Expansion Draft on TV?

Does anyone know if the upcoming expansion draft will be aired by TSN in some capacity?

Doubt it very much. After selections are made, teams have an hour to update their protected list. That could make for an awful lot of dead time.

I’m sure the talking heads could fill the time. Throwing footballs and flags at each other, holding huge cardboard cutouts of each others’ faces, and speculating on which players each team will protect in the next round and on who Ottawa would select given those speculated protected players.

Next question: would anyone actually want to watch that?

Not terribly. :lol:

Just send out three press releases, one following each round of the draft, and that will do just fine. Now doubt there'll be plenty of interviews and such afterwards. But watching the actual proceedings would be like watching Bingo.

The expansion draft will be conducted in secret and obviously will not be on tv. Fans will not know who is protected and who isn't. There won't be details until afterwords.

I might

Probably not worth doing a live show during the expansion draft since the picks probably in a timed interval like an entry draft is.

However, I think a post draft special would be great. Break down the Redblacks selections, talk to the Desjardins and Campbell and look at what other holes they might have to fill. Then shift the focus to the other teams, the players they lost, the teams FA lists and which players will resign, what teams may do during FA to replenish their rosters. Then finish off with a quick look at the 2014 CFL entry draft and the top group of prospects, what teams may target whom. You don't need to spend a lot of time guessing who might've been exposed or who Ottawa might've passed over.

Now that I'd watch.

Maybe if the protection lists were made public, the draft might be interesting to watch. In that case, there would be the suspense of who each team protects, followed by the "perfect" vs."what are they thinking?", followed by more suspense over Ottawa's picks. And do all that twice more. But that's not going to happen. Instead, it would be, "Oh, that's who Ottawa picked. Huh."

That would be perfect made for TV CFL content for TSN. A breakdown of the players selected by the panel of experts and how the free agents recently signed as well as the 2013 Draft picks will fit into the puzzle of the new Ottawa franchise roster.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I would vote yes for that!!!

Who here thinks Wolverine29 needs a job at TSN?

I would vote yes for that too! :wink:

I'm off work until mid January. I'd love it if they would put this on.

It won't be on TV, but it should.

I would be very surprised if TSN has anything decent on that Monday when the draft is being held. Going by this Monday it'll be NFL primetime + Sportsnation + That's Hockey 2 nite for the 3 hour slot that could have had some sort of draft coverage on TSN2.

It would have been really easy to turn it into TV friendly content.
Get Duane Forde, the panel and maybe Naylor in there, then announce the picks in an order. Yes there is no need to announce them in an order but if you're trying to make it TV friendly then you can do it that way, start with the 8th place team of '13(Bombers) and go up to the GC champs(Riders) in their NI draft order.

During the show they could get guys who Ottawa drafted on to talk about joining their new team just like the NI draft, go over their FA signings, give projected depth chart after the first 2 rounds.
Like any other draft have Duane and company talking about if they were team X who they'd protect and who they'd draft if they were Ottawa.
They probably would have gotten good viewership in the same neighbourhood as what they got for the CFL draft in May.

I don't see why TSN couldn't do the Import draft and the first round of the Canadian draft. Ottawa will know going in who they are going to take as the list will be available to them ahead of time. Its not like the College draft where the next picks have to have some time to discuss which of the players left is the best option. Wouldn't take more than half an hour but one hour total would be better. Have the TSN Panel give a little talk on each player selected.

Come on TSN get with it. :thup:

yes that could work as well. TSN is supposed to add more CFL programing other than just the games and the pre game shows.
This is something where they could be in the studio. As Ottawa selects a player from their war room it can be reported to the studio.
A little research on possible players ahead of time could prepare the panel. The panel could be provided with the lists and sworn to secrecy to prepare.
This would be an historic CFL on TSN made for TV event Sponsored by ........


I look forward to the reaction. There will be surprises and no doubt criticism of the choices made, even though people won't know who was actually available. :lol:

I think the way this expansion draft is designed you're going to see fan favorites from all teams probably end up on the Redblacks. This really should be on TV I think it would garner a lot of interest. How much longer till the draft now? Its this month right?

…A post game analysis by say Forde and company would be great…Otherwise we’re going to get a drib …drab of info. here and there, about who and why certain players were chosen and others were not…This is a big moment in the CFL , affecting all teams and it should be given proper exposure…

I'm a little surprised by the leagues stance on making this such a big secret to everyone,you would think that it being officially off season now and the leagues first expansion in over 10 yrs. that they would like to make a splash and ramp up interest in this.From what I've heard the teams protected lists won't even be announced publically until after the draft is over.It just seems a little too clandestine to me as too why,the league wants to do this entirely in the dark and off air.I as a fan would like to know as it happens who and why and what players are going where.I'm sure that there will be a few surprises that we weren't expecting(unexpected players drafted,predraft trades etc.)I mean who wants to wait till it's all over and done to find out what 3 players are no longer on your team???? TSN televises the CDN Draft each year(at least the 1rst 2 rounds)So why or who is dropping the ball on Televising this historic draft??(I'm sure they could have enough material to at least broadcast an hour long show)

December 16!

We'll get a true sense on what direction our fave teams are heading in after that.

The biggest problem televising the draft is this:

The first two rounds can be completed in about 3 minutes, and the 3rd round done about 2-3 hours after that.

  1. Ottawa has the protected lists right now I believe.
  2. Desjardins will spend the next few days deciding who he's going to take.
  3. He gives the league a sheet of paper with 16 names on it.
  4. Each team finds out who they lost, take an hour to protect their next set of names.
  5. Desjardins gets the new lists, spends some time thinking, then submits another 8 names.

Unlike the NI draft where choice of the next team in the draft can/will be affected by the previous choices.

Unless I'm missing something here, there just isn't anything to broadcast live.

That said, a post-draft special would certainly make good programming for at least TSN2.