Expansion from the fans point of view

I’ve always have and will continue to be a fan of expansion of the CFL in Canada. This video is what do cfl fans think of expansion. Some very interesting points of view.

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They shouldn’t let fans say things that aren’t true. One fellow said that USA expansion puttered out after a year but it lasted 3 years. They didn’t go into any detail about it either.

The debate rages on for Quebec vs Halifax though.

Well that’s a good thing isn’t it?

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for sure. It’s always good to hear other people’s points of views, especially those who attended a TD Atlantic game.

Unless I’m missing something expansion talk seems to have died down for the moment. Wonder if this is the calm before the storm?


i agree with expanding the league to four downs in canada.

sorry i just couldn’t resist lol


Just wait until TD Atlantic, then the Grey Cup. It’ll pop up faster than a pop up stadium.


Yea you have a point there!

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Sat it isn’t so. I’m shuttering in my boots!


It probably means there are serious talks going on…that’s why its quiet.


That pretty well could be also.

I wish NFL would go too 3 downs…then “ALL NFL” fans would suddenly love the CFL :yawning_face:…then the NFL could then fix the fair catch rule… eventually the NFL will become the CFL with 20 yard end zones, add the Rouge, then the NFL will try to expand to become the CFL?

The CFL will proudly decline them as the are now a bush league…why? Because they can!


why would the NFL want mediocre football with too much kicking?

Calm before the storm?
I think most of us have been on these boards long enough that we are tired of reading the same old stuff about expansion.
The same stories about “why not pop up stadiums” “why doesn’t Irving build it” “why doesn’t the city and province fund it” “where are the owners”
Expansion is dead, can’t we just put a ban on expansion discussion?

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Why would the CFL move to 4 downs when there is still a lot of kicking in the NFL. Why would the CFL adopt more NFL rules when the NFL has moved closer to a CFL playing style?

Like both leagues, but always thought it was a little silly to need 4 downs to go a whole ten yards.

As for expansion. At least the league seems to be trying to find ways to expand even if they have had no success.


The CFL kicking game is very exciting, the NFL would be smart to change.

Moreover you’ll never see me go on an NFL site and suggest the NFL change rules to be more like the CFL, so the better question is, why do NFL fans always want the CFL to play NFL rules.

The CFL isn’t mediocre, fact is it’s very exciting football, just different. I would bet if the NFL played by the CFL rules it would be more exciting than they are now, the big difference between the two is money.


Four downs would be exciting on a CFL size field.
Why is there a lot more passing in the NFL these days and less rushing?

Why is there a lot more passing in the NFL these days and less rushing?

I absolutely agree the NFL has increased their passing biggly from a decade ago…does that mean by emulating the CFL they became more successful? Or was it more of a natural evolution. I would believe it’s the latter.

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Natural evolution, down to the passing QBs over the last few years.
Look at the stats for Brady, Mahomes, AAron Rodgers, Wilson, Breese, Roethelsburger - these guys have all thrown over 40 TD passes in a season. Amazing since they have a 16 game season and receivers need one foot in bounds to make a catch and the smaller end zone.

The CFL hasn’t had one QB throw for 40 TDs in a season since Burris way back in 2012.
What’s happened to the CFL passing game?

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I don’t think it’s necessary to do it at this time. However there might come a moment when they decide to shake things up. There is talk of the NFL expanding which means less talent comes up north. With less talent comes more drops etc. If points per game fall below 50 points then the CFL would give it serious consideration.

Another way they could introduce 4 downs is if they ever scrimmage against a foreign league in exhibition. If sending one team to Mexico and having them do 4 downs and 5 minute quarters down there makes a bunch of cash for the CFL then I can’t see the league turning down that opportunity. A lot has to happen before that occurs obviously.