Expanding the Stadium Capacity

I was thinking that it sure would be nice if the Stadium had 45,000 permanent seats. Tear down the north part of the stadium and rebuild it. Make the stadium more or less like a horse shoe. It would cut down on the north wind. I would close off the upper decks like they do at the MTS Centre.

I am not sure how much it costs every time we host the Grey Cup to put in those temp. seats.

Also it sure would be nice to have those extra seats for the major concerts at the Stadium

ok mad you gotta look at it this way. the city has a design and the funding for a new stadium, and as it is right now the stadium rarely sells. there is no point putting in new seats that won't fill and that we have anew stadium in the works.


The new design is a round 30,000 seat stadium with no room for temp seats to host a successful Grey Cup again, they need to re-think the design and make the new stadium 45,000 - 50,000 even if they have to close the upper decks, i agree with that part of it.

On that note i will actually agree with Esks123 post on our new stadium design thread, Qwest Field in Seattle is a perfect stadium (on a smaller scale), the capacity for the real qwest Stadium is 67,000, now scale that down to 45,000 - 50,000 and close off certain parts until they need to open it (Grey Cup, Playoff Games, Rider Games etc.) that make smore sense then the round 30,000 seat design with no room for temp seats even.

Canad Inns Stadium is a dump. It's old, uncomfortable, lousy concessions, lousy bathrooms... about the only good thing about the place is the sightlines.

So what if "there are worse stadiums in the CFL!"... tear it down and build a new one I say.

I'm sure the Bombers have lost a lot of sponsorship revenue to companies who'd rather have a luxury suite at the ballpark and/or MTS Centre to enjoy or entertain clients rather than a cramped seat with no legroom in the lower deck of the stadium.

I've had the pleasure of attending events in both a Canwest Global Park luxury suite (Goldeyes game) and MTS Centre luxury suite (concert), and let me tell you- going back to "regular" seats makes you feel 2nd-class... luxury is the only way to go!

....refurbishing the old stadium is a waste of money...IF...the Aspers are willing to put money into the Bomber franchise, then i say ....let them go for it....and especially if there is going to be a new facility as a result.....Other corporate involvement would definitely follow...resulting in a state of the art facility...something Winnipeg has deserved for a long time....Just putting a face-lift and a paint job on the ol' stadium is just not going to get it done.... :roll:

the aspers won;t be the ones buying or building the stadium unless they go in with canad inns and the red river exhibition commity and it they do they will a battle for rights to the stadium name. i say the the house that jack built has had its prime and to refurbish will be a wasted effort cuz it'll take to much money and ina afew years will be in the same state. i think we just have to build a new stadium but to do that we need to get more support out of winnipegers

If Canad Inns Stadium was simply rebuilt,I would also think that the North Endzone should be ripped out and a nice 40-50 Row section. Then of course the JumboTron should then be relocated to the South Endzone side.

But, I really do think that a new stadium will be built, just hopefully not at the Ex grounds. Somewhere closer to the center of the city so that everyone can get there within a reasonable time.

Also, a new stadium should have seating for about 33,000 with the option to have another 10,000 seats put in. Perhaps even 15,000. I'm not sure on how this would be done since some are thinking this will be a partially or totally covered stadium.

blue&gold4ever and others, the new stadium that looks like a toilet bowl is going to be expandable.
It has 30 000 permanate seats with room for expansion.
They are going to have room to add another 15 000 seats for a grey cup game.

Now if they choose to renovate the current stadium, I will agree with Jets on how bad it really is.
They will need to really gut it and rebuild it to make it worth keeping.

I agree that just slapping some new paint on it isnt going to work, but if the structure of the old place is still sound and a new stadium cant be built, we have to look at expansion to 45,000 seats with a partial enclosed roof, ala the toilet bowl design. We have to plan for the GC being played here every 8 years or so and the comfort for the fans.

Asper is planning a 40K seat Partially covered Stadium with some room to expand, however he has said that 40K is all you need to have a successful Grey cup and that's right, those Temp seats cost alot of money Permenant seats are better that way you have the Facilities built in. It's like the Arena, it is built for 15K but for moose games they close the top third off and bring it to 9K They average 7-8K per game a good number and they make money.

With the bombers they can make the Stadium for 40K, with the option to close off 10K seats(similar to how Edmonton does probably) the upper end-zone seats would be the main ones, Then for the Banjo Bowl open her up and bring those green Priders in to fill up the Stadium. Same for Playoff games and the pre-season game(20K season ticket holder with a free ticket for a buddy is 40K)