Expansion 2 Laval PROVE ME WRONG

Why should Laval get a CFL team?
Reason 1
350,000 people Yes I know Part of Montreals metropolis area but?
Reason 2
Average attendance for Laval rouge et or 15,000 CIS football
Reason 3
Rivalry with Montreal (almost crosstown like)

Only downfall like every other city stadium either not big enough or no stadium at all.

But enough said now prove me wrong.

Because they'd be stealing Montreal's fans, and the Als would have something to say about that?
Because everyone in Montreal is an Als fan anyway, and wouldn't be too keen on an expansion team in the same city?
Because last year, the CFL hosted an exhibition game at PEPS stadium, which was poorly attended?

BTW, the U of Laval team plays out of the St. Foy campus (near Quebec City), so the averagie of 15,000 for CIS game would be a good arguement for putting a team in Quebec City not Laval.

As far as putting another team in the Montreal area, I think it could be done down the road. The new team wouldn't be stealing Al's fans away really, as the stadium is very small and always sells out so building another 25.000 seat stadium in Mtl. would give football fans that can't get in to see the Al's a chance to see CFL games played (and I think Mtl. can support around 50,000 football fans, like I said, in the future).

As I've said all along, it is a no brainer that the CFL should and could expand to Quebec City, where the Laval Rouge et OR regularly get over 15000 per game. The stadium can be expanded and the population in Quebecf City is bigger than Winnipeg, Hamilton, Saskatchewan and football is booming big time. Canada won the World Junior global football Championship with Macciccio as coach and 20 of the 33 players from Quebec. But brilliant Tom Wright continues to only look at Halifax?
As for Montreals suburb of Laval,forget it. Montreal has a population of 3.5 million and could easily be getting huge crowds if they had the room for the Alouettes, but not a second team.

Man, tell me you don't REALLY think the Rouge & Or plays IN Laval city...

Hey third And Ten sorry I was unaware that the Rouge et or played in or near Quebec City if that's the Case I Believe Quebec City should get the next team. And by the way learn how to read smartass I didn't say anything about Laval City.