Expanding the CFL library on itunes or other online source

I know that all of last year is on there which is kickass, I gladly paid to download a few games. Does anybody know if there is any plan to upload previous seasons onto there for sale? I can't see it being expensive for the CFL to do and should be a nice money maker as well as expanding its exposure.
I dunno about you guys but I can think of about a dozen games I'd love to download if they were available!

You have to request it from TSN I believe, but I asked last year to provide games for purchase on iTunes U.S., and never even got a reply.

I don't believe that they'd put old games on-line, for the sake of putting them on. The cost of it would be tough to recoup. However, if the league did put the 100 greatest games (regular season, playoffs, and Grey Cups), as chosen by the sportswriters of Canada, the Hall of Fame, etc... people might pay for that. I know I would.