Expansion Draft



Glenn and Demarco! good choices

I like Chevy Walker too

He has been very good when given the opportunity. Nice selection!

I'm delighted that DeMarco is gone... never was a fan, but it now gives the Leos the ability to protect an additional two non-imports. This likely means that Iannuzi and Haidara are both safe.

Great round by Ottawa. They went Young with guys who are not overpriced and still have not reached their peak. These guys will be the middle of the roster age wise. They can get their starters in free agency and their kids through the draft and recruiting. :thup:

Agreed... now to see how the non-imports shake out...

I think this was a good draft so far from Ottawa.

Before I go on, I do get that Ottawa needs to have at least a shot of competing, but I'm wondering if this draft has been too favorable.

This could really be a good team, certainly better then Winnipeg at the moment (at least at QB and OL,DL).

Going to be interesting to see everyone's rankings for the league after the Expansion draft and CFL Draft. I don't think Ottawa would be ranked 9th.

Agreed... the biggest issue I see is them coming together as a team... I would put them ahead of Winnipeg just because, but not any higher than that.

If Ottawa has a good year makes the play offs that is good for everyone.

Depends how they fare in free agency. There are over 150 free agents out there and the wallet is full of brand spanking new dollars.

I don't think they will be bad and you're right we should reserve judgement until they have a full rosters, but it has happened many times in sports where a team goes out and spends like crazy, but that doesn't buy you a good locker room or results.

Right, but in the CFL an extra 20k gets you that player in free agency and they are not laced with a bunch of legacy stuff (Geroy Simon, Jame Richardson) type contracts so they have an edge.

Good to see names under "Roster" on the RedBlacks site now. Didn't take some teams long to delete the players they lost. I was looking at the BC roster to check on the young Guard Albright out of St. Mary's. The page blinked and he and DeMarco were gone in a flash. :slight_smile:

Rick Campbell and his staff will need to get on the road after Christmas and find some WR's, LB's and DB's at some free agent tryout camps. The depth chart looks pretty lean in those areas right now.

I am ecstatic that Tiny Tom is outta here. The Lions get to keep every single import starter AND protect two more non-imports.

From an Ottawa perspective, I think selecting two quarterbacks is a bad move considering the great batch of free agents that are coming up. I also don't like the Walker pick just because an import running back doesn't have great shelf life. Especially one that failed to become a starter for his team. Walker's advantage is that he can return kicks. The rest of the import picks seem like fringe guys, I thought Ottawa would have more established guys available.

Ottawa did alright on the third round. Three starters in Hage, Pottinger and Fraser. They may be a little past their prime but still good football players IMO. No way would I have thought Ottawa could get these guys in the third round.

The rest are young guys with potential who should be able to contribute on special teams and add depth.

Teams used free agency to hide guys. Now its up to Ottawa to go and convince some of those guys to sign in Ottawa. Ottawa still did well especially on the Non Import side of things. I'm not to sure about the Shologan thing. I have a feeling they made a deal with Saskatchewan but if it turns out to be a 1st rounder this year and another player it could even out.

I think there will be a rash of re-signings this week... teams were holding out for obvious reasons as you stated.

As a Rider fan I am feeling bad about losing Shologan. You guys are getting a GREAT young d-lineman who is a starter and has been for years. He is a stand up guy and great in the community. He will be sorely missed in Saskatchewan. I think it is debatable that he is as big a pick up for the redblacks as Kevin Glenn.

They were smart, they stocked up on Offensive Linemen. They get an experienced centre with Hage, in addition they get - James Lee OL Saskatchewan Roughriders, Joe Eppele OL Toronto Argonauts, J'Micheal Dean OL Calgary Stampeders, Matt Albright OL BC Lions.
Not sure if they also get the First round pick in the spring Canadian draft, they will probably go after the best available OL