Expansion!!! :)(merged)

There hasn't been an expansion thread in a while, and the search feature isn't working so well (for me, anyways)

Introducing the next two CFL franchises:

Name: Ottawa Riflemen

Origin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Camero ... _of_Ottawa

Colours: Black, White, Red

Name: New Brunswick Ironclads

Origin: Ironclad warship - Wikipedia

Colours: Gray, Blue, Brass

I demand the return of the London Pikemen!

If you build it they will come. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah expansion threads, they can't be taken seriously but do prove there are more than 1 or 2 pockets of CFL fans who want a team of their own.

I can only imagine how many of these expansion threads will pop up if Ottawa ever gets going and well situated and expansion will be discussed over another city....

The great debate of London vs Quebec City vs Halifax vs Moncton vs Insert City Here will be on

For the record I think QC and/or Halifax but we all know it comes down to a stadium.

dmont i am suprised u took away the london pikemen. i liked that one more so then the ironcads. nice ideas though and good logos. i figured you would put more teams in the league then take one away.

im lovin that New Brunswick look ! :rockin:

Yeah, why are you abandoning London... :o

Wow, a huge response for the Pikemen, eh? That's surprising.

I took the logo down because I haven't heard any CFL talk out of London in quite a while. Ottawa seems to have the corporate will, and Moncton has the political will. Both are miles ahead in terms of stadiums as well.

I still think it would work, and hope to see it someday. But for now, here they are, the London Pikemen!!!

Marty York reports that Loonie Glieberman has money burning a hole in his pocket and is looking to spend some North of the Border… :roll: :roll: :roll:

If a CFL franchise uses the same reasoning as the Washington Bullets did for changing their name, then we won't be seeing Riflemen anytime soon.

No worries, dmont. I'm from London, and if we ever somehow managed to get a team, I'd definitely buy season tickets.

Another day, another expansion thread on CFL.ca...

Those who say negative things about expansion I have two words for you... WWAAA WAAAA :cry:

I can see the trolls are coming out from underneath the bridge!!!

Hey, it was good graphics work at the very least, CFL talk or no CFL talk, and it deserved to stay visible. :thup:

I disagree with you there, as long as it's marketted the right way.

The name "Riflemen" is more an homage to Canada's military history than any glorification of weapons or killing. The Ottawa Riflemen would no more promote violence than does Rememberence Day. Even though it could be said that our military has been neglected over the years, I think Canadians still have a soft spot for their military history, and this would be enough to overcome any misinformed objections.

According to Wikipedia, the Bullets' name change was the decision of the owner, not the result of public outcry:

In 1995, owner Abe Pollin announced that the franchise was to be renamed because Bullets carried violent overtones, which he wanted to repudiate,[1] especially since Washington was experiencing some of the highest homicide rates in the country at the time.


Besides, Ottawa doesn't have quite the level of gun violence as does Washington DC.

Borrowing from military tradition gives the team the chance at having traditions right out of the gate, something expansion teams typically lack. I'm thinking blown up vintage photos of WWI/WWII era Canadian soldiers around the stadium, the football teams that formed in the military during wartime, and of course, the old Ottawa Rough Riders. I've read on the internet that the Cameron Highlanders (as the old Ottawa and Carleton Rifles are knows today) have an impressive military band, complete with highland regalia and bagpipes. Imagine the atmosphere in a 30k seat stadium when pipers welcome the team out onto the field or celebrate a touchdown.

Finally, given the highland tradition of the Camerons, I think the team should sell kilts in the team colours. Just something I think the fans at the games would enjoy and contribute to a rowdy atmosphere... oh, and don't forget to put kilts on the cheerleaders as well :slight_smile:

Ok so the CFL wont come to London anytime soon, but dmont there is no team in the league that has Purple as one of its team colors... that would be one color I'd like to see in an expansion team

The Vikings south of the border use it, and I think it looks OK.

Short kilts. Very short kilts.....

I'd love to see more teams in the cfl. As long as Saskatoon doesn't get one.

More teams will undoubtedly happen some day...in the mean time it might be better to consider the requirements or 'wish-list' of things to happen in the league to both strengthen the game at current locations thus paving the way for further expansion

new stadium for Hamilton?
new stadium for Toronto?
grassroots promotion of league in Atlantic Canada
better partnership between the CFL/CIS