Exotic Dancers

...someone mentioned this entertainment form in a main forum post, won't mention who because it was somewhat creepy, to me anyway...

...bars that feature Exotic Dancers, Strippers, etc...I've always been puzzled by this entertainment offering...you go to a bar, a young woman dances for the crowd on a stage, seductively removes her clothing, teases the men in the front row, then leaves...next dancer comes on stage does the same...rinse, repeat...

...I enjoy beauty as much as the next guy, but the point of this display is lost on me...am I supposed to be sexually aroused by this? because that's just super weird, to be sexually aroused amongst a group of strange men, or friends...and if I was, do I run home? back to my lover? I'll bet she's not going to be impressed by what's on my mind....

...just never saw the point in this, am I a minority in this thinking?

it "interested" me when I first became legal to go into such places. Soon lost its appeal.

In my previous life, I spent LOTS of money on dancers. LOTS!!!

At this point of my life, I have no interest.

The last time I went was with my best friend - he came up from the U.S and insisted on going...

I sat in a well lit corner and waited for him to blow his money. In that corner, I could see how "hard" the women looked - the words "biker chick" come to mind. Their wrinkles, scars, implants and excessive makeup were shocking; there's a reason why those places are so dimly lit. If I ever needed a reason to keep my wallet in my pocket and avoid those place in the future, this was it.

All the men get all excited before they go and then when they are in there, they sit around like they are at Church. Seen that many times…The ladies act all prim and proper beforehand and then go wild for the dancers. I don’t want my woman to be oogling and handling anything she shouldn’t be.
I always found this opposite reaction, in both men and women, rather strange.

All I know is these strip joints are what I call Mushroom Farms.

        Dark and full of shit.

Went two or three times, that was enough. I wasn't particularly comfortable being around the regular strip clubcrowd. I don't think my presence was appreciated by management either as I never gave any money to a dancer and, not being a drinker, I never spent anything at the bar either.

I used to get into a strip place for free by washing glasses and helping with the spotlights. Almost got a job doing the lights. Was supposed to start on Monday but left for up north on sunday.

Wait ; They clean the glasses and they have spotlights .

You sure you were at a strip club and not at the airport lounge .

nice little place called Izzy's on Georgia in Vancouver in the 70's

I used to go with the guys from work once in a while. You know, comradery(sic) and all that. Two rules I had. Never drink out of a glass, always the bottle and NEVER, EVER eat at the place.

I live in Niagara Falls where there are more strip-clubs / rub and tug joints, per capita, than anywhere in Canada - I think there is one per Niagara resident. :wink:

My friends and I started going when we were 16 - we went in and NO one checked our I.D. It is a(n expensive) right of passage in Niagara - we use to call it "going down the Sunny Road".

Johnny missed that when he visited Niagara Falls a few years ago! Had a good time at the bird and butterfly gardens, as well as the Falls themselves.


As I mentioned in my first post, you didn`t miss much. :slight_smile:


Yikes that place has been gone for over 40 years.

Don’t look now, but you just may be old

Do they call it that because of the Sundowner stripclub that was/is there?

You sound like the life of the party

I worked at a strip club that was mentioned in a Motley Crüe song.
I used to think that was really cool. Why? I’m not sure

I have no problem whatsoever with the strip club crowd. You will hardly ever encounter any drunkenness at strip clubs. The patrons are there for the women, not the booze. The true connoisseurs are typically quaffing non-alcoholic beverages.


The word connoiseurs in describing any strip club patrons is pure comedy.


I was 16 35 years ago and, of course, security is MUCH tighter now.

I remember the first time I went. I was with a bunch of friends and a dancer came over and sat on my lap. I was TERRIFIED but trying NOT to let on. She said, "OMG, you're scared and shaking like a leaf" - she didn't say it in a hurtful way, she just thought it was cute because I was so young and gave me a BIG hug.

My friends NEVER let me hear the end of that one - NOT in a nice way (wink).

But unlike "fine" wine the dancers won't leave you hungover....