Exit Moore, Enter Jackson???

I was not impressed with Moore's returns, even JC Gable did better. Should they start Jackson next Week?

Give these guys a chance to settle in and get comortable the team. It makes no sense to start a revolving door and go back to square one every few games with a new guy.

An Argo-Cat fan

Moore had zero blocking in BC. He was tackled as soon as he caught the ball. That's not his fault. Give him some running room, then judge him.

Then take the ball up the field...aka forward.

Stop with the side to side "cha cha" every stinking time.

Seems to me he had problems catching the ball. Often it bounce in front of him then rolled on for yards. The key to good punt returns is to catch the ball in the air and head up field. This guy put us in the hole too often. Love how many side ways yards he gets.