Expansion team...

Alright, I'm sure this topic has been done to death, but I'm just curious about what you all think, so bear with me.

What do you think the likelihood of the CFL getting a 10th team by 2010 is? And if so, where do you think it will be? From what I hear, these are some of the main contenders:

Halifax, NS: Pop. 379,800
Quebec City, QUE: Pop. 710,800
London, ONT: Pop. 459,600
Moncton, NB: Pop. 117,727

Also, do you think that the CFL ever will/should try to expand into the States again?

I think there will be expansion or at least relocation if ottawa doesn't get its act together. Halifax is the front runner because of the game they had this year.

Please, Please don't get me started on CFL coming to the US. Okay you got me started. Yes add five teams along the boarder. I even got a few places that can support a team Boston, New York, Milwaukee, Seattle, Detroit, St Paul, MN. Or at least Boston. Every one of those places would draw at least 20,000 fans. Boston University cut there program years ago and have a great facility in Nickerson Field.(formerly the home of the Boston Braves mlb baseball team. This will benefit Canada by adding tourism, and new rivals. Come on guys, you're so desparate for expansion right now you want to play different teams. The only thing that i would caution the CFL is that they would really have to see how a city could support a team. Have to have a respectable facility and at least 16,000 committed season tickets holders prior to receiving a team. This includes expansion in Canada. I think a the CFL is crazy if they just give an expansion team out without community committment. The CFL screwed up when they expanded in the early 90's, they just added too many teams. Do I think this could happen? NO. Even though being a football crazy American i would love it to happen.

American expansion also has a few negatives. It would lead to Americans playing south of the border. It will rob Canadiens of more in country rivals. Exchange rate problems. Could lead to teams relocating from Canada to the US. Attendance could flucuate because of NFL and NCAA games. I think most games would be played on Thursday and Friday nights.

Sorry guys like me keep dreaming about something that will never happen.

No american expansion, I wantt he CFL to reman the CANADIAN football league, and there is no way in hell CFL teams are going south of the broder, this isn't the NHL and thank god for that!

Halifax will get a team by 2008, wait, I meant 2010.

i bumped a thread on this same topic, so u can read the convo there and add willingly

US Expansion in hindsight was NOT A MISTAKE, as it brought a new team into the league and popularized the game down here. However, I wouldn't suggest expanding into the US now. The definition between the two leagues is clear.

The CFL was smart in not trying to outdo teams in their own markets, and saying "only on border towns," well, there aren't any border towns that don't have NFL franchises (unless you count Anchorage or Juneau, which honestly wouldn't be TOO bad of an idea).

If they had a CFL size stadium, yes.

I honestly think that the renegades should be relocated to quebec city where interest is drastically increasing. If the rens dont make the playoffs this season, after disappointing their fans with a quick start, fan support will drop even more for next season.

what stadium would they play at ( if the Gades moved to quebec )???....a configured college stadium which seats 20 000....what would the difference be?

I'll tell you Quebec City would support a football team. They support a baseball team the Quebec Capitals of the CAN-AM league. They even travelled with the team for road games in Massachuesetts. Add tourism to Quebec City, and the people who support the Alouettes, but can't attend the games in Montreal. I for one would gladly travel to Quebec City from Boston to see a game. It's time for the CFL to punt on Ottawa. It's easy, build a multipurpose stadium for the CAN-AM league, and the CFL franchise. They are i need of a stadium for the baseball team too.

I believe that the best place to look for an expansion team is in the east coast of Canada. That being said, either Halifax or Moncton would support their team the best. However, are there proper stadiums in these cities ? If not, is there even enough money in either of these two "poorer" Canadian cities ?

London definitely would not support a team, look at their support with a AAA baseball team in the 90's !, what a joke. However, London definitely has the money in this "white-collar, rich" city.

Quebec....I don't even want to think at this, gives me a headache :slight_smile:

best possible expansion is Halifax, IF they can get a stadium built in the next 3-5 years....they can support a team with its OWN population, unlike moncton....( if the team sucks, who will drive 3 hours to moncton? )
plus, that turns the WHOLE maritime population into regular CFL tv viewers ( CFL would be a PRO-sports monopoly in atlantic canada ) ...thats ATLEAST 125 000 tacked onto current tv ratings ( current 575 000 becomes 700 000 )....Halifax makes league coast-to-coast...montcon doesn't! ( the CFL is using montcon as LEVERAGE to get halifax politicians to finance a stadium..i doubt they truly want to go there )

quebec would be the second choice...but they wouldn't increase the tv ratings as much as halifax, because CFL has competition there. they dont have a stadium either..doesnt make sence to MOVE the Renegades to quebec, unless the 'Gades struggle with attendance year-after-year ( i bet they'll bounce back next year and even more the year after )

IMO, go to halifax first to make a 10 team coast-to-coast league....quebec-city as a 11th team years later, or if the gades NEVER turn the ship around, then move them there ( only if quebec-city has 30 000 seat stadium )....but give the gades 4 years to turn it around in ottawa first.

( the gliebs/ renegades will have this whole offseason to improve marketing and rosters, so i think they'll get 24 000 next year and 28 000 in '07 )

Yes, I don't see the Gades moving anywhere. 19,000 at Fridays game in the rain, yet again, and they had lost 5 in a row. Not bad considering the Gliebs haven't had a full season to promote and market the team. The fans are there in Ottawa for sure I think.

winnipeg only drew 22 600 this weekend....so an ottawa team with no marketing drew 19 000.....a difference of ONLY 3 600
Montreal's stadium only holds 20 202....a diff of 1 202

STOP hating on ottawa until next year....if they improve the roster and market like crazy and still get shotty crowds, then knock them!

remember hamilton Bc and toronto were in the same boat only a few years ago...they turned it around.... SO TOO will ottawa

I hope Ottawa turns itself around. I don't want a relocation, I want an expansion team, and I'm sure most people will agree with me on that one, and if Hamilton can turn themselves around, lets hope Ottawa can, too. 19,000 isn't bad, considering they have a low season ticket base (Anyone know the exact numbers? And the numbers for other teams for that matter?), and that the majority of the people there came even though it was raining (Apparently). I was surprised at the relatively low attendance in Winnipeg, maybe its just because they're losing, because earlier in the season someone said that their average attendance was closer to 25,000. I was surprised at the high Toronto attendance as well (34,000).

I guess in a dream CFL the league will expand to Halifax AND Quebec city, then add another team in the west, making it a 12 team league within the next ten years...Of course, that'll never happen, but we can dream...

it WILL happen....maybe not in 10 years tho

We all agree in a perfect world the CFL would grow to 12-16 teams. Also, we certainly do not want another failure in Ottawa. Having said that, how long do the Gleibs give the citizens to wake up and smell the coffee.Since its their money and not ours, I would try a little blackmail and why not after all this is the second and last attempt in making it work. After the season give the fans 30-60 days to buy 15,000 season tickets and not for 1 year, but for three. If not, move to QC immediately and have the city build 15,000 temporary seats at Laval. It is instant rivalry with the Als.

First Of All I Love The Name Ollie.

Halifax- Most Likely Will Be The Next Site. The City Is The Type Of People That Are More Likely To Attend Football Games (Working Class) And The League Hope A 'Maritime Team' Will Draw In The Fans From The 4 Eastern Provinces Similar To Saskatchewan. Have A Team In Halifax Also Makes The League Coast To Coast.

Quebec City- The Best Place In My Opinion. It Has The Highest Population Out Of All The Cities Without A Pro Team. It Would Create A Great Rivalry With Montreal. On Many Games Als Fans With Travel Into Quebec To Watch Games That Are Between The Two Teams. Quebec City Does Have A Stadium Where The '(Some Colour) Et Or' Play. Plus There Is A Large Intrest In Football In Quebec And It Would Help Make The League More Bi-ligual.

London- Kinda Small But The City Is Really Big On Their College Football. Home Games Would Get Visitors From Nearby Cities Such As Toronto And Hamilton. Has A Really Large Stadium Already For The Mustangs That Could Easily Be Converted Into The Needed CFL Size.

U.S.- The Only Thing Good That Came Out Of The Failed U.S. Expansion Was The Only Successful Team Moving Back To Canada, The Browns Moving There, And The Knowledge That U.S. Expansion Was A Horrible Idea. The Biggest Problem With U.S. Expansion Was The US Labour Laws Screwed With The Import Rule. There Is A Way Around It But It's Extensive And A Big Waste Of Time Since There's Very Few Markets That The NCAA And nFL Don't Already Have A Strangle Hold Of.

Out Of Canada- My Suggestion Is That If The League Wants To Go Outside Of Canada Look Towards Mexico City. After The Amazing Turnout At The Arizona Game Not To Long Ago, 103 000, That's Prof That The Second Biggest City In North America Is Prime Football Territory. And Since The nFL Is At A Perfict Number Of Team Its Not Really Looking At EXpansion Anytime Soon So We Won't Have To Worry About Getting Pushed Out Like Baltimore.

Tom Wright Has Expressed That We Should Expect A Balenced League By 2010. I Don't Want To Have To Wait That Long But At The Same Time I Want To See It Done Right, Unlike That Morron Whos Ruining Hockey, Grey Bettman.

To Mexico? I'm sure that this is your last resort idea, but god...

I don't think that US Expansion was "failed," it's just that it would be a bad idea to try it again.

I agree with your order (obviously the CFL is looking to the Atlantic first for expansion). Here are some other options:

Victoria: It's another small city, but B.C. doesn't have a true regional rival, and this would give them that and sequester the very different Vancouver Island from the rest of Vancouver.

Saskatoon: Who knows. It's a big city in the West to offset all the eastern teams you mentioned.

Windsor: Detroit is close by.

A 14-team league would end up giving you an ideally 19-game schedule (12 games in-division, 7 outside). The CFL may have an idea to make one of those weeks an out-of-market week where the games are played at neutral sites...but a 14-team league might get rid of any neutral sites.

Hmmm..I thought about Victoria for a while, but most football fans living in victoria probably just go to Lion's games...Same with Saskatoon.

Never happen Victoria no stadium and no population.

Ottawa will move to Quebec City and Expansion to Halifax....Maybee in about 10 years