Expansion?? in Canada

I really wish this league would expand , I get the issue of stadiums is huge ,but out east could easly see 2 or 3 more teams ? 1 in ONT,1 in Que, and halifax.? yes I am sure this has come up a hundred times ,lol. :wink: :smiley:

As long as they never, never, never again expand to the USA or even think about it.

Just curious though: what other city in Ontario do you think could support a professional football team?

Ontario should probably worry about supporting the teams that they have before prattling on about needing another.

Ya....I think you might be close to the mark on that one bud, although I believe Ottawa is safe for the foreseeable future. Having been born and raised there, I can tell you that Ottawa is, and always was, a strong football city. When I was growing up there in the 60s and 70s, CFL was bigger than hockey; much bigger. Past mismanagement and bad owners killed the Rough Riders and later the Renegades. But this new group did their homework, created a brand that people got behind and did a bang up job of rejuvenating Landsdowne Park. I for one, will never give up on these guys. Ottawans (including ex-pats like me) are loyal fans. They will put up with a losing team but not with incompetent and indifferent managers.

As for Toronto, this, in my opinion is the wild card. Anyone out there please correct me if I am wrong, but I get the impression that too many Torontonians would rather see an NFL team represent them.

Hamilton: they are on fire. Let's hope they can keep the coal poured to 'er. I have offered one of my Tabby's fan buddies Harris for Masoli but have not gotten any response.

Never any question about the western teams. As I said in an earlier post, they have kept the CFL alive and I will be forever grateful them (even if I don't always cheer for them!)

My two bits' worth from the cheap seats.

London. There's certainly sufficient population in London and surroundings.

Although truthfully I'd rather see the semi-pro ORFU reconstituted with these teams:

London Lords
Sarnia Imperials/Golden Bears
Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen
Windsor Rockets
Brantford Redskins/Indians
St. Catharines

Then the champions of the ORFU could embarass the CFL by challenging for the Grey Cup.

Yeah. Toronto is full of [edit]. Don't get me wrong. I like the city. There's plenty of things I like about it. It's just most of the people (NFL fans & Blue Jay fans) living here I can't stand. My considered opinion is that they and their stuck-up "world class city" mantra should be deported, preferably to the middle of Lake Ontario where they could swim, or sink.


You forgot the Ottawa Trojans. They could be the Redblacks' farm team. :wink:

I did not forget the Ottawa Trojans. Nor the Toronto Balmy Beachers, Toronto Indians, Oakville Black Knights or Bramalea Satellites. I was merely intent on keeping the league in Southwestern Ontario since the CFL has for the last sixty years been too snooty to consider Southwestern Ontario a fertile area for expansion.

If however the Federal Competition Tribunal insists/decrees that excluding the Ottawa Trojans from the ORFU would be unfair and unkind, I was thinking more along the lines of the RedBlacks being the Trojans' farm club. The Trojans at least would have a proper football team name.


400,000 in Kelowna area and have money!!

Kelowna Fire.


I can see one more team for the time being but adding too many teams early puts a strain on the league and there are only so many good Canadians available to man these teams. By adding teams it waters down the talent. It should be balanced 10 teams to start later 12 but no more than that I would say.

And how many of them would be football fans? They have trouble getting a Kelowna Rockets sell out.

Won't happen in our lifetime

C'mon now Balticfox, be nice.

I hated the name Redblacks when it was proposed. Thought it was a ridiculous name. Like most Ottawans (and ex-pat Ottawans), I wanted the return of the Rough Riders. But that ship sailed; never to return.

When I read about the whys and the wherefores behind the name "Redblacks", I was in full support. It is quite clear to me that you have a damn fine grasp of Canadian Football history and already know the background. I will say that keeping the iconic "R" on the helmet was a good move; a nod to history.

But the Trojans as a "proper" football team name? We already take a good ribbing about the name "Redblacks". Think about the levels it would go to for a team with the same name as a brand of prophylactics. Given Harris' stellar performance this year, no need to open us up to further ridicule.

On expansion, do you really believe that SW Ontario could support another CFL team? I ask this as an honest question. Would there be sufficient support?

Doesn't Aussie football have like six teams, from different suburbs, playing in the same stadium?

If Mississauga wanted a team they could just play out of Hamilton.

Their population is like 125k, and the surrounding area is a stretch for 400k. Kamloops is 90k, Vernon is 40k, Penticton is 35k. that is 290 in the major centers. Seems like a pretty big battle to make that work. Even if you call it drawing on 400k, you are asking 6.3% of that population to come to games. I don't think you can expect more than 3%

Move the Argos there.

I'm opposed to singular team names.


The population of the Okanagan was about 360,000 in 2016, with 190,000 in the central area around Kelowna and 80,000 in the south and north parts. That does not include Kamloops, which is about a 2-hour drive, so probably wouldn't contribute very many bums in seats.

As far as how much % of a population would regularly attend, it's tough to say without market research. The Roughriders are very successful with a much smaller population centre, but of course, not every market is going to support a team the way Regina does.

Wait until the professional agitating class decide that the name must constitute an ethnic slur against people of mixed Indian-African American background. In this day and age of political correctness run amuck, some special interest group is sure to concoct such an accusation. If you don't believe me, ask the Edmonton Eskimos.


Easy fix: Okanagan Fires

But I'm guessing that wouldn't be such a popular name considering the havoc fires continue to cause the people who live there.

Or they could choose a name that represents something positive for the economy there:


Hard Lemons