What cites would best support a CFL team?


Halifax and Quebec City

Victoria…No Stadium, Population to small (Even if you include Nanaimo)
Portland…No More American Expansion Until the labour laws change
London… Hmm Road trip to Jolly old England…Yahoo…(Just Kidding. Can’t comment about London cause I know nothing about the area)

Actually London has the TD Pricewaterhouse stadium which seats about 10,000 but could easily be expaned to accomadate 25,000 plus
with a population base of about 300,000 London could support a team.

Does Halifax have a Stadium?

I think another potentially good maritimes city to place a team would be Moncton, N.B. It’s within an hour’s drive of more people than in the Halifax/Dartmouth region.

Quebec city would be good too. Heck, I think having CFL teams in Quebec does more good for national unity than any political party or government ever could!

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Actually, Victoria does have a stadium - but it is very small. However, it was expanded to 30 000 seats for the commonwealth games. I heard once that the league was contacted by a person willing to place a team in Victoria and would pay for the stadium, but I doubt it (though it is awesome). the population of Victoria is over 300 000, but there are 750 000 people on the island, and mostly in the same relative area.
London has a population of over 400 000 and has a very successful football team in the University of Western Ontario. The stadium can seat 10 000 people, but it wasn’t too long ago that the Toronto Argonauts were contemplating relocating the team to London and expanding the stadium. (However, it is largely composed of porta-bleachers made of aluminum from what i’ve seen of it on TV).
Quebec City to me makes the most sense. It is the largest market in Canada without a CFL team, and is larger than many of the cities that do. It also has a 15 000 (i’ve heard as high as 18 000) seat stadium that is rather nice, but old. And it has a rabid football following of the Rouge et Or. It would also make for an amazing labour day game against Montreal.
Halifax has 9 000 seat Husky Stadium. It has a population of roughly 400 000. The stadium is, from what i’ve heard, in awful condition. However, this city has been at the forefront of expansion plans since the 1970’s. In fact, they were granted a franchise in the 1980’s and it was set to play, until the federal government re-neiged on its offer to build a stadium. So the team collapsed.