Expansion QB- It will be a DREW that Ottawa gets-

Tough luck for Ottawa fans here--- If BO LEVI and COLLAROS didnt see action this season there was a possibility that they may be left UNPROTECTED-
I can guarantee you guys that BO LEVI and COLLAROS will be PROTECTED--- RICKY RAY will be available for OTtawa but not sure they would like his 400 k salary though--

COLLAROS is 25 years old- he is the future- he is ready to start next season- BO LEVI is also better than TATE and GLENN--

So what is going to happen is that the only 2 QBS that I feel will be left UNPROTECTED are DREW TATE and DREW WILLY--

Darian DURANT will be protected for SASK leaving DREW WILLY unprotected- DREW TATE will also be left unprotected but I am not sold on him- He is another BUCK PIERCE--- TATE is skinny and doesent have the MUSCLE and bulk to take hits-

Most laughable thing ever was BUCK PIERCE is 6 feet and came in this season at 185 pounds- What a complete joke--

So I believe that DREW WILLY will be the OTTAWA QB next season----

Hey....one game a season does not make.

Tate and Ray have a wealth of experience over Mitchell and Collaros. You can't base their performance on how well they played in just 4 quarters.

you are not in a position to make this guarantee. it is your opinion only.
collaros threw into double coverage on multiple occasions last night and was lucky that his receivers came down with the ball and not lions. it could have been a completely different outcome if not for the play of the argo receivers, and collaros wouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as the RedBlacks.

you can't expect him to get away with those poor decisions over an 18 game season.

i doubt ottawa will pick their starter based on 1 game.
dinwidde looked amazing in his first CFL reg.season start ( better than mitchell or collaros ). where is he now?

Very good point drummer. Here's another example: Quinton Porter. His first game was terrific as well; he shredded the Montreal defence first time out.

Since then, not so much, and where is he now ?

I disagree, Collaros and BO Levi did not come out of nowhere- They have tremendous college careers, where they set records in high school and did well in DIVISION 1 NCAA schools- CINCY is no joke, they play good teams in that division--

The thing about PORTER and DINWIDDIE and ELLIOT is that none of them are MOBILE--- They are not suited for the CFL- So that comparison is irrelevant-

We are talking about COLLAROS and MITCHELL, all that matters is these guys and how good they are playing- Both of these guys have been impressing since they arrived in town- Both have been watching film and studying hard and playing very well in practice- Collaros in practice missed 1 throw in a 2 hour throwing session-
Its more than about 1 game-- These guys are WOWING their coaches bigtime since they arrived and both are PLAYMAKERS--

Considering guys like BURRIS cant even remember the playbook or get the snap off without taking a time count delay-

The bottom line is just watch who CALGARY and TORONTO protects- I guarantee you that Ottawa is not getting COLLAROS or MITCHELL-- The reason Collaros is playing before TREVOR HARRIS is because Argos want to CONFIRM that he is good so they can protect him-- Now they know and calgary also knows and they will protect BO LEVI-

The CFL is a QB league- There is a new wave of good young qbs and the old guys are finished and wont be protected- The Calvillos and Burris's and RAy's time is up and teams will not protect them anymore.

If Durant does not win the Grey Cup this season or DREW WILLY gets more starts and impresses its also possible that SASK protects WILLY--

The reason is because these young guys are hard to find good ones- In the CFL now, there is a crop of good young college qbs who all were borderline NFL QBS but more suited to the CFL game because of their mobility---

WILLY, COLLAROS, MITCHELL, LEFEAVOUR, are the 4 good ones--- A guy like WILLY who was in NFL camps and is lauded for his intelligence and attitude and ability could be retained by SASK--

ITs about youth and its about not giving away a FRANCHISE QB away to an expansion team-

i think you are showing your lack of knowledge here.
the argos have had former HIESMAN TROPHY WINNERS at QB who never made it as starters.
according to your logic, Eric Crouch shoulda been the argos' starter based on his college resume.

setting records in HIGHSCHOOL doesn't equal success at the pro-level.
being a back-up ( collaros ) or starter for a div.1 US college team doesn't mean you will have success at the pro level for CANADIAN football.

your logic is flawed.

Not sure why every failure QB is being brought up in this discussion- Eric CROUCH came from an option running offense-perhaps the fact that Crouch could not throw a forward pass was the reason he failed in the CFL--

Your comparisons are useless and show your lack of objective football analysis--

We are talking about Collaros and Mitchell and their accomplishments- If you feel they are 1 game wonders perhaps elaborate on some reasons on why you think they may be a 1 game wonder--

What is it that you have seen that makes you feel that Collaros and MItchell will not succeed other than bringing in other QBs that have failed--

Im failing to see your logic here- Oh yea there is no logic- just useless comparisons that are completely irrelevant to the discussion.

The proof will be when Toronto and Calgary protect Collaros and Mitchell--

1 more guarantee---

1 of Mitchell and Collaros will be the starter this season for their team-- Thats how much potential and how much the coaches love these youngsters--

Remember Casey Printers-- Well these guys are having a PRINTERS season-

The facts are that some of the QBS playing in the CFL have no business throwing a pass as a PRO QB-- BUCK PIERCE and BURRIS and CALVILLO are washed up-- Calvillo is good but at 40 years old? He is done- Burris was let go for unproven TATE< Calgary knew what he was all about--

The reason I am telling you that MITCHELL and COLLAROS are the real deal is because the CFL has no good QBS and these youngsters are better than the older qbs--

So, Dinwiddie wasn’t mobile enough, but crouch was too mobile.
I see. :roll:
The CFL doesn’t have good QBs?
You’re clearly lacking the capacity to continue this discussion.
Peace out.

Mitchell and Collaros are playmakers- end of story---

The failure QBS who have failed are not playmakers--

How many big plays is ELLIOT, BRINK, DINWIDDIE, capable of? NONE they are not playmakers--

When you see a football QB who is a playmaker you know you have a great QB--

henry Burris is not a playmaker, he is a playbreaker- he doesent understand the playbook or the defense or the clock or anything-
Calvillo is not a playmaker, he is not strong, cant take hits---
Travis Lulay is not a playmaker either- All he can do is run and escape pressure and manage a game- He is still throwing amateur INTS--

The facts are simple- Collaros and MItchell are right now and will be better than the current group of starters in the CFL--

In a league where they give BUCK PIERCE who decided to come into this season with a ripped beach body and abs and 185 lbs at 6 feet ???? How can these guys not be better than possibly the worst starting CFL qb in BUCK PIERCE? Steven JYLES was in our league last year, he prob couldnt even win a touch football league title.

Im an Ottawa fan, a former Rider fan- but I am telling you dont get your hopes too high because I know the league and what the GMS are thinking-
I can evaluate QBS and I am telling you who will be protected--

Im 100% correct here in that Collaros and MItchell will be protected--

IN expansion drafts teams will leave older VETERAN QBS unprotected like Ricky RAY because their salary is too high for new teams--
Teams protect the future QBS- especially if your current starter is around 35 years old--

Why would TORONTO keep RAY next season and leave Collaros unprotected-- Ottawa gets Collaros and RAY plays 1 or 2 more seasons and will be DECLINING as he hits over 35 years old-- Obvioulsy they are going to keep the 25 year old Collaros-

Kevin Glenn is old, CALGARY will not protect him- IT comes down to TATE and MITCHELL- I think everyone and I can assure you CALGARY coaching knows that TATE is injury prone and not that great anyway- Mitchell is the GUY in CGY, he is a player-
MITCHELL may even go to the NFL- its possible- out of all the CFL young QBS it will be MITCHELL who has the best shot for the NFL--

ANother guy who Ottawa could get is HENRY BURRIS- If Dan Lefevour is the guy in HAMILTON they are not going to protect a 38 year old BURRIS next year- they will protect LEFEAVOUR and leave Burris unprotected--

expansion teams get older QBS , they arent taking YOUNG Franchise QBS--

Why do you think BC traded MIKE REILLY, because they knew Ottawa would take him 10000% sure-- SO they traded him this season to Edmonton-

Maybe we should have a poll question; who has the bigger ego, Area 51 or Gridiron Guru?

Probably end up as a tie. . .

While both have enormous egos, guru seems like he misplaced his meds today.

They are very promising but you can’t make any statements of fact other than your opinion. IMO your completely out in the corn field if you think Milanovich is going to go along with exposing Ricky Ray in the expansion draft. Even if Ottawa was not interested because of timing, they could turn around and trade Ray to Winnipeg or Montreal for a pair of first rounders and a player. There is also the possibility that they could be traded late in the season.

Regarding Mike Reilly again completely out to lunch. He was a free agent as of Feb 1st and had told the Lions he wasn’t going to extend. So yes they traded the rights to negotiate with him but that had nothing to do with Ottawa.

I predict there will be all kinds of side deals with Ottawa to protect some of these young QB's from being exposed to the draft.

Why would Ottawa do that ? The only thing I see is teams trying to acquire backups they like before the draft.

[url=https://soundcloud.com/680cjob/ottawa-redblacks-gm-marcel]https://soundcloud.com/680cjob/ottawa-r ... -gm-marcel[/url]

If they do not acquire the QB's that they want, then it would make sense for them to negotiate.
Also, they may sign some FA, such as Henry Burris.
Isn't Kevin Glenn also a FA at the end of the season.

All I know is that Toronto will need to see more of Collaros before seasons end to really see what they have.

If they have a guy that can perform like he did against BC, or even close to it, the Argo decision is a tough one.

Personally I'd use Rays injury to keep him down for two more games and go from there.

IF Collaros performs well, is as exciting as he seems I'd definitely protect him. He could be a galvanizing player in TO. Ray, and his style, does not create excitement. Not saying he's not good. Just that they better find out about Collaros. He will not last in the draft.

I don't accept that Ottawa will balk at the going rate for an elite QB.

But above all they need to assemble a top flight O-line. That is easily as important as getting a great QB.