Expansion: Halifax or bust?

Just looking at the largest cities in Canada and it seems that really only Halifax would be suited for a CFL team. And remember, there has been talk of the Halifax Schooners going back to the early 1980s. There are really no good/realistic candidates after that. The only one maybe could be Windsor (The Windsor Wings!) which could maybe tap into the huge Detroit metropolitan area by running ads on Detroit newspapers/TV/radio. Does Windsor even have a stadium? Of course we want to see Ottawa back next year too. Does London work? May be too close to Hamilton and Toronto.

Here are Canada's largest cities...

1 Toronto, Ontario 2,481,494
2 Montreal, Quebec 1,039,534
3 Calgary, Alberta 878,866
4 Ottawa, Ontario 774,610
5 Edmonton, Alberta 666,104
6 Winnipeg, Manitoba 619,544
7 Mississauga, Ontario 612,925
8 Vancouver, British Columbia 545,671
9 Hamilton, Ontario 490,268
10 Halifax, Nova Scotia 359,111
11 Surrey, British Columbia 347,825
12 Laval, Quebec 343,005
13 London, Ontario 336,539
14 Brampton, Ontario 325,428
15 Markham, Ontario 208,615
16 Windsor, Ontario 208,402

Your missing Regina and Quebec City in there. Halifax has no stadium, no government support, population is bare minimum for a CFL franchise and average income is also possibly too low.

Now five years from now with a stadium and another 100k newfies and Acadians in town and who knows?

I think Halifax, Quebec City, and get Ottawa back and that would be all.

I think some of your numbers are way off.

I know Saskatoon has a population over 200,000, but not sure on the exact number.


I think, realistically, that after ten teams (Ottawa, Halifax), the league should go for a team in QC and one more in the West to even up the league, or just leave it at ten for a while.

another idea is to have the Alouettes and Riders play in both Montreal and QC, and Regina and Saskatoon, and maybe BC can do the same with Victoria.

Yea those numbers are off a little. They're not only off but you also have to take in consideration the metro population. Example Vancouver is well above 1 million as is Quebec city with the metro population. Toronot is well above 5 million and you don't even have Victoria who has about 350,000 (old people). Just touching up a bit because I for some reason remember populations.