Expansion Draft

There are many people out there in Ti-Cat chat land whose opinions I very much respect.. If only I could meet Russ (oski oui oui) when in Hamiliton next week that would tickle me pink.

This topic is a bit premature with all the possible player movement now a days in the CFL but really it is not.

It is a fear of mine that we improve personal wise just that much more for 2009 then get carved up with ottawa back in the fray (expansion draft)

It is great that ottawa coming back, but the timing not so good IF ti-cats actually steadily improving.

Your thoughts, DJM

I dont know about Ottawa getting a team any time soon...

I can see Quebec city getting a team before Ottawa does again.

Whoa! I thought this was a done deal, Ottawa coming back 2010 / dispersal draft late fall of 2009???? DJM

well i know they were awarded a team but i didnt think it was a done deal for 2010. HOPING to start in 2010 was what i remember them saying.

Its all conditional on the stadium.

o.k, thx much. I did'nt know there was still delay on the stadium refurbish. I've always wanted to see a game in ottawa. DJM

Good luck with that, considering he lives in Montreal.

i don't see ottawa getting a team anytime soon, too much nonsense, broke down stadium, plus where is ottawa gonna get the talent to field a team, quarterbacking is at its weakest point in the past 25 years, there isnt any young lights out canadian players that are ready to takeover the league.

And they just announced theyre going after an MLS franchise. Maybe theyre better suited for soccer.

Oh no! Well that's 1 bubble burst. We trudge on! Thx for info. DJM