Expansion Draft

With only 7 games left I think its time to start taking a look at who we use our protected picks on. to my understanding we get to protect 10 imports and 6 non imports. over the 3 rounds we will loose 1 import and 2 non imports. i think thats how it gos if im wrong feel free to correct me. here are my list of players i would protect

T Davis
R Murray


Id like to hear what fans think and what there picks are :cowboy:

I would protect Norwood , Lawrence, Wojt , Plesius , Mccolough
instead of Webb, Isaac, Murray ,Delahunt , Stephen

T Davis
R Murray


Well at this point you don't need to protect Burris unless they extend him early. I'm not sure I'd leave Plesius and Prime unprotected.

Very interesting subject. I have based my choices on what I have seen in terms of performance on the field this year.
Not on future projections . Plesius, for example, has a large potential upside but so far this year I haven't seen any sign
of him becoming a dominant CFL starting LB.

Here are the imports I would protect.

Burris - simply the best
Gable - excellent all round back which is hard to find. Because of his size he could be around for a few years.
Ellingson - tremendous CFL style receiver
B. Grant - great athlete and still improving
Figeuroa - best tackle in a Ticat jersey for some time
T. Davis - solid anchor of our defence
Johnson - top notch playmaker
Lawrence - JJ X2
Boudreau - Improving . Fast , tough and becoming a playmaker.
McCullough - Our best DB

Non Imports
DYAKOWSKI - We do not want to lose two veteran Canadian O-line men in one year. Ottawa probably won't select Hage because of injury fears. They may go for Wojt If so he can be replaced by a young lineman or free agency.
Fantuz - simply the best
Delahunt- too good a blocker to let him go
Bulke- anchor in the D-line . Possibly our best defensive player.
Stephen- Good young Canadian safetys are hard to find.
Giguere or Hazime tough call.
All Hazime does every time they use him is make plays . He may be our most under rated player. Giguere could be a productive non-import WR with speed ( hasn't happened yet ) but if it does we will regret letting him get away. Giguere has shown signs of moving in the right direction.


There a lot of things that go into that protection list. For example Giguere has one year left on his contract Plesius three.
Also you can't protect Free agents. You can have a gentlemen's agreement but that's as far as it goes. The league will be watching very closely any teams that try and cheat the rules around the expansion draft.

I would make that one of the criteria in deciding which players to protect. For example, offer Giguere an extension. If he refuses to sign, then there's no point in protecting him since he's sure to leave in a year anyway. Same deal for anyone else with a year left on their contracts.

Giguere could be like Getzlaf, slow to develop in his first year but getting better and next year he could be a great player.

I think the Cats will be fine at QB, obviously protect Burris but I think a team that must be more concerned is Calgary, basically they have three starters in Glenn, Tate and Mitchell and Sask in Drew Willey. If Calgary decides to go with experience and protect Glenn that leaves Tate and Mitchell open to possibly take. On the other hand if they protect Drew Tate, Ottawa could get Kevin Glenn as their starting QB and either Mitchell or Willey as back ups that could be an interesting scenario that would give Ottawa instant experience or future strength?

In Hamilton I think players like Sam Guillere, John Delahunt, Fredric Pleasius might be natural selections from the Cats, all Canadians but local talent as well from Quebec and the Ottawa area.

Either way Ottawa Red Blacks should be able to assemble a good first year team for 2014 and cetainly a team that can win games out of the gate.

Probably worthwhile to revisit the rules/regs/process of the expansion draft.

Ottawa will select three players from each of the eight existing teams for a total of 24 players. Ottawa will select eight import players and 16 non-import players with quarterbacks, kickers and punters eligible within their respective import/non-import categories. Ottawa will be able to select a maximum of two quarterbacks and one kicker/punter, but they may not select any of these three players from the same team.

Round one: Import Draft

Existing teams may protect one quarterback and ten additional import players, while only being able to select, at maximum, two quarterbacks in the draft. If a quarterback is selected from a team, that team may protect an additional two non-import players in the first round of the Non-Import Draft. If a kicker or punter is selected from a team, that team may protect one additional non-import player in the first round of the Non-Import Draft. Ottawa will select one import player from each existing team in this round.

Round two: Non-Import Draft

Existing teams may protect six total non-import players, including the team's one protected quarterback and one protected kicker/punter. If a quarterback was selected in the Import Draft, eight total non-import players may be protected. If a kicker or punter was selected in the Import Draft, seven total non-import players may be protected. If a non-import kicker or punter is to be selected, it must be done in this round and, if so, that team will be able to protect an additional two non-import players in the second round of the Non-Import Draft. Ottawa will select one non-import player from each existing team in this round.

Round three: Non-Import Draft

Existing teams may protect six more non-import players in addition to those that were protected in the second round. If a kicker or punter was selected in the Non-Import Draft, eight more non-import players may be protected. Ottawa will select one non-import player from each existing team in this round.

The only team that could possibly lose two QBs (sort of) is Calgary, but only if they don't protect Sinopoli. Not likely to happen.

First off, I'll remind everyone ... the TiCats can lose only 3 players. 1 import which includes a QB & 2 NI's. Of course you have to plan and think about it with respect to your roster, but in the long run I don't think it's going to significantly deplete any one team. If you lose a QB, you get to protect even more NI's. If you lose a kicker, same. You can't lose a kicker & qb. You'll lose only 1 import ... and by being able to protect 11 in reality ... QB & 10 imports ... I really don't see the one import that the TiCats lose will be a significant loss.

In actuality, I see the addition of 1 more team, and Free Agency to be more important! Ottawa can draft 24 players. They'll need A LOT more than that. That's where Free Agency will come into play!

Anyways ... Here's my list ...

Round 1 protections of QB & 10 Imports


Round 2 - NI's


I think between the two lists you're able to protect the core of your team. On offense you're set with your QB, RB, 4 Receivers, and 3 of your linemen. On defense you got your LB unit locked in, 2 DB's, Cdn depth on DLine.

Round 1

Henry Burris
Greg Ellingson
Bakari Grant
C.J. Gable
Brian Simmons
Joel Figueroa
Brandon Boudreaux
Torrey Davis
Evan McCollough
Jamall Johnson
Simoni Lawrence

I contemplated putting Breaux in there somewhere, but he has to show that he can stay healthy for an extended period of time. Lawrence was initially left off my list because I think that Bowman can play the WILL linebacker spot just as well, but then I saw that Lawrence is just 24 years old. Jamall will be 31 in October, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave the defensive leader unprotected.

Round 2

Andy Fantuz
Peter Dyakowksi
Courtney Stephen
Sam Giguere
Brian Bulcke
Hasan Hazime

In my opinion, the first four fall under the "must protect" tag. Giguere is certainly no superstar, but Stala is done and Campeau hasn't shown a thing. Note that I left Greg Wojt off, I think a lot of that depends on how much confidence Austin has in some of the young offensive linemen like Husband, Filer, Rockhill, Reinders, and Rice. Leaving Wojt unprotected allows the team to protect Bulcke and Hazime, which would be important with Gaydosh in the NFL and Atkinson's career in jeopardy.

Excellent choices & solid reasoning and strategy Jordan02!

I don't like the expansion draft, most teams like ours spent years trying to accumulate the players they have and the Redblacks will walk in and pick some of the very best players teams were trying to develop. The RedBalcks could end up with one of the best teams in the league right off the bat, were other teams have struggled for years to get were they are. BS I say to the expansion draft. :thdn: :cowboy:

Yes, but you can't have a healthy league with a weak team (expansion or not). In order to be successful Ottawa needs to be competitive right out of the box. This will make the league stronger. A stronger league makes a stronger Ticat team.


You can bet the RedBlacks don't like it either, even though it is a better plan for them than the Renegades got. I disagree that they might end up "with one of the best teams in the league right off the bat." For the other teams, the worst that can happen is they lose an unprotected QB or kicker or, otherwise, they lose, at worst, their 11th most valued (by them) import and their 7th and 13th most valued (again, by them) non-imports. High priced contracts and pending free agency will, in many cases, will determine which players are protected and will result in losing lesser (than stated above) valued players to Ottawa.

I honestly don't see it that way or am as concerned as you are about the expansion draft.

Again, you're losing 3 players in total. 1 import. 2 non imports.

If you aggregate the lists of possible "protections" detailed above ... and then consider who you may lose ... I don't see the concern.

First off there's only a 25% chance you'll lose a QB or kicker.

Let's say some of the imports left unprotected are guys like Onrea Jones, Tavoy Moore, Marc Dile, Terrance Moore, Eric Norwood, Nate Bussey, Raymond Brown, Erik Harris, Arthur Hobbs, ... etc, etc, etc ... if you loose 1 of these guys ... Is that really going to set your team's development back significantly?

On the non import side ... there are Olinemen like Husband, Rockhill, Rice, Filer ... Or receivers like Campeau-Charbonnea or question marks like Delahunt and other injured NI projects. Once again, if you loose 2 of these guys ... does that really set your program back? And that's to that they select one of your development guys and not a veteran left unprotected like Hage or Stala or Deidrick etc etc etc

I really don't think losing 3 players, especially when you can protect over 70% of your starting roster and risk only losing 12% of your starting lineup is really that big of a deal. They've had more than that week to week with injuries this year alone!

EXACTLY!!! Well said OttawaCat!!!

Plus, the very best players will be protected, so Ottawa will be picking from teams' "seconds". They should do ok, but not quite as well as you suggest. And each team only loses three players, about what they lose each year through free agency.

If memory serves me correctly last time Ottawa came into the CFL our O line was gutted. we lost Seth Dittman and Carl Coulter in the expansion draft and Chris Burns and Val St Germain left in free angency. Hopeing that doesnt happen this time :cowboy: