Expansion: Halifax, Moncton or Quebec City

I would just like to know where everyone thinks an expansion team should go, if there will be one. Personally, I think Halifax is the top prospect.

if moncton ever gets a team, this league is OFFICALLY bush

What happens if the world's largest deposit of oil is discovered in New Brunswick just as prices eclipse $100/barrel? And then Bricklin decides to restart... and then the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame burns down and is relocated to Magnetic Hill in honour of a Rolling Stones Concert? And the North Atlantic current shifts westward, turning the east coast into a tropical paradise with a population greater than China's? What then?

then u are still sleeping.

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Halifax is most definelty the CFl's best bet for expansion. Unfortunatly the Mayor of Halifax and Premier of Nova Scotia are extreme idiots and dont seem to want to support a team. If Halifax can find a better mayor and Nova Scotia finds a better premier, Halifax will be able to support a team. Otherwise Halifax will rely on a millionare or big company to start a team and get a stadium. I still say go Halifax :!:


If I was NFL commissioner, I'd go up to Halifax and start talking to the people up there. Nothing else, just talking.

CFL would jump at THAT fire under their ass.

Maybe the next expansion should be Ottawa, after the Gliebermans get tired of it again and take the Renegades to Quebec City. Or Halifax.

If the Renegades did get moved somehwere else, i dont think we'd ever see another ottawa franchise again.

If Ottawa moved, then it would take 30 years before they got another chance, like Washinton with Baseball.

Yeah, I think thats what that city needs ......... and deserves.

Zartan you have an imagination. As drumming_god said you would obviously still be sleeping. There is no way that will happen.

Come on people voice your opionions! I want to know where you think an expansion franchise should go! At least vote on the poll confidnetially.

.....nothing personal, but this topic has been hashed to death on this forum.....

I'm pretty tired of the expansion topics too, but if you're really interested i'll let you know that i voted for quebec city.

Halifax is one of the Canadian cities bidding for the Commonwealth games of 2014. If they become Canada's bid, and get the games, the country, province, city, and private enterprise will build a stadium there worthy of a CFL franchise.

Problem is, Hamilton is another city bidding, and I think they'll probably win Canada's bid. While Halifax would be a new entry, most people believe Hamilton would get the games this time around, since they came so close to getting the 2010 games.

I'm a little torn. While I want Halifax to get a CFL team, and this would be a huge step in that direction, I have to say I'd like to see the improvements to Hamilton facilities if we got the games.

I hope you guys are being about as sarcastic as I have been.

I wish I were sleeping.

By the way, I voted for Haligonia.

Quebec without a question, they are football crazy.
Laval get bigger crowds than Ottawa.
I wish some of that Paul Martin money would have went to Quebec City getting a new stadium, not to those other crooks in Quebec.

Halifax is football crazy too. Look at SMU, they were the top team 2 almost 3 years in a row. They are not doing the best this year, but they were last year. Halifax needs somthing to boost its growth, they need somtething more than the Mooseheads (QMJHL).