Expansion from the fans point of view

Some early deets on the Wanders proposal.

Seats 8500.
Replace beachers with grand stand
Water, Electrical, Plumbing and Sound.
Will use FIFA approval field turf…not grass surprisingly.
It does mention expansion possibilities but no details from what what I can see.

Cost 40 million. If approved break ground in the spring and ready by 2025.

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A few more details of the stadium pitch

Could be expanded to be more than 13K.

Question about CFL possibilities

high school football games, and maybe even future CFL touchdown Atlantic Games.

“I think that’s exactly what it should be used for,” said Martin. “It should be used to test out the viability of the CFL in Halifax, long-term.”

So could it be expanded further via temporary seating?

Another image I saw earlier show a football field used for high school. I take it high school is played on the 100 yard long/65 yard wide field? It suggests to me that the field can fit in this plan.

Will HRM bite on 40 million?

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If the Lancers and the lawn bowling club are not moved, which would allow Wanderers Grounds to be expanded, there is little hope for a CFL club there.
The Wanderers hope to have the stadium up and operating by 2025. I don’t know that it leaves enough time to expand the site. If a stadium was set up like in the artist renderings, it doesn’t look like it could be expanded along the open sideline to accommodate a CFL team.
The only positive re:CFL is the fact that they are at least talking about installing artificial turf.
IMO, the Wanderers are trying to rush the process to remove any possibility of having to share a stadium with a CFL franchise.


CPLs version of TFC perhaps.


Yes but you can’t blame them, it’s like a Jr A team that is filling a 10k arena and someone pushing for a 20k arena.
The Wanderers are CPL and playing in front of 8k to 10k and the fans and team love the intimate atmosphere with fans right behind the goal.
Don’t let the CFL ruin it.
The Wanderers actually paid for the stadium themselves during the past 3 years.
The stadium is not going to be expanded for a CFL team if there are no owners/investors interested right now.

Why can’t you blame them? It’s their agenda and decision. Sure there is their view of what suits them best as a business, and the decision is theirs on what approach to take and so here we are that does not have CFL or other interests in mind.

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If the Wanderers don’t want the CFL (or any potential competition) playing in the stadium, they should be the ones fronting the cost to to build it then, no?

Otherwise adding another 2K or so temporary grandstands should be doable


Owner of the soccer team and potential CFL owner get together and build a stadium. The soccer team should not get a penny of government money unless they team up with the football team and vide versa


yes i wouild like to see expansion in the cfl in halifax it is a beautiful city i hope to return soon the team woulid get fan support.

The Commissioner doesn’t agree with you

‘It is time to get it done’: CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie shifting focus back to Halifax expansion with renewed ‘momentum’

Looks like you’re wrong

Strong fan support powers Canadian Football League at mid-season

I just watched the long serving Halifax Mayor Mike Savage last night on the news about the horrendous weather bombs that have hit Halifax and Nova Scotia in the recent months,
Massive $millions in damages to the infrastruture and lives lost!
I was thinking, how can a Stadium be funded now with the damage done thru a never ending cycle of climate change disasters?


Same kind of questions were being asked on Twitter earlier.

i am also looking in the news that Halifax soccer team, wants a new Stadium, so, why not share it with a CFL team?

The short version is that the Wanderers’ owner doesn’t want to share a stadium with a CFL team for various reasons. Both parties want a different venue size and I wouldn’t be surprised if the soccer team wouldn’t want to have grass torn up by football players.


Two things, one is that the proposed Wanderers Stadium will be artificial turf and two, it is a myth that football is harder on turf than is soccer. Soccer according to the head groundskeepers at Wembley Stadium and Subaru Park (Philadelphia Union - MLS) is harder and more damaging to turf than football.

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It’s complicated. Aside from the previously mentioned capacity disparity (the Wanderers want 10k max and the CFL would be 20k minimum). The Wanderers Grounds (WG) offers an ideal central location but SMU may offer more features to the CFL. While possible, fitting the CFL into the WG won’t be easy and NIMBY groups have already lawyered up to prevent the Wanderers proposal from moving forward.

The CFL has long been in talks with the HRM, do they give $40 million towards a Wanderers stadium without considering the CFL especially if the CFL can come to an agreement with SMU where federal money could be on the table.

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Irrelevant points. 1. Turf can be changed 20 years from now. It doesn’t matter if it’s proposed to have artificial turf now. we don’t know what the long term plans are for the stadium.

  1. The Wanderer’s owner doesn’t care if football is not as hard on grass as soccer is because he owns a soccer team. If a soccer team chewed up the grass and ruined half of it and then a football team chewed up a quarter of it, the soccer owner would still complain about the football team. It’s like if a child does something bad and a parent is confronted, they will say “my child would never do such a thing”. However if that same parent saw a child do something wrong they would complain about the manners of the child and his or her upbringing.

My “irrelevant” points were merely correcting what you posted not prognosticating what the future would bring.

Then the soccer team should not get a penny of government money unless they team up with the football team, and vide versa.