Expansion QB- It will be a DREW that Ottawa gets-

Ottawa could select 3 backups
! They could take Willy, Collarus and Glen, I don't think the rules state they only have to pick one.

They can only pick 2.

I agree there will be a number of side deals.

It seems most every team in the league has 2 QB's they really do not want to lose, CLG (Tate, Mitchell), SSK (Durant, Willy) Tor (Ray, Collaros) to name a few. Marcel Desjardins should leverage this, basically tell every team that it would be hands off if they offered some acceptable compensation. As the offers come in and Ottawa accepts the pressure would be on those teams not offering anything as they would realise should Ottawa actually decide to take an expansion QB (I do not believe they actually have to even draft any QB's) their teams would be the only targets.

For example I could see Toronto offering Trevor Harris, maybe a minor player (say Andrew Jones) and a mid round draft pick if they realised Ottawa was taking either Ray or Collaros. It would be a good way for Ottawa to add some decent talent to help build the roster, yet wouldn't be a huge loss for the Argos. Should Ottawa be able to acquire a couple of promising young 3rd string QB's, a few veteran non-import OL's, and a few other parts before the draft it would make sense. Being able to acquire veteran non-imports OL's like Steve Myddleton or Marc Parenteau without using expansion draft picks would go a long way.

Regarding unsigned, drafted non-imports (ie Toronto and Tyler Holmes). I assume they are eligible for the draft? Could be another way of acquiring picks by agreeing to lay off those names. I'm sure Jim Barker would be less than thrilled to lose Tyler Holmes rights in any of the non-import draft rounds. He traded a 2nd and 4th pick in 2011 to move up to number 7 to acquire Holmes (who grew up in Ottawa and whose father is Richard Holmes, former Rider RB). On the other hand, maybe just drafting him if he's available makes more sense.

All things considered, this should be an interesting process to follow. Hopefully the league will publish the protected lists as things develop.

Is that the rule two? Then it will be Glen and Willy.

This off season has all of the makings of being one of the more exciting in recent memory.

I do not think Toronto is going to let go of Ricky Ray, barring his knee injury reoccurring in disastrous fashion. Experienced CFL QBs are a rare commodity, and Ray at 34 has plenty of gas left in the tank. There is slightly more risk he'll get hurt then (due to that knee) then with say Burris or Calvillo, but it's not so high a risk that I'd throw him away, unless the team is having cap issues. If the Argos don't protect Ray, there is no question the RedBlacks should pick him up.

My thought is the RedBlacks should try to steal Adrian MacPherson from the arena league. He showed he could play the game as he replaced AC a couple years back and he's tearing up the arena league. Then I would snag Bo Levi, Kevin Glenn or Drew Tate from the Stamps and my third choice would be Collaros from the Argos (as that will leave Toronto with just Ricky Ray who if he takes another knee injury, could ruin the Argos.

If not, Drew Wily or Buck Pierce are other options. As is stealing a QB from Hamilton but I don't think that is likely. Burris's contract is done this season, so with that he would enter the neg list, which makes him risky to draft (if he's even eligible under those circumstances, I would still protect him regardless) and Dan LeFevour is good (especially as a running QB), but is really green and Brohm and Masoli aren't too shabby, so that pick doesn't leave the RedBlacks with the option to potentially ruin one of their common opponents, as with picking Collaros.

The Als don't have a solid QB behind AC with MacPherson gone and AC is finally starting to sputter as the tank is nearing empty so he is out, BC is clearly going to protect Lulay and Joey Elliot isn't as good a pick as the others mentioned. Edmonton has Crompton, but I haven't seen anything special from him and Kerry Joseph is a good backup and vet/mentor but not much more as he's nearing the end.

So if Burris's contract is up at the end of the season, then Ottawa could sign him as a free agent? Ottawa would still be able to take 2 more QBs in the expansion draft? If that's the case then they could sign Burris and take Willy or another unprotected back up. I suppose they would have to consider the salary cap.

The problem I see next year is the non-import ratio, the talent hasn't been there the last couple of years, especially at the "O" line position which has traditionally been a Canadian position. Next year with one more team in the league it means trying to fill another roster with 24 non import starters.

As I am to understand it, when his contract is up, he goes onto the Ti-Cats neg list and is a form of restricted free agent, meaning the other teams can't make offers/negotiate with him until the Ti-Cats have had a chance to negotiate with him and attempt to renew his contract. If that falls through, then I believe he would be a free agent yes. However, I fully admit I do not know enough about the FA process to say that is the way it is without question.

The question though is, if he's on the neg list is he draftable? and if so, he's technically not signed so Ottawa still needs to make a deal with them to sign, which if that falls through means a completely wasted QB draft pick. I can't speak for Burris, but he's getting older and might not want to rellocate again. It's a murky pick though, and given Hank's age, is it a choice you want to make?

As far as the non-import ratio, yes that will be a problem. There's no question teams are going to protect their non-import stars and linemen. Ottawa realistically should look to poach non-linemen posistions, build their non-import linemen from a couple CFL draft prospects and go down south to fill the line. At least that's my two cents.

I think this has been pointed out by someone else, but I'll suggest it again: I think Ottawa will only select one quarterback. If you've got 17 import starters on a team, why select two out of eight for the same position? I get that it's the most important one, but I think it will be very attractive to free agents to join the team to compete for an open spot at the pivot position. Mitchell and Glenn are potential free agents (both signed in 2012) and Collaros has his contract expiring at the end of the season. I think Ottawa will select someone who is signed through 2014 and then stock up on free agents.

Glenn is a free agent after the season.

I think it will depend on who is available and how the team sees free agency unfolding. Things change real fast in this league. Calvillo will be 41 in August, Burris is 38. If I'm Ottawa my priorities are

NI expansion draft : Offensive Linesmen
I expansion draft: Defensive backs,

The Toronto/Alouettes game last evening demonstrated that Collaros, while having an exceptional game last week, still requires additional reps in game situations and, clouds the picture somewhat for Ottawa re their two QB selections coming up later in the year. For Toronto Rick Ray had an outstanding 1st Q, which was assisted by the Als fumbles, and, he has to be the best QB in Toronto's system. He was immaculate throwing the long ball into a corner, and should remain with the Argos. On the other hand,Collaros's performance, while promising, was an expected let down from his showing last week. Undoubtedly, the Argos will give him additional playing time for the rest of the season as, they want assurance that Ray will be healthy for the post season playoffs and, the Grey Cup. Collaros remains a good candidate for Ottawa as he oozes potential. Mixed with an experienced QB like Kevin Glenn, this duo would be the best bet for the long/short future of the RedBlacks.

Lets not forget McPherson. But drew tate is my bet.

Casey Printers is a free agent.... :cowboy:

Damon Allen still has some unfinished business…

So does Rick Cassata. :wink:

collaros looks more and more like a one hit wonder.
while he was lucky his own receivers came up with the ball in double coverage against the lions, against the stamps, he wasn't so lucky.

Maybe Matt Dunigan will pull a Gordie Howe?

I heard Russ Jackson was offered the starters role for the RedBlacks although declined as he wants to try his luck in the NFL first.

The Jets could sure use him.

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