Expansion Draft:who would you pick and why.

What if you were in control of a Expanison team in the CFL and you had alot of players to choose from. Would it be QuarterBack,Running Back or a DT. pick any and team me why.

Not sure I understand your question properly but I would choose first a qb, this is the most pivotal role on a football team. 2nd would be a DT and 3rd a rb. I think rb's are more easy to find that the other two.

I guess if there is only one expansion team it wouldn’t matter who you picked first. But if I were limited to the number of players I could steal from other teams, one would definitely be a quarterback. You need someone with experience at that position. Not sure who would be left unprotected, though; a third-stringer from one team may end up being your starter for a while.

This is a little premature seeing there is no expansion for a few years yet.
I can't remember all the details of the last expansion draft with Ottawa, but I think each team protected 8 non-imports and Ottawa picked a player and then five more players were protected and Ottawa took another player or a second round draft pick in the college draft. The draft took place in January before the free agent deadline, so the free agent players weren't protected. Ottawa did sign several good free agents though when they became available in February.
With the QB's, two were protected which didn't leave Ottawa much to pick from but they got lucky in finding Kerry Joseph or they probably still wouldn't have a first string calibre QB.
Hopefully when and if Halifax joins the CFL will make sure they get some competetive players especially a good QB.
I thought Eric Tillman did a great job getting the Ottawa team up and running, but did a poor job for the most part drafting in the Canadian draft. Of course hindsight is 20/20.

Just trying to start a good ol debate here folks to see what is needed if you are a GM of let say Expanison X.

i would pick QB cuz u need a guy that is NOT a kevin glenn quarterback

Are you Kanga because this is a post he would do? Naw you did not mispell anything

oline men....preferably canadian.

Stock up on Canadians or QB's first. Both are important to win in this league.