Expansion: Halifax, Moncton or Quebec City

I completely agree. Halifax needs a team. Anybody else have an opinion?

With the likelyhood of a decent stradium by 2010 it looks like halifax is a lock... and good on 'em. With a team in town maybe Coleen Jones will learn the names of the other teams for her morning sports reports.

For a name I'll have to quote my good freind Captain Caucasion:

"I think that we should call them the “Highliners� and have a resurgence of the Captain as the team mascot."

The 1st season ticket campaign would then be:

“Ever been to the SEA-F-L Billy?�

how do u figure halifax will have a stadium by 2010?

heres an old article about the exhibition game that was played in HALIFAX earlier this year.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/story/sports/national/2005/06/11/Sports/cfl_halifax050611.html]http://www.cbc.ca/story/sports/national ... 50611.html[/url]

The Canadian Football League will test the waters for possible expansion into the Maritimes when the defending Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts face the Hamilton Tiger Cats Saturday in a special exhibition game in Halifax.

The Argos and Ticats will play at Huskies Stadium, home of the Saint Mary's University Huskies football team, in game that has been dubbed "Touchdown Atlantic".

The stadium seats 4,000, but an extra 7,000 temporary seats have been added for the pre-season game, making the CFL's first-ever contest in the Nova Scotia capital the talk of the entire province.

When the Halifax event was announced last November, CFL commissioner Tom Wright said the game would help the league determine whether there's enough fan interest to warrant the league expanding into the region.

Wright is currently looking at the feasibility of adding a 10th CFL franchise by 2008, mentioning Quebec City or Halifax as possible candidates, but only if a 25,000-seat stadium was in place and the league was convinced the new franchise would work.

"Something worth doing is only worth doing properly," Wright told Halifax's Chronicle Herald. "If it is 2008, terrific. If it is 2009 or 2010, that's fine.

"We will know far in advance of 2008 as to whether or not this is going to happen. If 12-18 months from now there is no prospect for a stadium (and) there is no prospect for ownership, I'm not going to come down here and dangle this carrot and say that it might happen."

The CFL last expanded three years ago when the league returned to Ottawa following a five-year absence.

As for the players, they're excited about Saturday's contest.

"It's neat, especially in the future if a team does come here you'll know that you were part of the ball starting to roll a little bit," said Ticats quarterback Danny McManus.

Argos head coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons also likes the idea of the CFL expanding to the Maritimes

''I have often suggested the CFL is the most significant cultural institution in the country in bringing the major cities in Canada together,'' said Clemons. ''To be in Halifax and to have that opportunity (of CFL expansion), be it Halifax or Moncton, to be truly coast to coast is something I hope I live to see.''

heres another old article from june:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2004/12/17/787291-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

In what may be a precursor of future professional football in the Maritimes, the Argos and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are going on the road to play a game in Atlantic Canada. The two teams are scheduled to play in Halifax on June 11 next year in a pre-season match.

The game is part of the process that will hopefully lead to the Canadian Football League adding a 10th franchise for the 2008 season. Commissioner Tom Wright indicated last month prior to the Grey Cup, which the Argos won, that the CFL had pushed up its timetable for a 10th franchise to the year 2008 from its previous plan of 2010.

It remains to be seen where exactly the 10th franchise will be situated because there is not a stadium in Atlantic Canada that can hold the 25,000-seat minimum the CFL has made as a pre-requisite for a franchise.


There has been talk that Moncton might also be in the loop, although the fact the game will be played in Halifax could be seen as an indicator at this point where the franchise will be situated. Back in 1981, the CFL granted a conditional franchise to Atlantic Canada, which would have been named the Schooners, but the team never made it to the opening kickoff due to stadium issues that couldn't be resolved.

It's still a paramount concern. Husky Stadium in Halifax has a capacity of some 9,000.

James Ryerson, a onetime Regina citizen who is one of the lobbyists for an Atlantic Canada franchise, told the Toronto Sun in 2003 that there are enough well-heeled individuals either living in Halifax or from the area who could help finance a new stadium with naming rights, along with government funding. In the absence of a new stadium, Ryerson said Husky Stadium can be retrofitted as a backup plan.

and another:

[url=http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1118530369684_69?hub=TopStories]http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/s ... TopStories[/url]

CFL fans in Halifax got a taste of the real deal Saturday -- an exhibition game between the Toronto Argonauts and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats that ended in a 16-16 tie.

The "Touchdown Atlantic" game was a historic first for the Maritimes.

And some are hoping it will be the first step to bringing an actual franchise there, making the CFL a truly coast-to-coast league.

"The fact is that 40 per cent of our nation's provinces are in Atlantic Canada," Mike 'Pinball' Clemons, the hugely popular Argonauts coach, told ATV News.

"In order to be a truly Canadian football league, we need to be coast to coat."

Craig Yeast, a Tiger-Cats player visiting children at a local hospital, noted the symmetry of it: It would even the teams out: Five teams in the west, five teams in the east.

"If they want a team here and the fan support is great, a team needs to be here."

Demand for the game was high. All 11,000 seats were sold out in advance.

However, the stadium's usual capacity is about 3,500 fans. To be economically viable, a CFL team requires a stadium that will hold 20,000 to 25,000 people.

The absence of such a stadium, which would cost an estimated $75 million, is what killed the prospect for a Halifax-based CFL team in 1984.

While Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm was to be on hand to flip the coin, he wasn't bringing a chequebook with him.

""Right now I think this is a test case. We'll see how it goes," he said.

"You know, it takes a considerable fan base to legitimately support a CFL team. Whether or not that fan base is in Nova Scotia, is yet to be determined."

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are based in Regina, a city with an area population of about 193,000. The Halifax area has a population of about 359,000.

However, fanatical 'Riders fans have been known to drive for four hours or more to attend a game.

Despite that level of support, the team has financially struggled at times.

The Ottawa Renegades existed for decades as the storied Ottawa Rough Riders. But the franchise shut down in 1996 and then was reborn as the Renegades in October 2001.

While the CFL had a relatively successful year last year, the Renegades had problems both on and off the field.

This spring, the controversial Glieberman family returned to take an majority ownership in the Renegades. They had been involved with the team previously from 1991 to 1993.

Needless to say, the Renegades had an existing stadium. Ottawa's regional population is just over one million.

CFL Commissioner Tom Wright has touted the league's increased TV ratings and corporate sponsorship as bright spots, but his own status with the league is murky.

Wright is currently without a contract for beyond this season. But there's no question he'd like to see a 10th team added before the end of the decade.

"(The) game isn't the be all and end all, but it's an important litmus test to see how it will be received," he said Friday.

"If and when it's right for a community is when it will happen. Certainly before the end of the decade we're going to have to decide if this is going to work or not."

People I ask (you dont have to though) that you vote on the poll too so People can see the easiest what other people are thinking. Thanks.

What about Fredericton?

I don't think Fredericton is in the question. I'd rather moncton than Fredericton, but still Halifax is my first choice.

I have received many PMs about the numerous other expansion topics. I am sorry, I never knew there was so many already as I only became a forum member about a week ago. (I still would like to know what others think as I missed the other expansion topics.)

Fredericton is way out there, and close to no one, and smaller than Moncton or Saint John.

the only reason Fredericton would get a team is becase it's the capital of NB, and that is a poor reason.

What do you all think the name should be for Halifax if they win? Quebec? Moncton?

RoughRiderS/ RouGHriders/ RoUgHrIdErS. Or just choose the name of any Western team and spell it differently. The same name game must resurrect its legacy in a ten team league!

This subject is very, VERY tired!

In the year 2005, here have been at least 15 threads dealing with this mythical expansion topic......amounting to 528 posts.

It's not happening, folks - the league is NOT interested in expanding at the moment.

That meaningless exhibition game in Halifax this year was just that - meaningless!

If the league were serious about expanding, we'd know, and they'd go about it in a completely different way.

Main reason they're not expanding is that the interest is just not there - not in Atlantic Canada, anyway - not by a long shot!

So forget it - PLEASE! - Try saving the Ottawa franchise from the Gliebermans instead - that'll be infinitely more useful!

This thread may be getting old.However it is more interesting than you Grandgalop.
I would read this a billion times than your made up stories!!!

I agree with saskargo.

Dont stop people from talking about what they want to, unless its offensive, but this isn't. If you don't like the subject, ignore it.

what could be the team names?

Ya want our opinions

Here are our opinions