Expansion draft

Luc Brodeur-Jourdain is a free agent this year, Cats need to make a hard push if they can't trade back for Marwan, there's no one really on the roster that can step in as is

@espo. Tim O'Neil can fill in just fine :cowboy:

Tim O'Neill is just as good, if not better than Marwan. Filer and Husband can back-up. Also have Rockhill, Rice, and Reinders in the pipeline.

Maybe the Cats are fine with O'Neil as their center.
It might have come down to do we protect Hage or Tim O!

Seeing Marwan in a RodBlack uni will seem like a cruel frigging joke. :twisted:

Calm down there Sweetie. :slight_smile: Marwan Hage even said the 'Cats would be crazy to protect him at his age and that there are so many good younger players that need to be protect instead. Hage has control of this thing and I for one wouldn't be surprised if he retires unless he can get traded back to Hamilton. Overall, I think the 'Cats got out of this thing pretty unscathed.

tell that to the 2012 ticats

Marwan was the definition of a TiCat!
The guy bled Black and Gold!
Spent 10 brutal years in the trenches, calling all "O" Line blocking assignments!
He was the Face of the franchise as much as an "O" Lineman can be.
Outstanding member of the community
A devastating loss, IMHO.

anyone think Marcel Desjardins has an unfair advantage being the only one who knows EVERY TEAM'S protection list....

maybe not free agency this year, BUT Feb 15th 2015 it could come into play

If it wasn't yet time for Marwan to go, it's close.

I'm ok with it. Better to protect Wojt, O'Neil and Dyakowski IMO. (if they did)

Duane Forde mentioned that Hamilton has Moe Petrus in the pipeline.

Good luck Marwan.

Glenn, Hage and Walker...

O'Neill wouldn't have been protected. He's 34 years old. This was about protecting some of our youth.

I think the Cats gambled (though only slightly) leaving Marwan available. You can't protect everybody and the Cats have a lot of non-imort talent. We do have players that can play in place of Marwan. It's a shame that he looks to be moving to Ottawa. You never know he might retire, who knows. I do know that the Hamilton community has lost a real kind person and community icon.

The business of sports is often un-kind. On the football side I understand and agree with leaving Marwan available. On the fan and Hamiltonian side it's not pleasant watching him leave town.

All in all I would say though that we made out fairly well with today's selections. I wish all the former Cats now RedBlacks success. Delahunt will be a RedBlack for the rest of his CFL career IMO. I think he would have ended up their as a free agent eventually IMO so I kind of expected that.

Go Cats

Knowing what we know now - that Austin likely knew that they might lose Hage - maybe it even makes more sense that they had him accept the Eastern Division trophy after the win over the Argos to honour him for everything he's done not only for the team but the city. And hopefully if he never plays another game for Hamilton again when he decides to retire we can do one of those one day contracts like the Jays just did with Roy Halladay - so that Hage can retire a Ti-Cat. .

Kevin Glenn QB Calgary Stampeders
Thomas DeMarco QB BC Lions
Moton Hopkins DL Montreal Alouettes
Jonathan Williams DL Toronto Argonauts
Chevon Walker RB Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Wallace Miles WR Winnipeg Blue Bombers
James Lee OL Saskatchewan Roughriders
Carlton Mitchell WR Edmonton Eskimos

Patrick Lavoie FB Montreal Alouettes
James Green LB Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Keith Shologan DL Saskatchewan Roughriders
Joe Eppele OL Toronto Argonauts
John Delahunt FB Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Alex Krausnick FB Edmonton Eskimos
J'Micheal Dean OL Calgary Stampeders
Matt Albright OL BC Lions

Marwan Hage OC Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Eric Fraser S Calgary Stampeders
Jason Pottinger LB Toronto Argonauts
Rory Kohlert WR Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Justin Capicciotti DE Edmonton Eskimos
Zack Evans DT Saskatchewan Roughriders
Andrew Marshall DE BC Lions
Jordan Verdone LB Montreal Alouettes

I can't calm down. I hate everything lol.

Wow !!!! Wasn't expecting that last round draftee,just like another poster said it's Deja vu all over again,first Coulter and now Hage. IMO don't be surprised if Hage doesn't pack it in and retire instead of starting all over again after coming so far with the Cats,I can't see him wanting to play with a expansion franchise after being a life long Cat,he has seen his fair share of building and rebuilding in his 10 yrs here.At least we still have O'Neill and Filer around who can both play center.If Hage does end up playing for the Checkerboards it will be a strange site indeed seeing him in another uniform.

Hage is older, and has had injury trouble (which happens with age). He is a good guy, but was never dominant, and is easily replacable.

I'm very sorry to see Marwan Hage go. I can understand it though.

I'm actually not sure it was a good decision by Ottawa to select him. He's older, in the twilight of his career, and could very well retire rather than start over in Ottawa. In addition, he's had a few injury issues later in his career. I guess they want some stability as they put the team together.

Whatever Marwan decides to do, I want to thank him for his efforts on and off the field, and wish him the very best in the future. I'm sorry he won't get to wear one of those Grey Cup rings the Ticats are going to win soon.

Show a little respect.
Easily replaceable...
2010-He was named the East Division’s Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman, CFL All-Star, an East Division All-Star and a CFLPA All-Star. This was the fourth consecutive season he was named to the CFLPA All-Star team.

2009-He was the Ticats nominee as Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman for the third season in a row and for the first time he was the team’s nominee for Most Outstanding Canadian. He also earned a spot on the CFLPA All-Star Team. And was the Tom Pate Award winner for 2009.

2008-Started all 18 games during his fifth season in Hamilton…was the Ticats nominee as Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman for the second consecutive season…earned a spot on the CFLPA All-Star Team.

2007-Started all 18 games at centre in his fourth season with the Ticats…was the Ticats nominee as Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman…was named an East Division All-Star...earned a spot on the CFLPA All-Star Team

Marwan is also the C.F.L.P.A. Representative for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. In this he makes it a priority to get to know each and every player on the team and ensures that they are comfortable going to him with any issues they may have. As a player speaking English, French and Arabic fluently, Marwan is able to connect with a great deal of Canadians.


Don't cloud the issue with facts :wink: