shortage of people looking to play professional sports. If anything though, it may be incentive for CFL teams to put more into the CIS system and recruiting from the CIS.

  3. Good Question, but scheduling can be worked out.

About 7-8 years ago we were talking about a stadium as part of a bid for the commonwealth games, which could also be used to draw a CFL franchise. And we're still no further ahead.

Only a few months ago, Halifax declined to build stadium for the coming FIFA event.

[url=http://thechronicleherald.ca/metro/78048-no-halifax-stadium-soccer-world-cup]http://thechronicleherald.ca/metro/7804 ... -world-cup[/url]

Included in that article:

The death of the short-term plan for a stadium may resurrect the vision of replacing Shannon Park’s decaying buildings with a sports complex, an idea that dates back at least to 2007 and Halifax’s failed bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

So much of what you say we didn't have 5 years has actually been under discussion for that long. With little to no progress.

This is why I get tired of hearing how the Maritimes are dying to have a team to cheer for. No doubt there is a segment of the population that loves the league, but whenever the opportunity presents itself to take steps towards getting a team, they avoid it.

Oh, and there's still no prospective owner.

I still want to see Halifax/Moncton (Call it Atlantic whatevers though, not Halifax or New Brunswick because it should represent all 4 Atlantic provinces) because then we have a true cross Canada league. We have a nice even number so every team gets to play on Labour Day. And we have 10 teams so everyone gets a home and home with everyone. That way fans get to see every team, and people can see the league super stars/favourite players/favourite team even if they live in another division

I don't think a CFL team will happen anywhere unless some investors come forward and develop something like in Ottawa where they get their revenue from the area around the stadium site and not just from football.
At least the Ottawa group of investors will make money from the non-football side, the shops, restaurants, condos, the soccer franchise.

Who would want to invest in a sports team that only plays 9 home games a year? Investors need to see that they can make money.

They can't make money in Toronto with a large population base, a stadium in a central location that has highway access, bus, streetcar, subway, rail access. Toronto is just lucky that they have an owner that can afford to lose money year after year.
If Braley decides to give up the Argos, the CFL will be back to 8 teams.

Forget expansion, just get the current owners together and try to come up with ideas on how to make money and keep teams from folding.
In the past we saw CFL owners walk away and fold Montreal twice and Ottawa twice and of course the CFL US franchises in the 90s. If they can't make money in the first year or two, owners walk away.

Exactly. The only thing that the CFL can really do in terms of expansion is to keep cultivating the fan base and continue to underscore that business is good. The perception is still that only one or two teams makes money on any given year. It's hard to attract a potential owner when that image is out there.

But if you DO attract a potential owner, it has to be for Toronto and not some mythical Halifax or Quebec team. Get the whole house in order before reaching. The cities of Halifax and Quebec City have to make themselves ready before the league can put any effort into actually having a team there.

Question for fans of other teams: How well does your team reach out to the smaller surrounding communities?

The next TV deal will certainly help the argos and cats ( who will have a new stadium ) break even.
If they can break even every year, then host a grey cup game every 5 years, southern ontario will be fine.

I live in a small community about an hour west of Regina, and its not too bad for us... they used to hold at least one practice here every year, but for whatever reason, they decided not to do that anymore.... it would be nice if they made the effort to come here once a year. Usually players will do autograph sessions, high school visits, etc... the Riders are pretty good about getting out in the other communties in SK.

When asking, Saskatchewan was actually who I was most curious about. I hear about their popularity in Saskatoon when people discuss expansion but didn't know if that was something that "just happened" or if it had to be built over time.

I guess I'm wondering whether this is an area where the league/teams could improve. The Grey Cup train hitting non-CFL towns was a great thing, but maybe it's more the individuals teams' job to make the surrounding area feel wanted. Hamilton, for example, might be able to make some nice lemonade from their situation, is handled properly.