Expansion from the fans point of view

No the game should be 60 minutes under the same rules. Just like the NFL and any other sport with a clock. Not 57 minutes and then 15 minutes more of stop go motion or whatever they call it after purchasing a lottery ticket that may allow you to fluke off a win.

We know you don’t need that for last minute excitement as the NFL has shown us many times, specifically Buffalo and KC where 11 seconds wasn’t enough to keep Mahomes down. No need for gimmicks to interrupt game flow.

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I thought it was more because of the success of the Baltimore franchise, which scared the NFL into expansion to cover more cities.

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@mikem , @Jon .
Now you’re talking, reducing penalties and delays as well move to a better timing system works for me…on a personal note I like the last 3 minutes but could be reduced to two minutes.

Here is a list of defunct American 4 down Football leagues. Good thing they had 4 downs… case we all know that the saviour.

AAF – Alliance of American Football (2019)

AFL – Arena Football League (1987–2008)

The AFL returned in 2010, but is a separate legal entity from the original AFL. The current league purchased the assets of the original AFL in a bankruptcy auction, enabling it to brand itself as the first league’s successor.

af2 (2000–2009), the Arena Football League’s official minor league
Many of the teams in the revived AFL are former af2 teams. In fact, the original lineup of Arena Football 1, the league that morphed into the revived AFL, included more af2 teams than former AFL teams.

CFL – Continental Football League (1965–1969)

FXFL – Fall Experimental Football League (2014–2015)

IFL – Indoor Football League (1999–2000)

IPFL – Indoor Professional Football League (1999–2001)

PIFL – Professional Indoor Football League (1998)

PSFL – Professional Spring Football League (1991 – Training Camp)

UFL – United Football League (2009–2012)

USFL – United States Football League (1983–1985; not to be confused with the current USFL)

WFL – World Football League (1974–1975)

XFL (2001) – Xtreme Football League

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What do all those US leagues have to do with the CFL?
We are talking about changing to one more down in Canada, not setting up another league.
Would the CFL collapse if they went to 4 down football?

We don’t need the rest of the world to care , we just need canada to care and support, other wise it will die a slow death, you’ll never see me watching nfl.

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In my opinion the new XFL is on borrowed time as well. With them being a pipeline for NFL players, the player turnover rate will be wild. They will eventually lose a lot of fans for this.


You are right we need Canadians to care. Same old question how do you get more people in the stands and watching either on TV or streaming?
It’s the young demographic that they need and in the major cities like Toronto they don’t care at all.
Obviously the CFL needs the rest of the world otherwise why are they pushing to get viewers in the US and around the world?
To attract more fans they need major changes.

Simply, 4 downs have nothing to do with success,

Would the CFL collapse if they went to 4 down football?

I don’t know, would they suddenly become successful, I don’t know. 1 extra down isn’t a silver bullet…Oops time for a Coors. Just jokeing I don’t drink American beer.


Or Farmery


goes with the CFL.

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I drink Yuengling an American beer, advertised in the US as America’s oldest brewery can’t buy it in Canada

I would welcome Yuengling (4.5%) any day of the week.

Cheers :beer:

Excellent choices there.

Might have some Kronenberg 1664 tonight.



Stella Artois is Belgian.

I prefer Mexican beer to Canadian or American. But only the good ones,

Negro Modelo

Dos Equi Amber or Dark

All with a dark taste but without the soupy texture.

And for a lighter tasting Pilsner Pacifico.

This is what I don’t understand with those who want the CFL to go to 4 downs. Obviously, 50.4 points is equal to slightly more than 7 touchdowns per game. How much scoring do people want? It’s competition between offense and defense that makes it entertaining.


An increase in scoring is great in my books but it is a small sample size and I’m also wondering if anyone has established a causal connection between increased scoring and the rule changes. Scoring can go up or down for a number of reasons so attributing everything to the new rules after one season I don’t think can be supported as a cause and effect relationship.

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I am with you on this one that the NFL crushed the CFL in Baltimore for a reason and also added teams to take markets off the board.


I am with you on this one - talk about a publicly funded football stadium and Canadians lose their minds. Canadians don’t want to fork over the cash for stadiums and most owners don’t have enough money to build one. The Schooners are not happening.


A lot of the 17% increase was due to the extremely poor showing in 2021 due to having a year off. It’s better to compare it to 2019.

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The CFL went to Baltimore AFTER the NFL didn’t accept the Baltimore Bombers for NFL expansion in 1993. The CFL took a chance and got crushed when the NFL let the Browns move to Baltimore a few years later in 1995. In my opinion, it had little to do with the CFL’s “success” in Baltimore . It was a just a matter of time before the City of Baltimore sweetened their deal for NFL acceptance.

The CFL didn’t get crushed, the owner chose to move the team after the CFL refused to change the format of American play. If the CFL had chosen to let the American teams play only ten games from June to Labour Day or if the CFL had chosen to play from April to Labour Day with 18 games, in my opinion not only would the Baltimore franchise have stayed put, they would have thrived. Today we would be talking about a 20 team CFL league instead of talking about the CFL dying a slow death.


I don’t drink, so to continue with the above posts - I will post this. :slight_smile:

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