Expansion Theory

Would an expansion team be able to increase CFL revenues enough to compensate for having to divide revenue among 10 teams instead of 9 ?

The CFL needs a tenth team for scheduling and a "coast to coast" purposes.

The CFL would love a tenth team to balance everything out, but many things need to be secured before they can proceed.

First: I'm sure Ottawa Still needs to be stabalized before any thoughts of expansion.

Two: Location, Either the Maritimes ( Halifax) of Quebec City are really the only logical (population) area for the next expansion.

Third: Stadium: Halifax is a long way from a permanant stadium. I'm not sure what Quebec City has (is it big enough?) Hopefully the Quebec posters will help me out here.

Forth: You must have solid ownership. Some one with deep pockets as they will be operating in the red the first few years.

Fifth: YOU MUST KEEP KANGA OFF the expansion comittee. (See other expansion related threads) , Kelowna, Alaska, Victoria Red Deer. Sorry mate, you and I'll will never see eye to eye on those locations.

Until the first four criteria are met, the CFL will be an 9 team league for quite a while.

Actually KK No disrespect intented...Your expansion thoughts are entertaining.

Saskatoon isn't such a bad option actually. You'd need to ditch the entire divisonal system though, just home-and-away 18 rounds. Quebec and Halifax would be most appropriate geographically. Victoria's not the worst idea but also not the best idea. The CFL needs to focus on higher-money markets. I'd love to get a CFL-minor league in the small markets though (NFL could use it too).