Exhibition Game idea

Since Marcel Bellefeve ..is now offensice co-ordiantor in the UFL OMAHA NIGHTHAWKS

Why not arrange an exhibition game next year between the ticats and them. It could create alot of interest seeing the cats against another league. We could play 4 down football and their rules or have a 2 game series one game at theior home with their rules and one at our home with our rules .

It could create interest and bring more of an awereness of the CFL to UFL players as most of these players have all been drafted in the NFL and been cut

http://www.omahanighthawks.com/ http://www.omahanighthawks.com/2012-roster/ http://www.omahanighthawks.com/coaches/

Now that's going out of your way to find a team the Ti-Cats might be able to beat... :lol:

8) You should stress that word....Might !!! :lol:

That's a great idea but I'd rather see an ex game agains't the Bills, I think it would create more excitement and this was done many years ago I believe.

A few problems with playing the Bills :

  1. What's really in it for the BILLS..their fans don't know us.
  2. They are much larger , stronger players at each position and there would then be massive mismatches on the LInes for one.
  3. We would get smoked by any NFL team
  4. At least we'd have a shot against a UFL team

The big positive would be to have it in rogers Center and it would sell out the place to see an NFL team play us .

Another idea could be an NFL team against a CFL all-start team chosen to match NFL syle of play ..larger players like

Moore in Calgary, Messam , Corey Boyd, Keron Williams in BC , Bigghill in BC

For sure there would logistics like the potential mismatches and size albeit there's more to football than just size, but I think a positive would be along the lines of what soccer does with these friendlies the less skilled MLS teams playing agains't the big European teams with better players. It does create excitement and helps the sport (MLS as well?) in North America.

As mentioned by mikem and others, soccer is on the rise here and maybe the two pro gridiron leagues can learn something, I don't know. And I'm sure there would be some money to be made unlike the NFL Europe adventure that cost the NFL big money all in the name of growing the sport over there.

But hold the game at the new stadium here in Hamilton.

The Cats and the Bills played an exhibition game in the early sixties when they were still in the AFL. I think we played our rules in one half and their's in the other half. The Cats won, of course (it was the sixties after all - the glory years). I'm sure I've seen this mentioned before on this site but am unable or unwilling to investigate. Perhaps someone has such information?

The cflapedia website documents several games involving Canadian and American teams. The Hamilton vs Buffalo game is one of them.

So the idea would be to give up say a pre-season home game with the ARgos or Als or Bombers and have a UFL team come here?

8) I doubt we would even have a shot against a UFL team.
   You want a CFL all-start team (as you stated) with larger players, like the names you mentioned, to play an NFL team ??

    Only problem with that is, all the players you mentioned, plus the rest of the CFL all-start players, are NFL rejects !!

     It would be another blow out for the NFL, to put it bluntly !!

      But then again.....you already stated that fact,  so why bother even discussing it further ???

If the UFL can stabilize I like the idea of the two leagues interacting but the UFL does not begin to build there teams until the beginning of september right in the middle of the Labor Day weekend classics so having an exhibiton game would be an impossibility. With the CFL voting and having all stars each season but with no game to play that could be a future possibility as their seasons end at the same time.
The UFL, however, would have to stabilize before any of this could happen. As for the players in the UFL being aware of the CFL that is already happend as the UFL uncertainty this season came many players from the UFL had CFL team in the off season and can be found around every roster of the CFL wheter they be starters or practice roster players. They knew that making a CFL team would mean that they would have job security and their paycheck or season would not e in question.