so bombers als thursday in a nothing game but should be good to see the rooks take the field.

anyways.. EXHIBITION.. with the new stadium done by next season... just have a legit question and wonder how likely this could be...

could the minnesota vikings possibly play an exhibition game at the new digs?

i'd like to see this.. just 1... i mean, no threat of nfl coming to wpg so why not have a vikings game at the new digs?

i think it would sell out... i have no doubt in my mind it would.. could it happen tho?

....It's a nice thought.....but would they reciprocate and allow us to play an ex. in their new stadium???? :lol:

Our field, our rules? That would be interesting for sure. With our waggle we would not have to do anything but have them go offside on every plays. But I doubt very much it will ever happen. They have nothing to gain so why agree and take the chance on getting your players hurt and a game like the pro bowl is not very interesting.

Other than Floyd & Henderson, not much to get excited about.

Don't know about exciting but the oline was down right ugly...

Yeah, the Als o-line didn't look very good. Considering that most of the Bombers defence was made up of rookies, they were getting some decent pressure even against the Als starters from last season.

I thought Cory Watson had a good game, too...

…We were as good as you can be with all of the rooks…Some impressed more than others…I’m going to say right off the bat, i can see why Mack and Lapo drafted Etienne…He may have a lot to learn but when he does… :thup: …He didn’t look out of place at all and should have had a td. if it weren’t for the interference…AND on one of the last plays off the game the Als. defender was draped all over him… If this were a reg. season game that one would probably have been called as well…I like this kid…I know it’s tough to come to any accurate assessment in a pre-season tilt but Etienne impressed…

…Perry Floyd is going to be on this team in some capacity…He’s a speed demon…Garrett may have a slight edge on Volny and Henderson…That’s going to be a tough decision on who to keep :roll: …

…Ni Watson looked great…the other Watson…not so much…

…The most important position on the field is still up for grabs…Nobody came through with a great performance…I guess we have to take into consideration our best offence was not on the field but the play of the qbs.left lots of room for improvement…I’d like to see Golts get more time as well

On to the rest of t.c. and waiting for T.O. :rockin:

Etienne impressed me the most of all the rookies, great body control, uses motion and pace very well to get open, he' calm and concentrated. All the tools, he doesn't have a great frame but he can work on that.

Not surprised considering who was in, perhaps Lapo wanted to see all the QB's perform under pressure. :lol:

I don't like the idea of moving Labatte, you have an all star calibre guard, I would have left that alone. If you play imports on the oline they better be superb...

The Bombers have some young NI guards who are looking very good in TC and Khan hasn't ever really gotten back to his pre-illness form. Our starting imports on the oline will not be a problem if that's what you're suggesting.

Should have also added that Khan was out with a groin injury and missed over a week. I saw a report from today's practice that indicated Khan was back at centre. Fred C Dobbs also mentioned he didn't notice anyone else at centre taking reps with the QBs. He also mentioned that Surla was doing the long snapping at practice.

Who’s that ? Morencie ? LOL. I am talking about January and Butler. Talking about the import tackles that Lapolice and Mack have decided to go with. I just don’t see the oline as being a strenght for the Bombers.

Who (other than you) said anything about Morencie? I was actually referring mainly to Greaves.

And I was referring to either January/Butler and Douglas (who you seem to have forgotten about) as the imports on the oline.