Expansion to Sudbury in the Works!

In the CIS that is. Haha.

Behold: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ ... laurentian

Excellent event for Canadian Football if they can get it off the ground - but an 11 team OUA would be rather odd. I say send U of Ottawa to the Quebec Conference.

Do you even count U of T though??

They need to resurrect the Calrton Ravens football program and then the OUA would be balanced when Sudbury enters.

I agree with the Carleton Ravens. I have heard rumours about them trying to field a team, and failing, but...

How's this though, for conferences (my grandiose ideal CIS):

Canada West:
British Columbia: U of Victoria, UBC, UBC Okanagan;
Alberta: U of A, U of C, U of Lethbridge
Saskatchewan: U of R, U of S
Manitoba: U of M, University of Winnipeg

North Division - Laurentian, Carleton, Ottawa, Queen's, Toronto, York.
South Division - Guelph, McMaster, Waterloo, Laurier, Windsor, Western

U of Quebec a Montreal, U of Montreal, Concordia, McGill, Bishop's, Sherbrooke, Laval, U Quebec a Trois Rivieres

Nova Scotia: St Mary's, St. FX, Acadia, Dalhousie
Other: U New Brunswick, Mount Allison, U Moncton, U PEI

Only 11 more teams than now...

Good to know that Sudbury will get some kind of Football if it's sucessful.

I'm surprised in his listing on Ontario based universities, he didn't try to throw Brock in there. Especially since, I vaguely remember years ago the Ti-Cats doing training camp there?

Adding those teams would dilute the teams, way too much. Look at the NHL. not a chance would I want this.
And by the way for BC you forgot an existing team simon Fraser

ah, I was going to mention SFU, but it appears you beat me to it. perhaps he wants the Clan to move back to the NCAA? and what is this UBC Okanagan he speaks of? does such a place even exist?

Well, they could put U of T in a peewee league somewhere, they might be able to actually beat someone then :smiley: But, to be fair, they only lost by 2 points last week to Waterloo so maybe this school is on the upswing with its football program. And they are getting a new stadium at Varsity so who knows. But I remember years back when U of T was in the Vanier Cup at the then Skydome and it was so poorly attended. That is a sad reflection on Toronto, they didn't even care about their own team, probably Godfrey bashed them to death and told no one to show up for the game. As*hole.

Brock Badgers Football…undefeated since 1965!

Ya I think UBC is just putting a campus in the okanagen. Its either done, or will be soon

Okanegen has the CJFL, they don't need college ball.

Sudbury,Thunder Bay, Alaska :smiley:, Newfoundland do!

Oops, sorry about SFU. Makes more sense than Winnipeg. I left Memorial University off the list as no one plays football in Newfoundland (effectively). Rugby is far more popular - look at the success of the Super League's Rock for example.

The University of British Columbia annexed the college in Kelowna, and is changing it to the Okanagan campus. There has been speculation that the Okanagan Sun would apply for membership in the CIS, but I've also heard that the CIS charter (or constitution) would have to be amended to permit this.

Also, Kanga-Kucha, the CJFL can act (and has) as a pseudo farm league for the CIS. Does anyone know how many of the 2004 U of S Huskies played for Saskatoon last year?

Shoud the CJFL be a fram for the CFL?

and I see it has higher up than CIS becase the Hittops used to be in the CFL but droped out many many many years ago.

Methinks you be confusing them with the Regina Rams, who used to be a CJFL team but was adopted as the team for the University of Regina. The Hilltops never played in the CFL. I think you're confusing them with the Ontario Rugby Football Union, which used to compete with the current 9 cities until 1956.

And the Farm League discussion has occured before.