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I agree Dave, but to just bring one other point about this, the old exhibition games they did have, Americans would come North because at one time the CFL paid more than the American leagues did… so talent level was fairly equal, but I am of the opinion that is not the case now.

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And there in lies the problem. If you believe that to be true of today’s talent then back it up by playing the games. I am not afraid to see the results from a NFL vs CFL exhibition as obviously you are. If you think that an NFL player would slack off in this kind of game your fooling yourselves. They would not want to be embarrassed by a “supposedly inferior league”. The only real question is would those NFL players take the chance and play the game at all due to potential injuries and the possibility of losing their jobs to another player. Obviously there is little incentive for an NFL player to play in this kind of game so it would have to come from the top. Will it happen? Probably not for the reasons I have already mentioned, but that does not mean one can not inquire about it.

...NFL players these days scoff at playing in their own Pro Bowl because it is meaningless...in what alternate reality would they care to play a friendly against an entire different league?

You’re fooling yourself if you think players with multi-million dollar contracts won’t risk career-ending injury by playing all out to prove that they are better than players in a league most of them never even think about.

Either you’re fooling yourself or you’re just afraid that those NFL players you idolize aren’t so much better than our CFL players. I’m not afraid to find out. I’m brave that way.

It's a good topic but we'll never see it again simply due to the differences in schedules.

The old exhibition games took place during the NFL pre-season so it would make no sense for the CFL today to suspend a week or two during the regular season to play meaningless games and risk injuries.

Likewise, it makes no sense for the NFL to play these games to assess their talent while playing a game with different rules, even part of the time. Plus who would cover the insurance for either side?

Owners in either league nor the respective PAs wouldn't see any upside today.

Many NFL players would struggle playing Canadian football. There's a good reason why CFL LB's top-out at around 230 lbs with our huge field and 20-second clock. Those 250-lb+ NFL LB's would be in the oxygen tent by the end of the 1st Q, along with many oversized linemen and other jelly-bellies. I frankly have no interest in watching CFLer's playing American football, not even for a half game or flag football.

What are you talking about? most of our players are ex-NFL. In fact ex-NFL players usually start straight away when they come north, the exception would be QBs.
All of our best players are ex-NFL or ex-NCAA.
I don’t recall too many CIS players that would be starters on a roster in their first year.

But getting back to the original topic. How would an exhibition game work? Would they play on a Canadian sized field with the TWO extra players on the field?
The NFL pre-season is in August, does the CFL give up regular season games in August to play an exhibtion against an NFL team.
It would never happen so it really is pointless talking about it.

It seems to me that the only possible way any kind of game would have to be played in June, when the CFL training camps begin or when a team is on a bye week(or a 2 week break if they have 3 byes instead of two). Then its possible, but in all fairness, NFL teams would have to be given time to learn CFL rules, and a practice or two on a CFL field before any kind of exhibition game, but for those who think that the CFL talent is on par, or close to NFL talent are in for a shock. There is a reason why Americans come north, and why CFLers come back quite often from NFL tryouts.

I think we can all agree that these kind of games will most likely never happen for several reasons including scheduling, no benefit to NFL players in particular and insurance. However, if it did it is in fact you doubter’s that would be in for the shock.

The player pool of NCAA and CIS combined is far larger than the amount of roster spots on NFL rosters. Yes there is a reason americans come north, its called supply and demand. After picking the rare cream of the crop players (which are a small fraction of the player pool in the NFL), the rest of the league can only put so many players on a roster. Of those some are picked especially for the NFL game and would have issues playing on a CFL field. For the rest of the players who can play on either field, and are not in the rare cream of the crop, it is as much a crap shoot as anything. Most of the time a CFL player gets cut on the last day it is not because they can not play in the league but rather someone has to be cut and its usually the newbie.

There are many examples of CFL stars that make it just fine in the NFL, and many examples of good NFL players that came north and did nothing. Hell there is even Sean Salisbury who was cut by the Bombers many moon ago cause he sucked, and went on to play for the Vikings. Quite a few Heisman trophy winners also came north and did nothing. Every NFL player that has come north has pretty much said the same thing that the talent level in the CFL is for the most part on par with the NFL as a whole (rare players aside). I think that these guys are far more qualified than anyone here on determining talent levels. That said I would be more than happy to see it on the field of battle then sit here and theorize about it.

The games in the 50s and 60s occurred in a time when the seasons were shorter and the preseason was longer and overlapped. When the seasons expanded to 14, 16 games and so on the NFL did so into the winter accounting for the many warm weather cities while the CFL expanded into the summer and pushed its regulars season overtop the NFL preseason.

I don't think this exhibition could take place while either league is playing competitive games.

I would love to see a modern interleague 2 game home and away series though.

I would love to see a modern interleague 2 game home and away series though
That would be cool!

The CFL gets its players from many sources NCAA,CIS and yes the NFL too.

Yes, SOME of those NCAA, NFL players would not be able to play in the CFL for weight,cardio type reasons however let us not play pretend that the vast majority of players (that are in the top say 33% of players ) from all three sources combined into a player pool could play in either league. The larger issue for CFL talent is the ratio rule but that is another topic for another thread and has been talked about since the beginning of football. Even with that self imposed restriction I will take my chances in an exhibition series if it ever happened.

Inter league exhibition games is the most pointless ridiculous suggestion I have heard.

This is not soccer.