Exiting the Stadium

I thought there would have been a thread about this already, but here goes...

Leaving the stadium after the RR game I was watching (and waiting) as the fans were herded to the gate on the north side of the stadium. First of all, the gate was only open about 8 feet wide...nowhere near it's fullest.

Then, there was a young lady handing out samples of Irish Spring. She probably had 12 boxes of the stuff blocking the exit, along with the usual amount of people stopping for their "entitlement" of a FREE sample.

Kids were being bounced about by adults oblivious to their presence.

Two guys almost started a fight, but for the cooler heads of the people around them who ensured they didn't get it going.

There has to be a better (and safer) way of doing this. I am glad that nothing required the immediate exit or entrance of any Emergency Personnel into the stadium, because there is no way it could have happened.

I know the Cats always read these forums, so I'm hopeful that situations like these can be avoided in the future.

I exit at those gates after every game and it is a joke. Half the time they will only have the one section open, so the fact they had one and a half last week was an improvement lol. I don't get how its that hard to open a gate...

I am in a wheelchair, my mother & I have a terrible time leaving the stadium. People can see we are trying to get out but they act like we have no right being at the stadium. I have told my concerns to management but it is totally ignored.

It's been like this for a while, and yes it has been discussed here many times.

Is it the city that insists the gates be opened only part way, or is it the ticat's management?

I'm guessing that they do this for crowd control, so that large groups of people don't pour on to the streets and get run over.

But since people are walking down the middle of the streets anyway, what is the point?

To be honest I really have no idea why they do it and it is very frustrating at times.

2 Ti-cat fans fighting over a free bar of soap. Sounds about right to me. :wink:

If it were two Toronto fans, one would drop the bar of soap on purpose in excited anticipation. :wink:

The atmosphere at the Skydome too sterile as it is. What would anyone want more soap for? :wink:


Touche Birdman.