Expansion draft

We can now protect another 6 NI's on top of the 5 already protected for round 3.

Desjardins doesn't seem too concerned about who Glenn is going to throw the ball to. He drafted two WRs I've never heard of. But he's covered for fullbacks, also selecting two of them, even though they're not actually on the field the majority of the time.

Cats don't need to protect any kicker/punters...... Kicker/punters can't be taken in the 3rd round.

ya.... but receivers are "a dime a dozen", remember??

That's unfortunate. I was really hoping they'd find a way to protect him.

I suppose they figure there'll be kickers available through free agency.

And no need to protect Bartel in the next round, assuming he wasn't protected already. From the expansion draft rules:

Any kicker or punter selected in the Non-Import Draft must be selected in the first [non-import] round.

MacMillan, Nolan OL Iowa
Williams, Connor DE Utah State
Kashama, Kalonji DE Eastern Michigan
Digby, Tyler TE Robert Morris

MacMillan is a bonfide NFL Prospect ... Kashama will get a look down south as well.

Wow, they're really loaded up at fullback / tight end, having selected Delahunt and Lavoie today and drafting Digby last year.

expecting the OC to run a lot? lineup in a majority 2 TE sets? more protection for what looks like a young Oline

defense has a head start with a guy like Shologan as a canadian starter. Marcel can start looking for Import Defensive starters. lot of leeway to offer better contracts to guys on their own neg list, encourage them to come north rather than stick around down south hoping for a chance.

Greene from WPG is a FB as well.

Not a bad strategy overall. You can play 1 TE & 1 FB. Or 2 TE's. Split out Lavoie as he's a mismatch against DB's with his size & skill. Same with Delahunt who was a talented receiver for the Ottawa Sooners before going to UConn.

4 olinemen, 3 fb's/te's in Round 2. Not a bad strategy overall.

Marcel taking the attitude that it's easier to draft canadian LB's as special teamers? and US safeties and corners do translate nicely to CFL DBs and Linebackers.
easier to find young guys that can step in that way.

still, Eppele aside the Oline picks so far have been underwhelming, wait, is that a word? someone check with Sloan

Desjardins has stated that they are drafting the best players available today regardless of position, offence or defence. That means some of these players (e.g. fullbacks) will be used as trade bait to better suit the RedBlacks roster.

They have four now. and Will likely get a very good Offensive linesman with their first pick of the draft in May. They will need to convince a couple guys during free agency.

I think Cat's fans (and likely Austin) should be thrilled so far with how the draft has gone. I don't think we have lost any starters or impact players thus far. So far I'm thrilled with how this has gone for the Cats.

Losing a FB and back up running back is of no major concern, those players can be replaced.

MARWAN HAGE drafted :cry:

Unless we swing a trade that was pre-arranged to get him back this was a HUGE error.

That hurts…

This is deja vu. Coalter, now Marwan. Ottawa has a thing about our centres. :roll: Hage's contributions to the community will be missed as well as his on the field leadership. Maybe a deal can be worked out with the 2Colours.

Pat Lynch(the :frowning: guy)

I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted, .iivid and disappointed right now. How disrespectful not to protect him in round 3. What a joke. I am not happy with the Ticats brain trust right now. So much rage.

And if the smartest Canadian in the world is not ready at the start of the season that is our line down 2 starting non-imports on the O-Line...how can the team let this happen??

Looks like the Cats haven't really lost anybody of significance so far,was expecting to lose Delahunt,so no surprise there,as for Walker,he was relegated to back-up status with the emergence of Gable last year.IMO Walker should be thrilled to be going to the Checkerboards,where he will get an opportunity to be the starting r.b. The Cats still have LaMar and Moore available as back-ups to Gable. Delahunt is from the Ottawa region and I figured that he would most likely be drafted because of that.In the thread 7 Ti-Cat free agents, I listed 3 potential free agent FB that the Cats might be able to sign to replace Delahunt(M.Pontbriand-Wnp/T.St.Pierre-Cal/S.Foord-B.C). St.Pierre is a Hamilton boy who played his high school ball at West Dale.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see either Stala or Charbonneau go in the 3rd round,if either isn't protected.In the thread mentioned above in case of this scenario I listed 4 potential Cdn rec. FA who might be available to sign as a replacement in this area......(M.Bradwell-Tor/R.Kohlert-Wnp/A.Parker-Cal/A.Foster-Wnp) J.Author-Cal is also a pending FA
so over-all this draft IMO has had minimal effect on our roster,and it's been so far so good with one round to go.