exhibit A (marcel debacle)

Read the paper today and although i hate saying i told you so....here it comes, i told you so. while talking about the cat penalty problems, JoJuan Armour is quoted as saying,""It could be a number of things. I could say the refs are looking, targeting us, because (opponents) make a lot of penalties they don't get called on," we now officially have an excuse as to why were losing. thanks marcel.....maybe the "good for marcel fans" will get a clue and realize that the ramifications of his comments are just starting to come to light.

Once again, Well Done Marcel.

I can't believe you are blaming Marcel for the penalty calls! A new first for the forum!

Ok, I am sure his public comments may not have been the smartest decision. But did you guys watch the last game? They were plenty of face mask, offside, and procedure penalties against the Ticats. And last time I checked, those aren't hard calls to make for an official.

And don't forget the fact that the Ticats are practically an expansion franchise this year with the amount of first year players they employ, so they don't have the luxury that veterans in the league get in terms of their reputation.

Do you ever see veteran receivers getting called for pushing off? (aka the Earl Winfield special) You don't because referees give them the benefit of the doubt. And that is something the 20+ first year players on the Ticats aren't going to get this year.

Just playing the devil's advocate... :wink:

  • paul

Veteran receivers have been getting that call (or non-call) for years. Immediately when it happened I thought of Winfield.
Then the exact same thing happened Saturday in the Calgary/BC game, except it was a Calgary DB pushing off to make an interception, and that play was called interference.
Receivers always have the advantage on that play, and always will.

What about McKay called for falling on a QB? I watched it happen twice in other games with no call on the weekend.

i think what this means is we don't need anymore lame ass excuses to why we are losing.
yes we've had at least 5 bad calls go against us, but the gm's attitude towards this is situation is not healthy.

paul you obviously dont get what im am saying. . ... im not blaming marcel for our penalties....im blaming the attitude that takes responsibility and accountability away from the players and places the blame on the refs. a teams discipline and attitude starts from the top down.....marcel has allowed excuses and fingerpointing to creep into the lockeroom and this latest quote is direct evidence of that. thats why when were leading in the fourth and one thing goes wrong everyone packs it in with a here we go again attitude. trust me this is the psychology of sports it really a psych 101 lesson but here we are at week 6 0-5.

I don't know anything about Marcel really but sometimes when he speaks publicly it seems as though he has no soul. He says everything in a very blah sort of way and never shows passion for his team or the game of football in general. He may be bionic.. I don't know..

thats actually a really good post. i didnt know how to put that thought into words but i agree completely... almost robotic.

You can speculate all you want about
what some player's attitudes might be

but if you read and included
JoJuan's whole quote

you shouldn't be accusing
him for blaming the refs.

JoJuan Armour said,

"It could be a number of things.

I could say the refs are looking, targeting us,
because (opponents) make a lot of penalties
they don't get called on,"


the Cats are guilty of
trying too hard to make plays.

JoJuan said I COULD SAY it was the refs fault




The judge is sure going to take very unkindly
to your not speaking the whole truth, newworldorder.

I doubt you can turn this case around unless
you have blockbuster evidence to make up for
your bumbled attempt to trick the courts.

So let's hear Exhibit B. :smiley:

Dude, you owe me a new monitor. I was drinking coffee as I was reading that.

Too funny.

lol actually the words speak for themsleves...he could blame the refs....(but he wont cuz hes not as dumb as marcel to do this in the media) but it is on the forefront of his mind obviously or he wouldnt state this as an option. unfortunately there is no tricks or smoke and mirrors going on. i have nothing to gain from bashing marcel. i compare it to youth and ignorance....similar to last year when jesse opened his mouth about team issues and we havent heard from him again on the issues going on in the lockeroom. he learned his lesson much like i hope marcel will learn his.

I don't find Marcel to be at all like that (bionic)

He is reserved at times but other times is quite vocal, friendly and willing to initiate conversation.....even small talk. He is very approachable and also does the approaching equally.

Everyone is different.....for instance, in our own personal lives, in any gang of people you hang with there are always a variety of personalities but in the general mix, they all contribute in some way to the overall chemistry.

He may have made some roster moves I don't necessarily agree (like I'm an expert eh? :lol:) with but overall I think he is a good GM.....and he does take his job very seriously in my opinion.

mikey i dont think he reads the boards but i like the effort.

You have to be careful about over emphasising every little comment in the paper. It's not a big deal really.

I don't find Armour's comments to be an indication of anything other than frustratio and perplexity on why the Cats are so penalised.

lol its not a big deal? were the most penalized team in the league...over a hundred yards in every game...were 0-5 and our answer to the problem is to blame the refs.....lol. one must open their eyes. trust me this is the loose thread sticking out on a sweater the is just beginning to be tugged at. i dont have time to explain to you a team lockeroom and the psychology of sport.

Marcel is new to the GM world. He was assistant GM in Montreal (basically a gofer), so he has a long way to go. His initial step as GM was to dismantle the '06 Ticats in hopes of a better '07. Well that didn't work. What's next? New refs? LOL!

there wasn't much to dismantle from 06 eh?
didn't care for the flick trade, but some good signings in moreno loescher, and setta to name a few. glad to were able to get dyakowski signed and bauman looks like a future star.

Oh, yes, I agree, that is a big deal indeed.

...this is the loose thread sticking out on a sweater the is just beginning to be tugged at.
That's a great analogy, I really like it. However, to use that very same analogy,I would describe that thread as being like most loose threads. You can pull it out harmlessly. Right now, it's one of many loose threads that have to be pulled away until you have a satisfactory sweater.

I don't think one little comment of the paper is worth getting worried about. As far as team psychology goes, yes , it's got to be tough in that lockeroom but it's the history of the past five games' performances that lead to that, not some idle comment in the paper, IMO.

If the team's slide continues they'll start grasping at straws.(Maybe that very comment is an idication of that already.) It's losing and stupid penalties and such that result in the screwed up psyches, not a comment by Marcel.

Didn't work?

It's way too early to tell. We've got 13 games to play yet.

One win next week and we're one game behind third place and only two games behind second place. With 13 games to go, and futility in the east, all is not lost. Not by a long shot. Toronto and Montreal are struggling too. There's plenty of season left to save.