Exhibition game in Ottawa

I wish the CFL should host an Exhibition game in Ottawa next year to remind us in the city that they haven't forgot us.

thats a good idea, IMO.

Expand the pre-season to 3 games and hold 4 games in Ottawa or Quebec City or London or ___(any other option)

It would be win-win CFL teams get both an extra game and Week to evaluate talent
a canadian city outside the current 8 get to see a CFL showcase weekend.

Have all 4 games on TSN over 3-4 days(max 1 double header on saturday or sunday)
Make it in the final pre-season game so that it is mainly starters.

It could be very good, Rent the local stadium for the weekend + possibly expand seating.
It would nicely lower costs of holding the games(like seating costs/rental costs)

3 pre-season games would be perfect especially if the all 3rd games are televised.

CFLPA needs to sign on, the CFL would likely have to agree to letting vets sit the first pre-season game, which is fine

yea. They didn't attend regular season games when they had a team, maybe they'll attend an exhibition game with two other cities playing. yea ... great idea.


I wonder just how many fans would show up for a pre-season game in Ottawa. Even when they had a team, their attendance in 2005 was less than 20K per game. The pre-season game would be lucky to get 10K, and which teams? Hamilton-Toronto? Toronto-Montreal? IMO, this is not a good idea.

I like the idea, but I agree, I don't know if it would work. Maybe if it was Toronto-Montreal (two closest cities I believe) ... and it would be pretty neat if 20,000 fans or so did show up, just to prove all you skeptics wrong :wink:

22,000 including the raccoons and cockroaches at Frank Clair Stadium.

Raccoons, maybe; but cockroaches? I don't think they'll let the Gliebermans anywhere near the place.

Raccoons, maybe; but cockroaches? I don't think they'll let the Gliebermans anywhere near the place.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope they can get 18 regular season games in the near future.....

If they let the Gliberboobs in again the cockroaches would pack up and leave.

Halifax should buy the stadium and ship it there brick by decrepid brick.

An exhibition game in Ottawa seems a nice idea. The 2008 Pre-season would obviously work, but they could also have one sooner.

How about a 2007 Post-season exhibition/consolation game?

Three possibilities:

  1. Saturday before the Division Semi-finals (Nov. 10) between the two Playoff non-qualifies.

  2. Saturday before the Division Championships (Nov. 17) between the two Semi-final game losers.

  3. Saturday before the Grey Cup (Nov. 24) between the two Championship game losers.

The last option would seem to be the most meaningful as it would serve to determine 'third place'. It might distract from the Grey Cup itself though (and vice versa), plus maybe it is better not to ask teams that played all the way to the Championship round to play another game if it isn't for the Grey Cup.

I find the first option interesting since it would let teams that aren't in the playoffs have a chance to play a Post-season game, even if it is just for pride. Plus, having it first allows it to be a sort of 'Post-season kick-off' game (and they could market it that way).