Just heard on a Winnipeg radio Station that the NEW CFL commish has already started talking about expansion in the East to even out the league ----- awesome news. Sorry Ottawa Fans, looks like no one is interested in trying to raise the Ottawa Franchise now, the 2 top runners are:

Halifax - They have a plan to expand the University Stadium to 20,00 25,000 seats.

Quebec City - I think QC needs a chance, they already have Laval Stadium which they are also talking about expanding and a montreal-QC rivalry would be awesome for the CFL and The teams in Quebec

thats awesome news...hopefuly theres more detail soon.

Agreed, if there is some truth to it.

Yea it is hard to beleave but if there is truth to it, then the expansions threads were worth chatting about as it confirms some of our ideas.

I myself question if there is room to expand Halifax's University stadium. There is just no room.

It is hard for me to pick a city in this poll because I am hoping for all of them except Victoria.

Here is the stadium in Victoria BC at the Royal Athletic Park.

[url=http://www.victoriaunited.com/graphics/archive/rapmainstand.jpg]http://www.victoriaunited.com/graphics/ ... nstand.jpg[/url]

Looking at it from Google Eart, there is some room on the other side of the feild to put more seats.
Plus there is also this baseball stadium there as well that can act as part of the corner feild near the end zone. It is a perfect 90 degree agle to it fits the corner of the feild perfectly.

[url=http://www.pin.ca/bc/03-1017/pics/Royal%20Athletic%20Park%202.JPG]http://www.pin.ca/bc/03-1017/pics/Royal ... rk%202.JPG[/url]

Instead of building a brand new spanking stadium of 25,000 seats, Victoria used this delapidated dump for their Commonwealth Games years back.
They could have been in the CFL and a natural rival with BC.

Its total seating is 9,247. I would assume that is the total seat capacity if you add both the baseball and soccer portions.
The good news for Victoria is if they did want to get into the CFL, all the 9,247 seats are on one side leaving space on the other site of the field for a new 15000 seat add on bring it up to 24247 seats which would be big enough.
But still, I cant see Victoria being serious about CFL football.

So This...

[url=http://www.victoriaunited.com/graphics/archive/rapmainstand.jpg]http://www.victoriaunited.com/graphics/ ... nstand.jpg[/url]

plus this...

[url=http://www.pin.ca/bc/03-1017/pics/Royal%20Athletic%20Park%202.JPG]http://www.pin.ca/bc/03-1017/pics/Royal ... rk%202.JPG[/url]

gives you a total of 9,247

From Wikipedia

Royal Athletic Park is a multi-purpose, fully-lighted stadium in Victoria, British Columbia. It is primarily used for soccer, softball and football, but often hosts special events. The land was originally purchased by the city in 1925 and the park underwent a major restoration in 1967 after a large fire.

It is currently the home of the Victoria Rebels of the Canadian Junior Football League. It also hosts the Victoria United Football Club. It was formerly the home field of the Victoria Capitals minor league baseball team.

It can hold 9,247 people - depending on the configuration - and is known for having the best hot dogs on the south island.

From July 1, 2007 to July 11, 2007, Royal Athletic Park will be a host for the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup. The stadium will host Group F and a Round of Sixteen game. Temporary bleachers will be added to expand seating to 14,500.

My Oppinion for CFL, I cant see it happening, but I could be wrong.

I wonder if a team doesn't return to Ottawa soon fans may lose interest in the CFL altogether. I can honestly say I don't know a fan of the CFL my age (20-30). My friends would however almost always go to Gades games just because it was a great time, and not necessarily for the game itself.

The city itself doesn't really follow the CFL without the Gades either. Little talk in the papers or the radio, very little merchandise to buy, and way more passion for the NFL than the CFL. If we don't get a team soon, the league may be best to avoid a return to Ottawa for another 5-10 years to see if demand increases - similar to what happened to Montreal.

I don't buy it. They would have gotten this far with Palmer, including reportedly agreeing to financials, just to say "Hmmm...forget it, we'll go somewhere where we have to upgrade stadiums and start the entire process again from scratch".

Doesn't make any sense. Cohon doesn't even get on the job until April 17th. :roll:

He might have made comments about his desire to go to those markets, I don't doubt that at all. But not at Ottawa's expense.

When Palmer was rumoured to have backed out in January, he said that if he had, he would have announced it. Until I hear from him, I assume he's still in.

I think the longer they wait, the worse they make it. This team was only supposed to be "suspended".

The group of fans I know supported and followed the league last year but they feel screwed over now for being made to wait another year. At least, because we don't even know that much for sure. They went out of their way to show support and have nothing to show for it.

This is part of the reason why I'd stated before that the league is going about this the wrong way by not at all communicating with the fans here.

Funny they would have a lead on a city that has had a team and stadium.

Victoria has a huge transplanted population. It is the base of our West Coast fleet (NAVY). I sailed out there for years. I would have loved to have seen the CFL there. I would have had seasons tickets. It costs to much to go to Vancouver and go to a game all the time. I think since alot of our Navy is from accross the country it would get great support for the CFL.

HUGE problem. The CFL loses out to the NFL in the big cities it doesn't have a presence in (ie, Ottawa ... ) This must be fixed ...

I highly, highly doubt that the CFL is planning on going to QC and/or Halifax before Ottawa. I call BS on the original post ... I would like to see some proof on where the info came from, and then I'd like to see if this was radio jock speculation, or what (my guess is that's all it is). And how do you figure no one is interested in raising the Ottawa franchise? Have you heard some story about the Palmer group pulling out that no one else has?

Halifax has a plan to expand their stadium to 20,000 seats? Yeah right. I don't buy that for a second. First of all, there's no room for it. Second of all, there has been no mention of a CFL-grade stadium in Halifax since the Commonwealth Games bid went south. I am sure that that "expansion" is a made-up fact.

Yes, the new commish has mentioned making the league coast-to-coast, but that doesn't mean QC and Halifax are all of a sudden getting expansion teams (especially at the cost of Ottawa). Also, "expansion in the east" does not exclude Ottawa, either.

I don't think Victoria is a suitable place for a team either ... too close to Vancouver, and the community is likely too old/too small. I have a hard time seeing people travelling to Victoria to go to a football game (partly because of its location, partly because it's a bit of a touristy town anyway). It's true that, in the west, only Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg are bigger; but I think the fact that it's on an island hurts it a LOT. Not to mention that the CFL would go to Ottawa, QC and Halifax before it went to another western city - in which case I (now) hope it would be London.

Excuse my cynicism, but I would really like to see a source :roll:

Actually I would like to see a source too.
I hope he is right.

This stadium is in no way, shape, or form suitable now, or ever to play host to a CFL team. Its at best a decent community facility. It wasn't even the main stadium for the the 94' Commonwealth Games: the main stadium being at UVIC. For people not familiar with the area, Royal Athletic Park is at a LOWER level than Clarke Stadium in Edmonton, Foothills Stadium in Calgary, Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon, or Brian Timmins stadium in Hamilton.

Also,for Halifax, when Touchdown Atlantic was held a few years back, all they could cram into the site was 11,000. Even if you put another deck on top that you still would have a tough time getting to 20,000, not to mention the resulting lack the proper concourse space for bathrooms, concessions etc. If Halifax ever does get a team, they won't play out of there.

Well this thread may be true after all.
I looked into it and beleave it or not the CFL is taking Halifax more serious than Ottawa.
And the reasoning does make sence. Its not because Halifax has is above Ottawa by any means as most people beleave that Ottawa should be next to get a team.
The reason why the CFL has Halifax ahead of Ottawa is because to make Ottawa work, the CFL is insisting on a investment of 20 million dollars to guarentee that the team remains in Ottawa for the long term.
The CFL does not want to take any chances with Ottawa. So if a group of investors want to be taken seriously in Ottawa, then is put up or shut up. That is why we still dont have any word from the Palmer group deal as of yet.
Now as I said my source could be wrong.
I talk to ring wearing former and current CFL players all the time as they are my customers.
And this is not my oppinion but theirs and I would say it makes some sence.

Sounds like a carrot dangling from a stick to me. Create enough buzz about expansion to new markets and somebody will finally take notice in Ottawa. Very ironic how our nations capital and only major market in the country will be left out of Canadas national party.

It only makes sense to expand to the East coast, because it fills in a large geographical area on the map. Perhaps the team could become the "Roughriders of the Atlantic" and attract fans from throughout the region. But Halifax is a pipedream until they find a way to build a stadium and attract a suitable owner.

But after Ottawa, which already has a CFL stadium with brand-new field turf, Quebec City would seem to be the next best expansion site.

Quebec would be a natural rival to the Als and would solidify the CFL in Quebec, where football is extremely popular. The Laval stadium would have to be renovated or new stadium built. And an owner found.

London has a massive population within a short driving distance right in the middle of Ontario heartland, where Canadian football is enjoying a resurrgence. Again no stadium, owner.

These cities might be able to make it in a 20,000 fan CFL era, and could hope to attract 25,000...but wasn't the average CFL attendace last year nearly 30,000 fans?

I don't really see how Halifax, London, Quebec, or maybe even Ottawa could be competative in today's CFL.