There ever a chance that the CFL would ever expand again? Maybe add more teams in Canada or places in the US where there is no pro team? I know I am probably asking a stupid question but just woundered if there was a chance the CFL would go past 9 teams ever in this centry.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=4655]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... pic&t=4655[/url] [url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=4629]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... pic&t=4629[/url]

I think there is a good chance, seeing as how there are 94 years left. But among us will be around that long?

Windsor wants in!

[url=http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/sports/story.html?id=89aa7044-a969-42dd-bdfb-eb949c65a6a2&k=94793]http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/new ... a2&k=94793[/url]

I would think that the continuing saga in Ottawa has the board of directors more than a little apprehensive about adding another team right away. They need to have that franchise stable with good fan support before they start another team, in my opinion.


i think, when wright says they’e discussed windsor before…it was the gliebs talkin about re-locating the 'gades to windsor.

‘Ottawa Renegades president Lonie Glieberman, a Detroit native, met with Francis last year and also had several discussions with city officials when it appeared as though his father Bernie’s bid to buy the Renegades had stalled. The Gliebermans possess CFL ownership rights to the Detroit-Windsor area, according to one report, and had looked at Michigan’s Pontiac Silverdome as a potential stadium.’

i hope this doesnt happen…not until ottawa is healthy, QC and halifax both have successfull teams…then, maybe consider windsor…not before that!..and even if they ever do consider windsor…they better have THIER OWN stadium…not this pontiac silverdome crap…this is the CFL…why would a canadian team play in a US city…stupid idea!

Good points DG.

If placing an expansion team in qc, or halifax is not possible within the next 3 or so years because of a lack of a stadium, I wouldn't mind having a team in Windsor. Only as a "last resort" though of course.

Anchorage/Fairbanks Alaska would be open for a CFL team I am sure. After all they are kind of left out of the whole NFL thing. Most the people in Alaska cheer on for the Seahawks. The thing about expansion in the US. It happened once I thought it was a good idea but I guess the NFL and typical US mentality was why have Canada teams in the US playing in the spring/summer time. I though it was great to go to Las Vegas and chear on the Gunslingers. Who knows maybe tap on cites in Montana, Idaho, or Washington, Basicly any one in the northern US. I sure there is a market for it.

drumming god of course its a bad idea its the glibermans what do u expect???

Not Alaska, not yet....


Too close to the NFL and the NFL Lions, but if they are the co-host, they should have their name on the team!

Detroit-Windsor Lions has a nice ring to it!

maybe even trade Windsor for several enclaves on the US-Canada border?

I agree. Keep it in Canada. 12 teams, 6 in the east, 6 in the west. Halifax, Quebec City and a western city to be named later. Perfect.

The CFL would be wise to change their name from the Canadian football league to Something else. The product on the field is great and they could really get a boost internationally if they changed this name. I know I'm going to get hacked at this, but it's ok because I think this league has so much more potential and the fact that stupid a bias, which can't be overlooked, is going to prevent them from growing. I am a CFL and NFL fan and I have no doubt that the CFL can work in parts of the US. The most franchises you can get in canada for the CFL realistically will be 2 more. If the CFL is going to go south of the border I hope they would go to cities that are very close to canada. Shreveport and what not are way too far. Nebraska, North Dakota, Windsor-detroit like the poster above, Portland Maine, New Hampshire etc.

Whatever they do they should not expand too quickly like they did in the past because it will take a few years to level off talent. Either way I think this league with 16 teams would be perfect.

Excellent points Argos_Bills. I agree that there really is the potential, in the long run, for the CFL to expand as you say. However, I guess this would all have to fit into what the league see's as it's vision. I don't want to see happen to the CFL what happened to the NHL where the minority of teams is in Canada and the league is basically run by American owners. This would be horrible. But I can see some American markets in the league, this league is just too entertaining not to look at this again at some point if this fits in with it's vision. And that is the crux, just look at this site, opinions are all over the map on this. I guess this is just part of the Canadian way and we all have to make sense of this.

I agree Earl. It would get taken over like the NHL did.

Though I know there are a lot of justified fears of expansion, especially 'down south', I think that a very restricted and limited expansion would be a possibilty.

Several notes... don't get into any NFL markets.
Don't expand very far south.
Focus on smaller markets that don't warrent NFL teams.

By staying close to the longest undefended border in the world, you would 1. save on transport of teams
2. have the possibility of more traveling fans to away games
3. more connection to the league and other teams geographically/culturally
4. more similar weather paturns... (playing summer football in Las Vegas in July is simply stupid at best, deadly at worst)

Several options I see...

Portland Maine at 265k would be an ideal location. Only 2 hours from Boston, and about 4 hours from Montreal or Quebec City. Since the CFL has a summer/fall schedule, would have the possibility of catching a few vacationers and drawing them into see the team...

Portland Oregon at 600k, though not directly on the border, it is unrepresented in the NFL, and is in strong football country. I would think that if you could get some Oregon/Oregon St/Washington/Washington St players on the team, and not have any Saturday games during the fall (college season) you could attract a reasonable crowd.

Fargo-Moorhead North Dakota/Minnesota at 175k would be a good option. Not a major market, but would be close to the twin cities, and just up the Red River from Bluebomber country :wink:

Other possibilities could be Albany NY, Hartford CT, but not many others.

From the crowds you are looking at for CFL games (regurally filling a 30k seat stadium), most small colleges or large urban highschools can get this quite often... so not out of the range of possibility.

I don't think the CFL should expand to the U.S. That's what makes it great and unique from the NFL (this is coming from one who is from south of the border).

......on a side note, I just wish I could see more games. The CFL is a great league!

no US teams :!:

Oh drumming_god, at least consider the idea that 1-3 US based teams at some point could at least be considered. You don’t want to sound like idiots like Canucklehead and SSigman at the sportsrant site below. Not saying you sound like an idiot, not at all, but some could interpret it that way.

[url=http://www.sportsrant.com/forums/nfl-rants/10692-moss-raiders-5.html#post83020]http://www.sportsrant.com/forums/nfl-ra ... #post83020[/url]

remember us teams dont need to carry any canadians, or something like that...screws up the rest of the league....if it wasnt for that, i wouldnt mind 4 US teams, with 2 in each division....after we have 12 canadian teams.