Lets see how many excuses we can come up with for why the bombers are so god awful this season. The first could be our starting qb got hurt the first game of the season, or that our coach is really a blue alien with horns from an old star trek episode who needs more power for the dilythium crystals. What you think.

this thread really has no purpose either than to mock bombers fans…it should be locked

they will come around. management is my excuse. not just for not bringing in talent but also for effe`tively demotivating all their players before the season even starts by saying it is a rebuilding year and i don’t have enough money to get good players so i only sign second rate ones. yeah, i can see the pride around the locker room after that. what kinda pregame speech do they give. “okay guys, you all suck and we wish we had better players than you but i like my cushy job so please don’t embarass me too badly today okay.” yeah that sounds about right! bauer should be pissed with them. get a pinball tape and have it playing continuously and maybe someone will clue in and realize confidence is everything. at least reinbold rode a harley!

lets see a thread about our dismal bombers started by a bomber fan and responded to by a bomber fan. i don’t feel mocked by cheering for an underachieving poorly managed team. bring it on, there is a lot of valuable comments that could be made. and we can defend ourselves from the trash talk don’t need it locked. hey at least we have more than 2 greycups :slight_smile:

Geez eskimo007 lighten up, if we cant laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at.

i have noooo excuses, they suck! :cry: poor bombers…

sounds more like whining and sh*t disturbing

…if a fan base of a team wants to provide critique of their own team I for one won’t stop it…

well…lets’ see…our Offence…welll…SUCKS…great D boys…more missed plays on Special teams…don’t know about the horned alien but Daley should know his Boots are made for walking if doen’t drop the “we’re rebuilding crap”…grrrrrr… If I remember my trekie…didn’t the blue alien have nice a$$? Either way, Kurt must have dated it/her. :mrgreen:

Whos Kurt.

well, the BB Defense looked good tonight, thats something to build off, and Tee showed improvement, you should be looking to positives in your team

Positives, our defence was fucking awesome tonight, once the offence gets going this team will be unstoppable eskiman.

unstoppable…i dont think so, the esks had an off night so dont get ahead of yourself, but you did have a pretty good D

Off night is an under statement my friend, they made ricky look like crap tonight, in your barn, in a game you should have won by 20 points, I will take that away as a positive that anybody would love to have.

well, since ur 0-4 i’ll give this one to ya…

bombers just need a better offence there d is getting it together there punter john ryan is great :smiley: but there field goal kicker westfield sucks!!! :!: just give it some time they well get it for now we just have to believe that they can do it

Well Esks would have won by 20 points if the Esks didn’t keep killing themselves and letting Winnipeg have a breath of life. Let’s take a look:

  • Opening drive - fumble on Winnipeg’s 1 yard line
  • Wide-open Gaylor missing the pass to him in the endzone in the first quarter
  • completely pointless illegal block on an insignificant player on the far side of the field on Thompkin’s punt return TD
  • First and goal on Winnipeg’s 5 yard line followed by a time count violation and illegal procedure penalties.
  • Ricky Ray dropping the ball for no apparent reason, giving Winnipeg a touchdown
  • Tucker dropping the football again for no apparent reason three yards away from scoring a touchdown

Basically, I think Winnipeg was lucky they only lost by 2, as they should have been torn to ribbons on the scoreboard.

But they werent and thats all that matters to a bomber fan.

Wow… I’m starting to really feel sorry for you folks.

luck has nothing to do with it that crap happens all the time this is cfl not nfl.