Expansion draft

Excuse me if this isn't already known.

There was a roster freeze on teams immediately after the Grey Cup this season.
Also there is a trading freeze starting Dec. 9 and ending draft day Dec.15.
To stop teams from manipulating rosters prior to draft day.

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@CFL_Horsemen Teams can’t cut anybody who closes the season on their roster until after the XDraft. Players can be signed during that time.

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@CFL_Horsemen Also, trades can be made between Grey Cup and Dec 9th. From Dec 9th to Dec 16th no trades allowed.

Just 3 days left for teams to make trades for QB's like Collaros , Tate or Willy or other quality players who would otherwise be unprotected.

Expansion trade freeze started at midnight today,
Protected lists are now submitted to the REDBLACKS also today

I would think that either Glenn or Tate from the Stamps will be one of the QB's taken,
Then maybe Matt Nichols (EDM) or Thomas DeMarco (BC)

can't imagine more than one QB will be taken in the draft period.

there are enough reject backups to go around that Marcel will be able to fill his team with (or maybe give a canadian kid a chance like he used to mention every now and again)

limits their second/third round drafting potential WAY more.

I'd assume Glenn gets taken, gives them the chance to win the most games (just not playoff games in succession)

He does seem to have a problem that way, doesn't he ?

CFL writers provide their predictions on the protection lists. I'm also including the direct link to Justin Dunk's list for the Ticats.


Of course, we'll never know how close they are, given that they won't be made public.

(I'd include the list here, but copy/paste isn't the easiest to do on a tablet.)

Neil King? Although they will want a second Canadian safety to back up Stephan, King was exposed greatly in the Grey Cup with Stephan out.
Hamilton has a couple of other Canadian Safeties that got stashed away. Another rookie from Western Harold Mutolba played in one game than went to the 9 game to keep him with the team practicing. Also still have Bucknor under contract. He has been used as a CB with some success but could move to safety and has plenty of experience now.
Delahunt needs to be protected. Has the potential to be a top TE if he already wasn't in his rookie year and a guy that Ottawa could take. He is a great blocker and playing TE in the NCAA could mature into a receiver type like Lavoi.

I had the exact same thoughts about King and Delahunt. It all comes down to protecting players where we don't have depth.

Random thoughts:
Interesting to compare Justin Dunk's list with Drew Edwards' -- basically the same with these three exceptions -- Dunk includes+ Banks and Norwood over Edwards' prediction of Bowman and Boudreaux -- and Dunk predicts King to be protected over Edwards' 6th NIP pick Hazime.

I would hope Austin approached Delahunt about how important playing, at home, in Ottawa would be to him. Protecting him now, if he's likely to head home whenever he becomes a F.A. wouldn't make much sense.

Kevin Scott, a F.A. in February, is another Cat from Ottawa who might well be hoping to join the twocolours.

On Espo's comment, five above, "Can't imagine more than 1 QB will be taken in the draft period" -- I can't imagine that 2 QB's will not be taken.

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I think with Coach Campbell's Calgary roots that he would really like Kevin Glenn

I tell you this if Ottawa does take Demarco that puts BC in a real bind. They will have no young QBs with any experience which they have brought through there system. Depending on Buck Pierce to buy time until they due is a real gamble, and the lack of showing any kind of interest in letting Elliot see the field that attitude may have to change..
In fact Jordan Yantz of territorial VI Raiders and now CFL rule one Canadian QB in camp has the most experience with the Lions through more than one training camp

Pierce is only 32 and Lulay is only 30. Unless there are surprises in Lulay’s shoulder rehab, he has many many years ahead of him. DeMarco didn’t join the Lions until spring of 2012, so they only have two years invested in him so far. BC would probably prefer to keep him, but it’s not the end of the world if they lose him. Also, BC will have a new OC this year, so there will be a new set of personality and system adjustments next spring anyway.

I don't think it should be a problem but the way the BC and Buono have operated it was a problem last year.
Elliot had shown he can play in the CFL and with a bad team in 2012 had 2 or 3 good games including players of the week in about 5 starts. Just giving the job to Demarco, who was clearly overwhelmed, instead of giving Elliot a chnce to at least be a game manager and use the weapons he had. It was not even a though of ever using him.
It did not work out in Winnipeg but he is still younger side and ceratinly has the ability to be a good number two QB.
If Ottawa can still get a Canadian they want even with an extra two protected they will take Demaco

Elliott winning player of the week was about the 3rd or 4th straight team opposing the Cats to win the weekly award.

He also played a tough gritty game almost upsetting the BC Lions at home in 2012 when the Lions were clearly the class of the league at that time and the Bombers were terrible so not everything needs to have a negative spin with Elliot.
Unlike Demarco he did not roll over and play dead when facing a superior defense like Demarco did down the stretch.

@DaveRandorf: #TSN has plans to cover Monday's #CFL expansion draft live on TSN.ca. Begins at 11am with import draft.

Does this mean it isn't televised if it's on TSN.ca?

I wonder if Chevy Walker would be appealing to the Ottawas? :expressionless: I'm hoping that they take an experienced ex Argo Dback.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

It's not an expansion draft player but they've signed their first QB - Matt Faulkner,

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/11/redblacks-sign-former-san-jose-state-qb]http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/11/red ... e-state-qb[/url]

Less than an hour to go!

Im starting to get that motion sickness feeling for who we're about to lose today :oops:

At 11am ET / 8am PT TSN.ca will have live coverage of the Redblacks Expansion Draft....<--from FB

about to start right here - http://cfl.ca/page/expansiondraft