Expansion... a good idea or not?????

With the little amount of money in most CFL teams pockets, would the idea of expanding with many more teams be a good idea or not? For one, I think the teams need to lose the provincial name and go with city names. If the league were to ever expand in BC or Sask. how would it look to have a team in Saskatoon or Victoria with the cities name and then the other with the province? Personnaly I would love to see more teams in both the east and west. Think of the great rivalries you could have in BC, Sask, Quebec. Like they already do in Alberta and Ontario. Put teams in places like Halifax, Saskatoon, Victoria, London and even Quebec city (even though they couldn't keep a NHL team). Have more teams with less repeats on games. IE) Ottawa plays Montreal like 5 times this year between pre and reg season. BOOOOORRRRRRING.......West plays each west team home and away, east plays each east team home and away. Then you pick 2 or so teams from the other division and play 2 at home and 2 away. You could change it up so you don't always play the same teams from other divisions. As far as stadiums go, Halifax just proved how easy it is to convert a 2000 seat university stadium into 11,000. Sure you would want a little more than that but more could be added to each year until they were about 20-25,000. Realistically thats all a CFL team needs. Not all teams can fill a place like Commonwealth even though it would be a nice dream. I think if it were done with the proper steps, it could make the CFL a more financially sound league. Also have the cities as partial owners so some rich putz can't come in and pull the team or fold it. It's in the cities best interest to keep a team alive and keep money coming into the local economy. When ever these political retards see that I think I'll have a heart attack!

We need one more team, and it needs to be out on the east coast.

did you watch the game tonight?...............exciting and sold out at 40$ to 60$ a pop!

Only got to watch the first quarter. Did McManus play anymore
after that?

Yes, but you don’t want to know about that…but it looks like some CAT Q.B. rookies …are pretty good. HAMILTON…came back to tie the game late…excellent game. :smiley: 8)

dear lord, do we need another expansion thread, how bout you guys look back at the other 10 threads created on this topic, then we wont have to go through this.


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I wonder what the T.V. ratings will be like!

Im thinking for an exhibition game they'll be pretty good. Then maybe TSN
will realize theres a market for these games.

Troubling on the new instant replay for refs was TSN not showing the
actual play. Instead we got a picture of the ref. Come on TSN get it

We definitely need one more team in the east. If anything, Halifax made a strong case for itself tonight although I feel that Moncton should be given a chance to present their side of the argument.

I bet that HAMILTON ,will be sold out [or close to it] for the rematch.

37,000 in EDMONTON.

A sell out in HALIFAX. And these are just EX. games........cool!

I agree that MONCTON should get a chance next year. :smiley:

I Think The Fact That There Are So Many Posts On This Topic Is Proof That There Is A Great Demand For Expansion. I Personnally Would Prefer To See A Team In Quebec City Instead Of Halifax Because Quebec Is The Largest City In Canada Without A Major Sports Team And It Would Be A Great Rivalry With Montreal, As Well As Making The League More Bi-Lingual.

And As For The Changing The Province Names Lots Of Teams Have State Names In States With 2 Or More Teams; Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, And Golden State Worriors To Name But A Few.

I suspect Moncton will get a similar game next year - unless, of course, funding is found for a Halifax stadium before then. But like the guys on TSN were saying - it'd be nice to have a neutral-site game every year.
But if funding isn't found for a Halifax stadium, I bet they'll do Moncton next year.
I still think that even though more people live in the VICINITY of Moncton, the population is concentrated in Halifax - is anyone gonna drive a couple of hours for every football game? Probably very few. Halifax would be much more convenient.

im just asking for everyone to pay attention, read the other threads, and then dont double thread, cuz it takes up space, and that way, if you wanna discuss it, you can keep to one or two discussions, instead of 10 that say the same thing.

If they do put a team in Atlantic Canada, which they should, it should be in Halifax. It makes the most sense, it's the hub of the region. Moncton may have over a million people within approximately an hour's drive, but how many do they have in the immediate area? To the best of my knowledge, no more than 80 000. Also, I think that the whole population density argument in favor of Moncton holds little weight, because I'm sure there would be close to a million people living within a one or two hour drive of Halifax. Anyways, I think they should pursue the Atlantic expansion for another couple years and if they still have zero committment towards the construction of a stadium they should put the 10th team in Quebec City. Think of the rivalry with the Als.

3 days from now, the Moncton people meet in Ottawa with the feds over funding for a new stadium. They only need $10 million, which is 1/3rd of what Toronto asked for - and got - for the same purpose, so I'd say a new stadium in the Maritimes is almost a done deal. Offically, it is being built for the world track and field championships, but it will be designed in such a way that it can also host the CFL. See CanadaEast.com for details.

I think that about 300 of his 600+ posts are complaints about "another expansion thread."

What is hurting Quebec imo is our stadium. It is in no way a CFL caliber stadium, and even with a major investement, it would still be a University stadium. Until we have a real stadium Halifax is the best pick for the CFL. Too bad because Quebec would be a good market. And within a few years we would have a great rivalty with Montreal, we cant help it, its natural... :twisted:

Expansion appears to be premature at this stage. No proof of sufficient paying customers to support a team in the Maritimes. 10,000+ patrons are just too small. A rich owner would be necessary for team to survive. Television revenue's too puny to help. Usually a waste of tax dollars to keep private commercial businesses alive. Governments already have ways to waste public money. Past attempts at expansion have proven to be failures. No reason to believe outcome would be different.

That's the problem with the exhibition game, it didn't really prove anything useful. All it proves is that 11,000 fans will pay for overpriced tickets to see two teams from Ontario. I wish they'd expanded it to 20,000+, then the argument would have held some weight one way or the other.