EXPANSION!!! Just kidding!

Seriously! Before everybody jumps on me I'd love to see a ten team league!5 in the west and 5 in the east. Possibly in 2015!

Okay all kidding aside,my real question was quarterbacking and how you see it unfolding for 2008?

I see Pierce being pushed in B.C. by Jackson.
I think Burris is safe in Calgary
Joseph and Glenn are safe in Sask and Winnipeg
Ray is #1 in Edmonton
Calvillo could be pushed in Montreal
Printers is Hamilton unless they trade him!!!
Toronto is Bishop country,but don't bet on it!!

There are some up and coming back ups who could upset one or two established starters in this league for 2008!

It could prove to be very interesting in some CFL cities! What do you people think about the possibilities?

I want to know where Michael Vick will be playing in about a year. The NFL will most likely suspend him for a while after his release from prison, assuming an early release, that leaves him free to sign in the CFL for a bit.
Think there would be any takers? The Lions or Tigercats would be funny....simply due to the team names. Although...him winding up in Cleveland would day would be rather comical as well.

Cell block D. He had a 23 month sentence and I believe that by law he has to serve at least 85% of it. the earliest he can get out is October 2009.

Vick coming to CFL? No.

And expansion talk? What is wrong with expansion talk? This league has to expand eventually, because frankly the same old teams over and over and over is getting stale.

Expansion would give the league a bigger footprint nationally. Meaning increased interest. Meaning bigger TV ratings. Meaning increased interest from advertisers. Meaning increased revenues. Meaning a more stable league.

But why nobody anywhere in this country can build themselves a decent sized stadium will always be the million dollar question.

Not to say that it isn't a good question berezin about why stadiums aren't being built, it is. But I think the main reason is that there isn't enough return on the investment in Canada for new football stadiums. Even in the US and the NFL, some places like San Diego and Minnesota for example are having a hard time getting a new stadium built. Even if I had a billion or so dollars, unless the thing can make some money, I would rather give a gift to a local hospital rather than to a place that is reserved for pro athletes. Governments have to get on board and tax money in a public/private partnership, usually, for things to happen.

But good to the Saputo family in Montreal who is building a nice 13,000 for the Impact. Good job Saputo!!

[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/story.html?id=5a2e63e3-0d40-4655-8676-43b21a94fb10]www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/sto ... b21a94fb10[/url]

A CFL team wouldn’t need billion dollar stadium. I don’t know what a 30,000 seat stadium would cost, but you;d figure a city like Quebec or Halifax or London would be able to at least upgrade the bandboxes they currently have for around 30 million. And while it may not make huge money, it brings you a CFL team and therefore brings national attention to your city. Which must be worth something.

If it doesn't make anyone money and it's used mainly for pro sports, most people won't care much about the national attention that will go to the city rather than an owner which won't get the attention much from owning a losing-money stadium. That's the type of attention he doesn't need, he looks stupid. He needs to make money off of it and then give some of that money to charities if he wants. I agree that national attention to a city with CFL games now on TV, all of them, is worth some merit but it doesn't have a tangible dollar figure with it which city councils would need, a business plan still needs to be in place. Which is why hockey/basketball arenas make more sense than a football stadium. Look at JLC in London, all sorts of concerts in the winter there. A football stadium might get a bubble over it and rented out to local community sports groups, which is good if it can be profitable. There has to be profit, otherwise a city should use the tax money to just build the type of sports field/arena they need for basic purposes rather than one with thousands of seats at huge costs that lose money.

I love how the guy was kidding about expansion....and yet everyone still talks about it.
Cities and teams need to figure out a way to make these venues more active. Otherwise, it simply isn't worth it. They're big, they are seldom used and they don't bring in the dough.
Typically it takes an international event being awarded to the region to justify the sort of government spending that is required for a new stadium.
Back on topic.....Vick could get about 4 months off his sentence for good behaviour...that would have him out in around 19 months minus time served before his sentencing.
Just about a year and a half....that would see him free and clear in June of '09....just in time for the start of the CFL campaign.
Figuring that with his drug use coming to light as well as this jail term the NFL might continue their crackdown on this sort of thing and suspend Vick for a year after his release....he'd be all set to debut in the CFL.

J-93, doesn't the CFL now honour all NFL suspensions regardless after the Ricky Williams situation? That's what I thought anyways. Maybe it's not an offical honouring though, I don't know.

Beats me.....if they do they are stupid.

When one of those clowns gets a lifetime ban...they'd be quick to reconsider honouring any NFL suspensions, especially when in about 5 years we'll see the NFL banishing players from the league for spiking the ball or having a champagne of wine at a New Year's party.

Right on all counts here...

a basic, decent sized stadium (BMO Field style), 30 - 35k, will cost about $90 - $120 million... spruce it up a little and you are around $200 million.

That's why no one can build it... Because of the CFL financial picture, investors or public money has to be found. So far neither seems to be forthcoming.

K, seriously, why the hell are we even discussing Vick? The CFL has no place for him.

Moving right along...

I agree with most of what you said. I'm not so sure Hamilton would be able to trade Printers. If they did, wouldn't the other team have to pick up his contract? Lotta money there. I think he'll stay in Hamilton. Besides, that team needs some sort of continuity. There are people talking about giving Taaffe the boot already... :expressionless:

I think we could possibly see AC step out with Brady taking his place. Plus, the Als will have Maas to back him up, provided they don't trade him to Edmonton. But I don't see why Edmonton would want him back. LeFors looked all right.

People say Bishop is a terrible QB, and maybe he is... but who else do the Argos have? They've got Butler and Damon "Over the Hill" Allen. Choices are slim...

Maybe with a criminal record he wont be allowed in the country.

Oh wait,

He could come to Vancouver, paddle around English Bay screaming "Refugee, Refugee," and tell any one in Government that he will be executed in his country. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Yup, that will work! He'll be in the CFL by 2010! :roll: :roll:

Of course, if he told immigration that he was a Drug Dealer or Street racer, we'd roll out the red carpet and welcome him with open arms. :roll: :roll: :roll:

So...the CFL has a place for dope smokers.....but no room for dope smoking dog fighters? Didn't I hear a guy convicted of sexual assault was playing a couple years ago?

The odds are, Michael Vick will play again in the NFL.
Far more likely than him coming to the CFL.
But if a team in the CFL--say the Riders--could sign him to a deal, I'd be thrilled at the opportunity to see him play.

Now, on topic, the team with the greatest need at QB appears to be Toronto.
Bishop remains an unproven quantity and at 30+ that shouldn't still be an issue. Hopefully Rocky Butler can still get better. Looks like Allan may be back, but that seems a questionable decision.
In Montreal, AC may still have a couple of years left in him, but the edges of his game are beginning to fray.
Brady is a never was, and Maas is a has been, so they need back-up help and soon.
Hamilton? Well Printers might be brilliant.
Or he might be a bust.
That remains to be seen.
But if he isn't the answer, I believe Richie Williams showed plenty of promise last year.
Winnipeg has the best QB in the East, and if he can avoid freak injuries, his best years remain in front of him.
Dinwiddie wasn't exactly heroic in the Grey Cup, but given the situation, he played well and if he takes that experience and learns from it, he will only get better.

In the West, Calgary will stick with Burris.
Despite his inconsistancy, he remains arguably the most physically gifted QB in the league.
At his age, he still has a few of his best years left to try and get the job done. At back-up, they are lacking, though perhaps Sankey can fill the gap while they develop number 3 and 4.

Edmonton simply has the best QB in the league--assuming a full recovery is made from the injury. The good news about RR getting hurt last year was both Lefors and Jyles got playing time, and both showed some potential.
QB is not the problem in Edmonton.

BC by letting Dickenson go likely has the biggest question mark in the West. Can JJ prove he is a bonafide starter?
Can Buck prove he is not made of glass?
BC has gone from being the envy of the league for their depth at QB, to potentially a big problem next year.

The Riders will obviously ride the diverse talents of Kerry Joseph again in 2008. Though he is aging, people forget he has less game experience than most other QBs in the league that are younger than him, and he showed he is still getting better.
The reace for him is between old age and experience.
Plus he must remain healthy to be successful. If KJ loses a step, it definately takes his game down a notch. For the Riders, the big question mark is dothey keep Crandell for another season, or is now the time to cut him loose and promote Durant and Tate, and bring in another youngster to learn the system.

The biggest wildcard is Dave Dickenson.
If healthy, he is still one of the best in the league.
But is he healthy?
And who will be willing to take that gamble?
Toronto seems the most likely landing spot, and maybe Montreal.
It would be ironic if he ended up in Hamilton.
Winnipeg might be interested.
Or Calgary.
I doubt BC will look backwards, and I don't see him as either a Rider or an Esk.

But stranger things have happened.

Pretty good post Arius, well thought out and expressed. I just disagree with you one item, and that's Marcus Brady. I thought he looked darn good for Montreal, especially in the eastern semifinal....with a better offensive line and an upgrade in the receiving corps, I think he can develop into a fine starter.

Otherwise, I think your analysis is pretty accurate.

You are right.
He may just be a late bloomer.
His track record though is he plays great one game, then like a dog the next.
He has potential but will be 29 years old so the clock is ticking....

Excellent posts Arius! I agree! I think the jury is still out concerning Printers but I really like Williams! I think Hamilton has a hidden gem sitting there. Printers can do wonderful things but will he get the support he needs.Lefors in Edmonton looks very good! Dinwiddie in the Peg has shown some major progress. For some reason I still think Butler has the tools to be a very capable back up in this league. I've always liked him. Crandell could very well be trade bait in Sask. which could really help the Riders in other areas. Your right about Dickenson,he's one of the best available and I believe he'll land in either Toronto,Montreal or Winnipeg in that order. Brady is helter skelter and would be an excellent back up on any team but is he good enough to unseat a starter some where? Remains to be seen I guess. Toronto have issues and Damon can still be a decent back up but for a starter in TO its hard to say. Bishop will probably start unless DD arrives! Calgary may also be in the market for a decent backup so you never know who'll end up in Cowtown. Montreal will start Calvillo but what will happen with Maas? An excellent back up in my opinion but I don't think he'll be staying in Montreal. He could end up in Edmonton,Calgary or Winnipeg!
Interesting times ahead!!!