Expansion Team

Where should the 10th CFL team be located -- East ? West ? Central ?

I know you are somewhat new here but that is about the 10th time this question has been asked.

Go back a few pages and all your questions will be answered/


I’d love to see another team in Quebec (i.e. Quebec City) but I think there would be a lack on long-term support there. I hope I’m wrong.

I was just wondering if people have had any change of mind.

.........you'll want to discuss this topic in detail with Third and Ten......he's the resident expert on the subject of expansion and can't seem to get enough of it.......


Yeah... Private Message me on that topic and I'll tell CFLpm I'm being harrassed! :wink:


Spuzzum Pop 91

i am completely sold that if we add a team it needs to be on a cruise ship. you can call it the blue noggin and call the team the breeze. how great would that be. the blue noggin breeze came into port today! season tickets come witht a cabin, single tickets with a meal on the ship. this could be the way of the future. if a city doesn't support the team just keep going to the next port.

and then if someone misses that game winning kick you could make them walk the plank. it would add whole new meaning to being ejected from a game.

Hey blackdale. . .remember the gerbil comment? Think even he's left by now. . . :wink:

he can't leave my ears got plugged when i tried feeding him.

Have Red Green sponsor the CFL's 10th team: the Possom Lodge Backwooders. I think Red can whip up a stadium with "The Handyman's Secret Weapon," Duct Tape.



Anyway, East: Halifax (Atlantic Schooners)

after that, maybe, QC and Victoria

Again you choose best city & owners wth money & corporate sponsership Any city can get federal , provincal,municipal.monies to build statium. But owners with vision are needed.Thier about20 cities that can draw 20000fans per game.C F L is aBUSINESS. SO it doesnt matter if its north, south, east ,west . the real qestion is,who;ll step to the plate?

I want a team in Red Deer!!

I want a team in Red Deer!!
HARD to argue with your great CITY .



Could be called "The Confederates" :wink: