Expansion of Molson Stadium

So what's the latest on Phase II of upgrading Molson Stadium?

All I found on the Alouettes website was this: http://en.montrealalouettes.com/uploads ... roject.pdf
.. but it's all in French and I don't understand it.

Is it just basically 5,000 seats to be added before the 2009 season?

I havent heard anything in a long time so I reallty dont know what is happening, but the plan was 5000 more seats

The report talks about trees that will be cut down and replaced, sight lines, traffic congestion light pollution....that kind of thing

Is the 5,000 seat expansion still going forward for the 2009 season? Anybody hear anything lately?

From what I have heard on other sites is that this year's work is only about 3,000 seats. With the additional 2,000 to be added next year. All that said from what I understand no work as started to this point.

I don't think it will happen. There were issues with cost overuns of a couple millions plus interests, that ended up on the desk of the President of the University. Als aren't interested on picking up the tab but have tried to get the University to pay for it and compensate McGill over time in their lease. Nothing has been resolved at least publicly and the addition the Als are seeking do nothing for the school but reduce parkins space. the 2000 extra seats and luxury boxes don't do anything for McGill.

That's unfortunate, I thought this was going to happen a while ago.

Earl. Montreal paper reporting an imminent announcement and work should be completed by 2010...Looks like they've resolved all issues. (They are saying announcement in the next 10 days).

Nice, thanks HF!

Geez, don't talk about trees being cut down.....you'll have every tree hugging nutbar from BC invading your Province to protest! :wink: :wink:

You would think anything that makes room to grow more canabis would be a thrill for them.

There was a hearing on the subject of trees being removed. The Als promised to replace every unhealthy tree that was cut down with 4 or 5 new ones. I think the tree huggers were too busy making cloths out of dead leaves, seems no-one showed up

Cutting down trees without replanting them is a legitimate concern, guys, don't act juvenile. I moved from Montreal to Toronto last summer, and believe me, I am not a big fan of the periodic smog, the poor air quality, and (near my apartment) the complete lack of trees.

I understand we're all frustrated that the expansion seems to have stalled, and I do not support those using the Als as an opportunity for political grand-standing, but the environment is ultimately more important than football.

The tree huggers did a good job,,,,Als went from not planting anything to planting shrubs to more trees then they uprooted...

Mr.Larry Smith told that to La Presse last Tuesday and again, this morning, in Journal de Mtl-Arts et Culture- the official confirmation will be in March 2009; 5,000 seats/places will be added at a cost of $29. millions; $6 millions from private sector,including the Als and the rest from 3 levels of Governments. City of MTL.$4 millions and the remainder between Fed. and Prov.

Work/designs have already started- first confirmed by Mr.Smith, to RDS, during Grey Cup week- (Emission L'antichambre) and should be completed for the 2010 season; in 2010 the Als may have to play their first 3 to 4 games away because of renovations.


Fantastic, the stadium is in an absolutely gorgeous and great location, when we were at the GC last November we hiked on the mountain and looked below at the stadium on the McGill campus - sweet!! Have to get to a game there agains't my TiCats soon. :thup:

I dont think the tree huggers had anything to do with it....The Als planned to replace the trees right from the start!
long before they(the tree huggers) got involved.

The biggest complaints were from residents who were concerned about extra traffic, noise etc.

Great to hear but this is a snails pace renovation.
Having said that, did anyone at the outset ever do a study to determine the other option being the current demolition of McGill and building new.
No doubt the cost is greater, but at the end of the day you have a new stadium versus an old reno?

my understanding is, that McGill is basiclly new as is.
everything about the stadium was renovated during phase 1. now its just a matter of expansion.

i don't see why the Als need a new stadium.
mcGill / molsons is in a very popular location amongst football fans. the stadium was renovated not too long ago. its not a threat to collapse at any moment like IWS in hamilton.

not every stadium needs to be brand spanking new. i think molson stadium, once expansion is completed, will be one very very nice stadium.

rather than government funds goin to a NEW stadium for montreal, how bout those government funds goin to a new stadium in....i dunno....Quebec city? ( in my dreams )

dg, let's rule out Quebec City, the separtists and obstinate types there agains't anything to do with history and English will say a football stadium is an English conspiracy agains't the French and should be stopped. Translation - they'd be afraid and chicken shiite to get their rumps pummelled by a team with any name that sounds Anglo. 8)


That's ridiculous!