Expand the Salary Cap

I dont disagree with any of that really, a 10th team is miles away, a few of the current teams are troubled, But clinging on.

I was going with trying to best improve crowds as a reasonable turnover as would an additional team would give more in future tv deals.
No interest in going to the stadium eventually leads to no interest in watching it on the tv.

The original question was increase salary cap, the answer i said was no, it would lead to 6 teams left and then 4 and then gone imo.
Keeping it a 9 is priority 1 even if that was lowering the cap.

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You speak the truth.
I have gotten whacked a couple of times for mixing and matching threads but with the CFL at this point I think that all this stuff is tangled up together. TV Deals, Canadian Expansion, USA Expansion, CXFL merger, Ratio, Salary Cap, Ownership Changes, 4 downs, MLSE/CSEC, New Ownership groups, Franchise Valuations. There are so many threads on this tapestry that are interwoven and cross-connected that it is hard to discuss one without pulling on a tangential thread.

I don't think that it is financially possible to expand the salary cap without getting a huge TV bump in the bank account, and that doesn't happen with 9 teams all located in Canada playing in the fall.


Yea there ain't no easy solutions. The one thing we all agree on the CFL is great and exciting football. Just as exciting as the NFL Despite us being the poor cousins


It's true larger attendance looks better for TV but after seeing truly near empty stadiums for XFL 2.0, AAF and the USFL in recent years, CFL attendance doesn't look so bad...

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CFL attendance is spectacular compared to the recent slate of spring leagues, and most importantly it's recovering and trending upwards. These leagues typically struggle to pull even in attendance throughout a season, let alone more than one.

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XFL 2020 had an average of 18,571 - CFL in 2022 had an average attendance of 22,000. CFL is better but they are both living in the same postal code. I would venture a bet that this iteration of the XFL is probably pretty close to CFL attendance numbers from the looks of it they don't have any truly crappy markets.

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There's more to it than that, though. XFL 2020 also only played 5 of their planned 10 regular season weeks and none of their postseason, so the picture is incomplete when it comes to physical attendance. It's also worth mentioning, as someone who paid pretty close attention to the numbers then, that two or three of the teams (Seattle, Houston, STL) did almost all of the heavy lifting, and several teams (LA, NY, Tampa) were struggling to pull in a steady physical audience even 5 games in. Television audience also started to decline after the second or third week. Even the CFL's poorest attendance shower last season probably outpaced the best XFL team.


They can’t?

You are saying that Toronto last year outpaced St. Louis in 2020? True the XFL only got half way through a season but the way you are talking you are telling me the CFL numbers are the numbers of University Michigan numbers and the XFL was drawing U Sports HS attendance numbers. CFL drew better numbers but it wasn't double or triple of what the XFL was drawing on average. It was within a stones throw.

Any bets on what happens this year with attendance in the XFL? Other than Vegas, which market is going to crash and burn? The next iteration got rid of LA, NY, Tampa and picked up San Antonio, Orlando and Vegas. Vegas will be the team with low numbers I would expect the others to be in the mid teens at the very lowest and I would expect solid numbers in Tejas, Seattle, St. Louis and Orlando.

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Or I would think that it would be more difficult than Montreal's owner dropping off the keys at the CFL office like they are dropping the keys at Mr. Lahey's on their way out of the Sunnyvale trailer park.

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:laughing: well put :joy: :smile: :joy:

Speaking of which, maybe we can get Julian & Ricky to invest in an Atlantic expansion team

They can play home games right in the trailer park

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I thought the Riders came close in the 80s. Weren't there telethons to prevent them from folding?


Of course. Ditto for the Stamps, Lions, and Rough Riders. In each of those cases, a private owner stepped up to keep the team going.

That was fortuitous, but not guaranteed. If a rich private owner doesn’t show up, I would think a community based team would be able to fold or cease operations just as a privately owned team could.


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To be clear I do have some optimism for the XFL 3.5 unlike for a trash hub league, for though sloppy in some regards the XFL 3.5 has better funding and organization than any prior edition since the XFL 1.0.

But with ESPN as the lead for media promotion and the current disarray at Disney at levels far above interests and concerns of the XFL, well I'm not optimistic so far on that selection of a media partner but it's early. Of course with Fox and NBC tying themselves to the hub league at the behest of the puppet master NFL their largest client, it's not like the XFL 3.5 had many remaining choices with a large media presence.


Out of interest, how do salary caps compare to xfl caps?
Not everyone is suited to bigger cfl fields,
Would canadian players move to xfl? Has that happened? What about americans in cfl?

some movement but hasn't affected main roster guys yet.

No XFL salary cap that I know of

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I still like the idea of creating one franchise player for every team that is not on the salary cap .

This may have kept a Rourke in the CFL .

Yes I know it's dangerous when there are terrible accountants in the CFL but one player for every team would keep a certain amount of talent in the CFL and with the cap in place it should be able to still keep costs in line .

I also think the CPA would understand that stars are needed in the league .

What the highest amount one would pay ; I would leave that up to every team according to their budget and ability to pay .

Hopefully they have learned and know the line not to cross .

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I don't think they have a salary cap because all the teams are owned by the league but the base salary is about $80,000 cdn per player - multiply that by 45 players $3,600,000 Then throw in some other budget fluff and I would say that the XFL per team is probably at about $5 million cdn per team. Can't imagine it being much more than that. From a financial standpoint it looks like the USFL and XFL are using more or less CFL type budget numbers in operating their leagues.