Expansion Draft Protection List

The league announced to today how the expansion draft will work for when Ottawa's team (the rough Riders perhaps?) joins the league in (hopefully) 2013. There will be three expansion draft rounds - one import draft and two non-import drafts - as well as them getting some picks in the regular Canadian Draft in both 2012 and 2013. For the expansion drafts, the existing teams will be able to protect one quarterback and ten imports for the first round, six non-imports for the second round, and six more non-imports for the third round.

So, if the expansion draft were to be this year, which Ticats would you protect?

My protecton lists:

QB / Imports

  • Kevin Glenn
  • Arland Bruce III
  • Marcus Thigpen
  • Geoff Tisdale
  • DeAndra’ Cobb (yeah, I know)
  • Markeith Knowlton
  • Jerome Dennis
  • Jamall Johnson
  • Jykine Bradley
  • Stevie Baggs
  • Garrett McIntyre (is he a free agent this year?)


  • Dylan Barker
  • Ryan Hinds
  • Marwan Hage
  • Peter Dyakowski
  • Chris Bauman (if he doesn’t leave - any word on this yet?)
  • Dave Stala

Second non-imports
Whoever’s left on the O-line after Ottawa’s picks

Protect Yannick Carter. Probably the most under rated ST man in the league.

Here are the details:

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/football/2011/01/19/16946776.html]http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/footbal ... 46776.html[/url]

Looks a lot better than the original draft when the Renegades came into the league. Ottawa really got screwed on that one, when they finally got a decent team it was too late.

The league has to seriously look at reducing the Canadian content too - adding another team means giving jobs to another 20 Canadians.

I for the most part agree here, with a couple changes.

I'd take the risk on Cobb, I think there are other running backs Ottawa would pickup before him and if we lost him Thigpen could likely take over the duties in short order. I'd replace him with Eric Wilbur as he is quite young and has shown he can punt quite well and he won the Ray Guy award. I'd rather not roll the dice on another kicker. I'd also probably swap out Jerome Dennis with Maurice Mann if only to speak my displeasure with our DBs last year.

As far as the non-imports, if Bauman isn't a factor I'd put Matt Carter in the slot. I'm also a bit torn between Ryan Hinds (as he is still fairly young and developing) and Matt Kirk but for now I'd go with Hinds.

Of course a lot can change in two years

Ottawa could end up with the best team in the league right off the start. :oops: :oops:

Yeah, although my opinion's very unpopular, I hate the way this expansion thing works.But I guess there's no way around it.

Option year, he has the option to stay here or go to the NFL.

If this took place today…

Kevin Glenn
Justin Hickman
Jamal Johnson
Markeith Knowlton
Geoff Tisdale
Jerome Dennis
Marcus Thigpen
Stevie Baggs
Marquay McDaniel
Maurice Mann
Garrett McIntyre

Ryan Hinds
Dylan Barker
Peter Dyakowski
Marwan Hage
Chris Bauman
Simeon Rottier

Additional Non-Imports
Dave Stala
Matt Carter
Eddie Steele
Yannick Carter
Chris Rwabakamba(Would he count?)
Ray Wladichuk

IMO you’ve got to think about the future when selecting which guys to protect. Is a guy that’s 33 years old and on the tail end of his career, more valuable than a guy thats 24 years old and could be a big part of the teams future?

That would be quite a feat. They wouldn't have access to the top 8 QBs in the league, or the top 8 kickers, or the top 80 imports, or top 48 non-imports. If they somehow assemble a team from the leftovers that's better than all of the existing ones, they deserve to win.

Interesting point. Maybe it’s the 24-to-30 year olds you want to protect. Proven performance with years left to play. Something to be said for that. (I notice you listed Glenn and not Porter or Tafralis. Does it not apply to QBs? Or is it just a lack of faith in our younger guys?)

The way teams turn over players these days, however, I’m leaning more to only needing to protect the next three years. As well, you have to make sure you still have a viable team next year and not lose too many crowd favourites, so you need to protect your marquee players. So no, don’t protect Floyd as he’s almost ready to retire, but yes, protect Bruce and Stala as they are the near term future of the team.

My list looks like this now:

Call me in 2 years and I’ll update it

Too bad this doesn't happen until 2012. It would have been nice to see Montreal forced to choose between coughing up Calvillo or MacPherson.

Good point, I didn't even realize I did that with the Quarterbacks. But I think that position is different than most others, in most cases a quarterback's prime can go well into his 30's.

Yes you are right. It sounds good on paper but since all the other teams get to protect their best players, Ottawa will again have to start with the leftovers. However, they will probably have to spend some money to lure away some of the players that will be free agents. If Kevin Glen or Ray or any other starting QB is coming for free agency , I assume that their teams would not be able to protect them.

Your opinion is pretty popular with me lol. While I understand the need for it, I absoultely hate it. Our scouts work their butts off to find good players and then a team who has proven it can't be sustainable comes in and picks those players and when they fold again there is a dispersal draft and some guy are out of work and others get taken by other teams. It stinks. I feel for Ottawa fans because they are a great bunch of people, but I'm not convinced this is going to work.

Here's my idea for an expansion draft. I say we allow them to take any player who was on their roster when they folded last time. :lol:

Once again the timing of the expansion draft for Ottawa could really suck for Hamilton. I remember the last time they did the draft was shortly after we had won the Grey Cup. The team had a lot of depth at the time, couldn't protect it, and we lost a lot of talent. When the dispersal draft happened we made some bad choices. Those two events were partially responsible for putting this team in the cellar for awhile.

We have finally started building a good young team with some depth, and are positioned to do well the next few years, and along comes another draft. Hopefully we will be prepared if and when the draft happens. More long hours for OB and Joe Womack.

The team will no doubt look different in two years, but it is worth it to do a what if this were happening today. My philosophy is you protect the players who have the biggest impact on every play, and for me those are your lineman, and your skilled players. The last time this happened I remember we lost a couple of O-Lineman, and the team was never the same. Age, potential, and salary can also be a big factor.

Here is my list from todays roster, along wth a list of who is not protected:

Protected QB/Imports
Glenn, Kevin
Jimenez, Jason
Hickman, Justin
McIntyre, Garrett
Knowlton, Markeith
Johnson, Jamall
Bruce III, Arland
McDaniel, Marquay
Thigpen, Marcus
Tisdale, Geoff
Smith, Bo

Unprotected QBs/Imports (ouch)
Heyward, Will
Shivers, Jason
Dennis, Jerome
Bradley, Jykine
Baggs, Stevie
Bolden, Demonte'
Brown, Ike
James, Shannon
Hebert, Kyries
Floyd, Otis
Johnson, Belton
Wilbur, Eric
Tafralis, Adam
Porter, Quinton
Cobb, DeAndra'
Thornton, Willie
Mann, Maurice
Boltus, Jason
Harris, A.J.
Hargrave, James
Gibbs, Jeremy

Protected Non-Imports (1st 6)
Dyakowski, Peter
Rottier, Simeon
Hage, Marwan
Hinds, Ryan
Carter, Matt
DeAngelis, Sandro

Protected Non-Imports (2nd 6 - if still left)
Reid, Jermaine
Kirk, Matt
Stala, Dave
Barker, Dylan
Gauthier, Alexandre
Bauman, Chris

Un-Protected Non-Imports (ouch)
Wladichuk, Ray
Hood, Jonathan
Beswick, Marc
Steele, Eddie
Brown, Darcy
Schmidt, Steve
Carter, Yannick
Mariuz, Ray
Barrenechea, Agustin
Matechuk, Jordan
Ramsay, Brian
Hudson, George
MacKay, Glenn
Nicolson, Adam

This was really tough to do, as I don't like the list of unprotected players. Lots of future prospects and veteren players who will get plucked away. What is difficult is picking the best players and also keeping a balance of skill in all positions. I sincerely hope they increase the number of players we can protect, as this leaves us pretty vulnerable.

I Was Watching Sports Desk Last Night and I agree with Every Mark Hebscher Said
Going to Ottawa for the 3rd Time is Mistake
there a Fickle Sports town
Ottawa Will never work !!!
Keep things the way they are

There an Old Saying :
Fool me one one shame on you
Fool me Twice shame on Me
Fool me three times get a Straight jacket and call the men in little white coats.

So why did we go to Montreal for a 3rd or 5th time? remember the failure of the Als at the big Owe, they went under in 81 then a year later the league tried again with Les Condcordes, they lasted 2 seasons, then a year later the Als were born again but failed before the start of the 84 season. Then no football in Montreal until the Stallions came north, the Als almost went under again playing before 9,000 fans but that move to Molson stadium saved them.

The Renegades had larger crowds than the Ticats, the Argos and the Als in every year of their existence. We know that they failed because of the position they were put in by the league (lousy draft, huge expansion fee) the highest rental of any stadium in Canada, out of town non-interested owners etc.
It made more sense for the league to let Hamilton go and keep Ottawa, it was just luck that Bob Young took an interest in the last minute.

yes let's call in the guys with the little white coats to take YOU AWAY ............lol

I don't know where this OnKnight character has been for the past couple of years but he is way off base.

First of all Ottawa is a great sports town - the Senators still averaging over 20,000 fans a game in a stadium quite a way from the downtown and a losing team. The Ottawa 67s the highest attendance in Junior Hockey, 8,000 fans a game, mainly due to Jeff Hunt who will run the new football team - what's the attendance at Hamilton's junior team (oops I forgot they can't support a Jr team) or the Professional team the Bulldogs, remember last season playoffs 7th game 1,500 people in the stands.
Ottawa hosted some of the world female soccer a few years ago all the games 21,000 - 25,000 in the stands.
They hosted the Franco Phone games 3 years ago - the soccer games were played in front of 20,000 fans a game.

The Gades did have crowds larger than Hamilton or Toronto but we know what politics are like and it was obvious the league favoured Southern Ontario and hoping year after year that they can draw consistent crowds.
With Jeff Hunt running the new team and the revenue coming from Lansdowne and not just the stadium they will do well.
I don't have the same confidence in the Argos going on for much longer and with the Ticats going back to IWS I'm less optomisitic.