Exit from THF

I sit high up on the west side of the field.After each game I see fans having to climb stairs and then have to walk down the stairs to exit the same way I do.Are there exits at the bottom that are not yet completed or has there been a HUGE oversight?

Their are stairs that lead you down to the field level on either side of the centre tunnel of the lower bowl of the west side stands. (The two aisles that serve section 104 which span the mid-field)

But you need a field-pass or access pass to the Caretaker's Lounge to do so.

If you don't have one of these, you have to walk up to the main concourse in order to walk back down to ground level. Reverse as far as entering the stadium.

If you have the pass, you can enter and exit street/field level & just walk up the stairs to where ever your seats are much like it was at IWS.

I swear it takes MUCH longer to exit this place vs IWS.

I agree. We have given up entering and exiting from Gate 1 or 2. Its just too congested now. I enter and exit at Gate 4. Way less congestion.

Part of that is the landscaping not being done. I know there is a bottleneck on Canon because of the plaza that's not yet completed.

At Ivor Wynne, every section had its own staircase leading directly into a wide open concourse straight to the gate. The only bottleneck, at least on the South Side, was the gate itself, where everybody converged. At THF, the concourse leads only to another set of stairs which all sections converge on. In the end you have an entire stadium using 4 staircases.

Its pretty slow but Ottawa's new side is built much the same. As long as the fire department is okay with it, I'm guessing modern stadium builders don't see saving 5 minutes of people's time after the game worth the added cost of so many staircases?

everyone left at half time at IWS. were winning here so we stick around for the whole game :smiley:

They should just install those safety slides that are on airplane. Haha

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

And for Argo fans... Ejection seats.

Yes and no. It wasn't done as much as it is now the first few games and the congestion wasn't bad at all. Of course, the western upper deck and club levels were not open yet. Also, for this latest game, they had stepped up the security with full pat-downs. That had slowed up the entrance. The exiting was slow right from the start.

I left early (my 12 year old was frozen and I’m trying not to kill her interest in football) and took an elevator from the upper west side straight down to the parking lot beside the stadium (using a one door exit). I did not get my potato chips.

Having finally sat in my season seats in the upper west section I plan to renew next year with seats in the lower bowl. The stairs to the upper deck are too much and the wind tunnel to the seats is brutal (The view is excellent).

So long as there is no emergency, we should all be good.

This is for all the naysayers who thought the stadium was in the wrong location. It took us 15 minutes to drive from THF to the west mountain via Cannon, Wellington, Clairmont Access, Upper James and Mohawk. The bike lane on Cannon was not a problem. After the game, I didn't hear one fan complaining about the new stadium in a residential neighbourhood. The only conclusion I can draw is that the stadium complainers are not TiCat fans or season ticket holders. Long live THF! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I haven't had a problem getting out, I just walk out no lines, lots of gates, I think its fine :thup:

Boy, people love to complain about everything :roll: