Expansion from the fans point of view

Based on what I’ve seen from social media it’s a busload at most.

This guy is the most famous of them all and would have a more accurate estimate in my opinion.


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That might seal the fate of Halifax ever getting a CFL franchise.


Ever is a long time. It can still happen 20 years from now.

Sure, and how many of us will give a crap about this in 20 years?


I’m sure @ToppsCFL will but I see your point.

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If only there was a way to help generate more revenue for the city… lol

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So did spending $500 MILLION on a new Convention Centre that was supposed to bring in world class conventions and tennants renting office space but a big money loser.
There is zero chance the HRM would fund a CFL stadium, especially now with the costs probably double that of the first estimate four years ago for that basic stadium.
I would say there is a greater chance the CFL will go to 8 teams than expanding to 10 in the future.

I mean this is Halifax we’re talking about.

Undefeated, uncontested in mind but 0 and 2 in getting a franchise (expansion or relocation).

You need an update.

“Property taxes on the entire Nova Centre, including the hotel and commercial space, go into the municipality’s convention centre reserve account. For the first time, that amount, about $8.5 million annually, was more than the deficit and the base rent combined”

Revenues way up


Halifax is the only city actively looking for a CFL expansion team.

I think the CFL was actively looking at Halifax. Absolutely zero cities are actually hoping for a franchise. There are people within the city that were actively hoping for a franchise but the vast majority were not because the vast majority of people are not sports fans much less CFL fans.

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Testing the waters to see if the voters are in favour of something isn’t actively pursuing the CFL. Since then we have had a story that the owner of the Wanderers wants to have his own stadium built.

Also I’ve heard that it might be difficult to have a 20k stadium on the Wanderers grounds but that was admittedly a rumour.

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That’s a rather good article with a whole lot of details. Thank you for sharing.

However, the mayor said there “may be other options” in the city’s core for a multi-use stadium that could accommodate a CFL team.

One is to hold CFL games at St. Mary’s University. However, the most promising, according to Savage, is the venue for the city’s professional soccer team: the Wanderers Grounds.

“We’re not there yet, but I know that there are people who are looking at whether we could turn the Wanderers Grounds into a place that we could hold 15,000 people,” Savage said.

So the plan would seem to be along those lines, but I am not so sure in 2023 that such a plan would attract an investor into a new CFL team though as stated in the article, municipal and provincial subsidies would stand to be at hand and could be the gamechanger for any investor into a venue seating only 15,000.

Otherwise, pacing those grounds akin to those of a castle estate maybe is not such a bad thing for sake of appearances?

Grab a drink next time though.

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Permanent seats…plus temporay seats/ party zone if I recall correctly, but I understand your point.


Until it’s not… we’ll see what happens.

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Seeing is believing for me, starting with an allocated venue with a deal with an investment group. Until then …

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da…

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There’s definitely a lot of obstacles and for sure venue is at the top of the list. I’d also like to be a fly on the wall when someone tries to convince Jacques Tanguay that the CFL should play an exhibition game at PEPS.