Expansion draft

Calgary Herald says it’s Kevin Glenn to Ottawa.

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Chevon Walker first Cat chosen

Glenn and they took Thomas DeMarco from BC as QB's

Chevy is going to Ottawa, as is Kevin Glenn.

Let me be the first to say thank you for all the contributions you've made to our team Mr. Walker, and it looks like you are a starter once again.

I'm amazed they took Walker, chances are he would of become available during the off season and it isn't hard to find a good rb.

Good to see Walker go to Ottawa and get a chance to be a #1 RB.

He definitely has potential, but we need to go with Gable.

Also good to see KG go, as this basically guarantees he is #1 QB, and I think he has a good 3 years left at a high level. Is that enough time to put the pieces around him to win? Not sure.

Your full Round 1 list: Moton Hopkins, MTL; James Lee, SSK; Jonathan Williams, TOR; Wallace Miles, WPG; Carlton Mitchell, EDM, Kevin Glenn, CGY; Thomas DeMarco, BC; Chevon Walker, HAM

Agreed. Walker is a questionable pick at best, I saw him likely to be released by the Cats. Austin must have a big smile on his face right now. I don't know who was available, but, I for one am pleased that we did not lose an impact player.

WOW! I finally got one right. Cousin Vinny will be so proud.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

My thoughts exactly. Hamilton escapes the first round completely unscathed.
Good for the cats, but horrible pick by Ottawa.

round 2 starts at 12:35.

man, if you were following only online gotta be kinda disappointing. very choppy and the lest of drafted players has only now been filled in.

TSN checking in on Ottawa as though it was a series of press conferences

decent little analysis along the way

Klenn getting of Calgary is very good for him and he's probably cracking a tall one right now. Excellent choice for Ottawa. TO also lucky not to lose a QB.

Kevin Glenn's reaction to being selected: :wink:


Choppy? I'm watching from FL and no problems it's clear and some good analysis by the Schulz. Smart move to take Chevy Walker, Glenn and Demarco.

Were you watching on tsn or cfl?
Im not sure if they were the same coverage or not but the tsn one came in great.

John Delahunt chosen from Cats

anyone happen to remember who Ottawa drafted last year?

might have an impact on round three? (probably not but we've got an hour and a half to kill)

Not that I want anyone to get hurt, and I hope it's not going to be a rough rehab, but Dyakowski getting hurt in the GC may have let him remain here.

Thought someone like Oneil or Hage would have been taken though. This has been a great draft for the Cats so far.

Surprised Ottawa drafted two former starting fullbacks in Lavoie and Delahunt, along with non-starter James Green. Thought they would have drafted a kicker or punter in round 2. I'm assuming Bartel will be protected in the upcoming third round. Hate to lose any players, but losing Delahunt is probably the least painful of the bunch as opposed to possibly Giguere, Plesius, Prime, Gascon-Nadon, Dyakowski, Bartel etc.